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I've taken my tomato seedlings off the windowsill out onto the terrace to sit in the sunshine - there's a bit of a breeze and I think that will help them grow into sturdy plants.  Will someone remind me to bring them back inside later this afternoon please?

I've done lots of jobs in the garden this morning, but there's lots more to do - here's a photo of a pair of  Happy Gardening Hands - broken all my nails  - think I'll give up on a manicure 




Also in for a cuppa.  Extremely windy.  One huge gust blew a very large pot over. Had a tall evergreen in it so possibly that was the reason.  Planted 3 ground cover evergreens behind the pond as I am replacing what the cat has left of my alpines.  Uses it as it's loo. Sorted solar lights out. Forgotten to plug them in.   Not too sure if I am going back out because of the wind.  Also made the mistake of promising a roast. I do these silly things at times.

Dove, how could you. Once they have had a bit of a scrub and a bit of polish, if you use it, they will be fine. 


Got some black nail varnish if that's any help.  Bought it to cover scuffed heels, just in case you were wondering.  Think I will forgo the garden today as it's a battle trying to keep hair out of my face. I will be painting my intact nails.


Girls, girls-if you watched Mr Hollywood you'd discover the easy way to clean your nails-just make some bread.....

GG-my sister once got a postcard from her SIL who'd gone for a weeks caravan holiday-just her and 3 young children. Needless to say it was Scotland and it rained for the entire week. The postcard just had one word on it...'help'..

Cleared up now so I'm going to try and do a bit outside. Tea and a biscuit more inviting though.



just tried to do something in the greenhouse and I feel seasick!

Some massive gusts coming in from the west. Actually a tornado warning in Ireland (just 5% chance thou) never been so glad of the kerb stones  weighting down my greenhouse. things have been taking off today.  

Gardening Grandma

Pretty cold and gusty in the open garden. Quite a nice garden, lots of space, lots of hellebores and other spring flowers, but the weather hasn't given them much chance. Bought a couple of plants from a rare plant sale there, including a primula bred in Ireland with dark leaves and pink flowers with yellow centres. When I got back with it, I found it had no label and I don't know what it is called. Not amused! It wasn't cheap! 

Never mind. GC tomorrow.

Hope the bread tastes good, Dove, with the extra flavour and all.


emptied no1 compost bin.and spread on borders . and  a barrow full for my pots , warm  in north manchester and blowy .daffs will flower tomorrow 


Morning all wet windy and cold here this morning it's back to work after having 2 weeks holiday but got loads done in the garden over the 2 weeks which was great. Happy to get back to work for a rest only 10 weeks then off for 4 weeks holiday won't be long in coming around.


Morning all. Keep taking the tablets Brum- it'll eventually go.

Weather to be hiy and miss here this week so will have to take my chances as and when they arrive. Got some more pots yesterday so will at least be able to move bits and pieces. 

What plant did you buy Brum?


Morning all,  another lovely sunny day here, was 23 deg. yesterday (finally!) and no wind. Have repotted all my pot plants (plumbago, lantana, callas, pelargoniums) and fed the roses and shrubs. Topped up the raised veg bed with 6 bags of compost, now only my seeds have to come up! The price paid for all the work is an aching back and, like Dove, filthy hands and fingernails. No nailpolish for me though, haven't got the patience. Off to GC today to buy new basket liners, the coconut coir ones I used before have all swelled up and take up too much room in the baskets, will get paper maché ones this time.

Have a good day folks and a good start to the week for ones that have to go to work!

 Good Morning...wide awake and looking at no paritcular order...

seeds to sow (bought new narow conatiners for windowsills),

dahlia tubers to prepare,

pots to check and move about a bit,

clematis border to finally dig over and wires to put in place on fence,

clean very muddy gardening boots (after unavoidably treading on loose soil),

weed cracks between paving stones - think about using gravel to fill,

check any growth on pond plants

and maybe just maybe, examine the lawn which, in spite of neatly trimmed edges, is showing signs of wear and tear...and weeds

 Have a good day....


Good morning all   Bright blue skies and sunshine here again today - it got up to 23C in our garden yesterday  so the same as Swiss Sue's garden, and only dropped to 10C overnight - a bit more like it 

I've got a day off work today, so will be able to get into the garden again (when I've made the bread and rhubarb & custard cake).  I will use the Kenwood for the kneading 



oh I wish I didn't have  to go to work..

SwSue- I don't use baskets but I did a couple of wall ones last year for selling house and I used moss from the garden lined with black plastic and they worked really well. Plentyof free moss was available!

Brum do you think the Heucherellas will be ok in baskets or will they need a lot of looking after? I know baskets do anyway but would you take extra measures?


nice one brumbull, well yesterdays  gale has been replaced by a light breeze and broken cloud this morning so best get outside before it changes its mind.

Mornng everybody.
Heucheras,/Ella's look good there Brum.
What salvias did you get?
Lokimg okish here today

Interesting Brum! As I've said I'm not keen on hanging baskets as a medium but I have a lot of bare fence here and I'm thing of doing the 'green wal'l thing using shelves/troughs etc. as a (possibly)temporary measure. Do you find them easy to maintain in baskets?


I know what you mean Brum.  I have lots of pots and, as you say, it's great as you can move them around, but I just meant did the Heucheras need anything specific other than the usual things you would do. I might look at heucherellas too.

Too much choice Brum- that's the problem!

Off to work now so will catch up later.