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Counting mine right now Verd.

Off to work now so catchup later.

 good morning everyone. It's a mild wind blowing out there, temp 10oC , grey cloud, patches of blue sky, birds twittering. In fact  a spring-like morning. Enjoy your day whatever your'e doing.


Fairygirl i was just thinking the same thing about that family of 5 killed recently in that car crash and so far 3 dead from those explosions. The ugly thing is there is going to be another media frenzy.

There are some positives to see, many people went to help instead of running away, so many people volunteered to give blood the hospitals had to announce that they had more than enough and turn donors away.  Many people offered strangers a bed for the night, even google opened a page so people could find out if loved ones were safe, since the phone networks were overloaded. So while its a sad day for the victims, it's reassuring to see the  basic goodness of ordinary people in Boston and the people of Boston should feel proud. 


Terrible news from U.S. about the explosions, children killed too. And I had been worried about the Sparrow Hawk taking 'my' Goldfinches whilst having the morning cuppa. Yes, Verdun; pure evil in a world that really wants peace just about sums it up.

Dove, I smelt that cake all the way over on another thread. My rhubarb is growing nicely, Hurrah! so will need that recipe please?


Stupid me.  Wondered where you all were and was on wrong thread.


Bit murky this morning and I am undecided what to do which means I will probably just prograstinate all day. Just in one of those moods. 

My 20 year old camilia has a flower, after 10 years.  Several more buds too. So glad I persevered.

Best get breakfast I suppose.



Morning/afternoon Tina! What did you have for brekkie today?

Vaguely trying to clear up here so might get that measuring done...saying it quietly in case the rain gods hear....

Feeling weary-not enough sleep last night..I blame David Tennant....not directly you understand-... Broadchurch-very confusing and dramatic Dove-got any cake on the go today? Could do with some.

Must get my fence ordered so better get measuring tape and notebook now...

The poor little blackbird that my dear cat Lennie caught died today. I had been nursing it using a tiny syringe to give it water and cat food. Very upsetting. We have a local animal charity that will come and collect them. They are taken to a large aviary and when they are big enough they are set free. Hope its the only one this year.

My poor dad is at the hospital now seeing a vascular surgeon, in the past week he has had 2 TIA's. They have found a narrowing in his carotid artery so will need yet more surgery. About 6 years ago he survived bowel cancer, renal failure and then had 2 stents put into 1 of the arteries to his heart. We are all very worried

Hope your Dad improves soon Maud

Good morning all   We had a lot of vine weevil damage on drumstick primulas planted out in a bed last year - they then went on to take chunks out of honeysuckle leaves too.  We used nematodes which seemed to make a big difference - as soon as the ground warms up this year I'll get some more and water them on.  We'll get the blighters 


You stick it to 'em Dove! They can be real trouble. I don't know anyone who's used nematodes so it would be interesting to hear what others think. Pardon my ignorance Brum but what do you 'hot dip' the plants in? I've not done that before. Vine weevils don't seem to be as bad here as in other areas but maybe I'm just lucky!

Wet and miserable here Don't mind being at work when it's like that!

Frustrating not getting what I wanted done yesterday because of the wind. perhaps it'll dry up a bit and I'll get it finished today. Can't find my scale rule etc for drawing it up though

Hope everyone has a good day whatever the weather


Morning everybody.
Brums on the warpath today.
I'll be checking my pots for vine weevils today too
In view,of the Boston terrors it's Thatchers day today. No doubt there will be problems but hopefully nothing worse than protests
Windy and wet today

 good morning...after two good days of actually 'ticking-off' the list of things to do  I am giving my aching back, sore thumbs and overworked gardening tools a rest. 

Relaxing with a visit to a local garden. A member of our u3a's gardening group has kindly opened her garden for us ahead of the ngs opening day. Bound to be good.

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing. 


Morning all.  Just started raining but I'm not going to let my two sons off from doing a couple of bits in the garden that this weak female can no longer manage.  A bit of rain won't hurt them.  I, in the meantime, will be watching Mrs T's funeral whilst my hair is made to look 10 years younger. 




Still too windy here. I'll play in the crystal palace (GH). Rescued some bulbs in flower this morning. A non gardening friend ( I have one or two) is having his patch laid to lawn. Nothing exciting but spring bulbs are always welcome. 

Got a good lot of pricking out to do as well.



I found a lily beetle the other day 

have just been to B&Q and stocked up with compost. Ended up going to local 'cheap' shop though as B&Q didn't have any John Innes of any sort That left me puzzled.

Have pricking out to do and a couple of lonicera nitida to put in large pots. Hoping to shape them

Also was hoping to pot up potatoes, but I think it is far too windy.

Verdun am sending a PM 


Well that put an end to me finding out how to do that without opening a thread.

never mind. 


Too wet and windy to do much today. hopefully will improve later though i do have a bunch of rescues i bought yesterday to clean up and resuscitate. 30 pansy 6 wall flowers and a small evergreen total cost €2.25 about 10% of the regular price.


Thanks Brum! Used to use it for clearing drains where I worked-might try it on the children...

Tina-is it just your hair that you're attempting to turn back time on?

Pouring here and windy....delightful. No chance of resuming garden measuring.

Matty2-have you used lon nitida for clipping before? I've often thought of using it as an alternative to box but as it grows so quickly will it need a lot of trimming to keep it neat or does it behave well enough as it's in a pot?