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No I haven't used it before. It is an experiment, box round here doesn't do well. I bought 3 different varieties and they are now in nce pots. Will just have to play it by shears. The other thing was these are still young shrubs so hopefully should be more compliant.

I thought it is used for hedges so....... and variegation makes it a bit more interresting.


Faiygirl, unfortunately, yes.  Need a mortgage to sort out the rest. Just having hair done makes me feel better though. 

Not done anything today apart from out loads of plastic flower pots into a spare wheely bin. Think the GC will take them back.  Son pulled everything from behind shed where next door neighbour just shoved everything over when he was doing his fence at the weekend.  Am a bit annoyed as I am a tidy person and to see all the pots, bricks, etc, just strewn all over the place made me mad.  Have posted this photo before but this is what I am up against.  Next door's garden by the way.



north manchester . windy windy windy , 


Good morning all  Yes thank you Brumbull, no real harm done - it's a bit pink but I'll survive! Yes, a bit windy here, whistling around the chimney, but not too bad - it's a bright morning with sunshine and blue skies, but with some grey clouds moving quickly up there and we're forecast some heavy showers for the afternoon.  Temp last night was down to 7C - it got up to 17C during the day.

On my drive home yesterday I noticed that during the day the leaf buds on the trees and hedges had burst open and there was a haze of green over the woodland - I'd almost forgotten what green trees and hedges looked like!

Morning all very windy with light rain here in the west of scotland BB i had a geum in a pot last year it's flowers are small orange colour but a nice plant have the name of it written down somewhere just planted it out in my front garden last sat. 


 good morning...windy here too, blue skies with high clouds..looks set to be a good day. Concerned about the new growth on the clematis, too tender to tie in.

Random browsing through the threads..Brumball, beautiful hanging backets would never have thought to put Hucheras at eye level  and the short video selection whichyou included in your post Blackest - recalling 'Love your garden' great ideas.

Thank you both and all others for such useful advice. Love it here! 


Morning all

Dove - I have also noticed the green haze - I think winter is finally over .  Don't seem to be suffering with the winds here.

Brum - I grow geums - Mrs Bradshaw - they flower for ages

Enjoy your days  - will be envying you whilst I am stuck indoors


It really is a very good place to be isn't it 


Morning all. Windy here so no doubt there'll be all sorts lying around in the garden 

Dove I hope you're alright. That's a horrible thing to happen. Did the same lastweek but fortunately not on bare skin. Brum geums are very pretty. 'Mrs Bradshaw' is the one easiest to acquire with red/orange flowers but colours from yellows to reds. Well drained and sun is what they like if I remember correctly. 

Tina don't you just hate when people leave their gardens like a tip?

As dove says -lovely to see the heges turning green-all the rain here in the last 2 days has really helped.

Just remember to go off rain...


hmm wind has dropped and there was some blue in the sky but it's all white now


Morning FORKERS. Dove hope you are feeling better and Bev too.
Morning Matty. No pm? Have a feeling I may be getting you addicted to variegated plants!
Brum grew geum Borissi and mrs Bradshaw years back. My soil is on light side and they weren't the most impressive then. Tempted by a couple of newer varieties to plant in an area of better soil....but, Brum, I am tempted by so many plants these days. Can't remember it's name but there was a lovely orange variety at Chelsea last year that beguiled me.
Now Brum, no more shouting "hostas" to the skies just cos you are getting excited about the arrival of spring.

I found my hostas peeking through the soil yesterday - I nearly shouted 


I have a meeting this side of the city so I'm a bit later setting off this morning, but I'd better go now, so have a good day everyone, hang on to your hats out there in the wind - see you later 


Good morning Verdun, bit chilly and muddy this morning but i have to get digging today. Greenhouse is full to bursting let alone all the stuff i have to sow direct. 

Least when its done i get to do the good stuff.




Had really bad news this morning, very down, may prick out later. But have to see Tears are plentiful at moment

sent you PM Verdun


Hiya Matty
Thanks for pm...just replied
Sorry you've got bad news. Maybe help to tell us?
we're all friends here and ready to support you.
Hope you have good support from family, friends where you are
Thinking of you matty

Sorry to hear you got bad news Matty2 please keep your chin up good luck for the future.


Matty- as Verd says - we're all friends here and ready to support you so don't hold back.

The kindness of strangers is something I've had a lot of in the last few years and it's been a huge help.


Dove - I can't quite hear you-what were you saying about Hostas?


Matty. ((hug))

Fairygirl, I said HOSTAS!!!

Aaah...thought that was it....was hoping I'd misheard and it was  'cake'