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Gorgeous Brumbull - wherever do you put them all?


Edited to say:  I mean the baskets are gorgeous, not that you are Gorgeous Brumbull, 

although of course you may be! 


Wow!  I hope you're going to post photos when they're all up 


Morning everyone, what a flippin lovely day it turned out to be yesterday.

Night time temps were starkly different from last week as well!

So, I had work, but did manage to sow a load of seeds and did some splitting of perennials the day before.


Love the hanging baskets Brumbull!


Today I am mostly wearing SANDALS!!! 


Good morning peoples.

Love the baskets Brum.



Morning all. Late as usual.  Am very envious Brum.  Wish I had your artistic flare.  Don't do hanging baskets as I forget to water them.

Breezy here but I have to pop out.  Will see how things are later.



not a bad morning but i'm shattered shifting top soil is not light work. think i'm going to sit down for a while.

Anyone got any solutions for damping off i've a few geraniums which look to be getting attacked by fungus, will adding some chippings and removing damaged parts save them?

Anyway time for a brew i think

There used to,be cheshunt compound for damping off diseases but I have a feeling it's banned now. Was very effective.
blackest wrote (see)

........ Anyway time for a brew i think

Well, if you've got the kettle on I'll have a sit down and put my feet up for five minutes - the washing's on the line, the bread has been baked, there's a cake in the oven and I've tidied some old pots ready to repot some pelargoniums, but a cuppa would be good ..... black coffee, no sugar please 

Slice o cake please dove.

Rhubarb & Custard cake just out of the oven Verdun - give it 5 mins and I'll cut you a slice - would you like a slosh of single cream over it? 


I'm missing cake and everything and now I need to go out and do 'stuff' cos it's to rain tomorrow!!!

Dove-sandals? Steady on....

Brum- think I might give the heuchera/ella basket/wall/fence 'doo dah' a go. The watering is a pain but I can cope with that! My fence is a rather sunny site though so I'll perhaps need to put them on a slightly different bit so they don't get parched. That's what i was concerned about.

Great pics !! Take it easy rest of day...Dove has cake but you'll need to hurry or Verd'll eat it all. Cream and everything he's getting...

Pottie Pam

Good afternoon all,

I've got a bit of a tip for hanging baskets and pots. I put a disposable babies nappy in the bottom (of the basket not the baby). Pull it open. They are full of a water retaining substance so really cuts down on the watering. Cheaper than buying the water retaining crystals. Really works for me.


Nope, I saved you a piece Brum   Cream with yours? 



Good morning all   Up with the lark this morning - well, blackbirds and robins anyway.  I wandered outside in my dressing gown a little while ago - temp only down to 9C overnight so things are getting much better.  Just a shame I have to go to work today,

Think it's time for my second cuppa 


Morning all, Interesting pattern with the weather seems it mostly rolls eastward. High winds and rain was yesterday afternoon. This morning no wind a bluey sky, could be good.

Still tonnes of topsoil to shift but might  have enough done later to do a little planting out  

Morning all very strong winds just now and light showers to follow just in from greenhouse doing my morning inspection before heading to work. Like you Brumbull my thoughts also go to the people of Boston there really are some evil people in this world the best punishment for the people who do this if caught is the death penalty in my eyes.


Morning all. Yes dreadful events in America-again, but many tragic incidents here just now too with young children dying and a family wiped out in that road crash a few days ago. Tragic. Count your blessing people-however tiny they may be.

Raining and windy here but it may move north far enough to get  some brightness later.

Perhaps I'll get my measuring done at last. A fair bit to do and might draft in older daughter to help hold the tape measure!

Seeds all coming on well and even put some of them outside for half an hour yesterday

Have a good everyone

Morning everybody
The Boston explosions put everything into perspective.
Pure evil in a world that really wants peace.
Yes, Fairygirl, we should count our blessings