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Hi Matty, if you need to talk to someone there are plenty of people willing to listen but you might want to do so by PM rather than the open forum since anything written here will still be here in a years time if not longer and I know I wouldn't want that for myself. I'm open to listening too as well as many others. I hope one or two of us can help.

wishing you all the best



Afternoon all.  Beautiful day albeit windy. Have been really busy digging, sieving and moving dirt.  Am removing all the rubble from behind shed to flatten it, earth not shed.  Rubble going into big bags which next door neighbour has just given to me.  Didn't offer to help though, just talked about what he's going to with the 'tip' in his own garden.  If he put as much effort into doing something rather than keep talking about it, it would get done in no time.  Son thinks I'm mad and he's probably right. Hoping I will be able to stand up in a minute to do a bit more.

So sorry to hear you have had bad news Matty.  If you do feel like sharing, you will find plenty of friends to do so with on here.

Dove, will you please stop shouting.  You know how upset people get when you do that.




Back in your cage Brum- you know you'll only get over excited with these hostas....

Tina-know exactly what you mean. I had a neighbour like that too so have a good rant. I've just had 2 in the last week-utility co, barclaycard. Don't think the woman at first utility was very pleased when I said she can tell Head Office to look forward to the bill I'll be sending for wasting my time....Ranty pants, angry trousers and anything else I can think of wearing...

And as for that bleeping rain!!!!


Fairygirl, in the half hour I came in for a drink, the weather turned. Sun gone and started to rain. Temperature dropped.  Was halfway through getting a load of breezeblock out too!  Son said to leave it and he will do it.  Hmm, heard that too often.  Full of promises. Oh well, there's always tomorrow - hopefully.   

This has got to do wonders for my weight.

OMG thunder and torrential rain.  My poor magnolia tree will be spoilt.


Sorry Tina-I must have sent the bad weather down to you 

It's ok Brum...I've calmed down! Don't think the man at Barclays was thrilled when I told them I was fed up of being lied to either...

I've put the cat among the pigeons now ! 



Thank you for your kindnesses. Can we leave it now please.


Sent it back again Fairygirl.  Sorry. Sun's back, so off to carry on with my navvy job.


Is that 'Brise d'Anjou' Brum? I had it years ago and it was very pretty.  Only had the white one since as I went off the pale colours  (-sorry! ) Very useful plant though isn't it?


Good morning all   Temp down to 6C last night - when I went outside this morning I discovered I'd left the little greenhouse open - (dratted phone calls)  but I don't think anything will have come to any harm - it's full of trays of seeds waiting to germinate - might have slowed things down a little 

Good to see BB back 

 Good morning, the birds are in full chorus and it's mild enough to have the pleasure of seeing the new growth...Enjoy your day and weekend whatever you  are doing.

Brumball, many thanks for keeping this thread going in spite of all the difficulties...and I like your hanging baskets whatever they are planted with 

Dove, I'm sure they will survive the days and nights are getting much warmer 

Morning all it's a good bit cooler this morning but looks like it's going to be a good day not much gardening for me today. To be at hospital for 9am to get my chemo treatment  and usually feel a bit sick when get back home late afternoon but there's always Sat &Sun to catch up with the jobs have a good day everyone.


Take it easy this afternoon Andy - I've got work then GP today and will doubtless be told my BP is still too high - so I've given myself the weekend off and won't visit Aged Ps until next weekend - this weekend is for gardening - much more therapeutic 

Thanks Dove that's why i love the garden after my illness i find it so relaxing and therapeutic helps take your mind off the worries in life for sometime.


Morning all. Take it easy Andy. You do more than most people I reckon so treat yourself!

You as well dove!

They're talking about plants getting chucked on the news this morning cos of weather so that'l be amusing ! Chris Evans was talking about it on radio yesterday too.

I'm hoping to get something done outside today - hurray!

Have a good all!



Plants getting chucked is So Last Week   Haven't they got any new news? 


Right, Hey Ho, Hey Ho, it's off to work I go  but at least it's Friday 

Have a lovely day everyone - see you later 



Dove-they're very slow at the newsroom unlike us ...

Enjoy work-I'llbe thinking of you here in the sunshine


Morning all looks like its my turn with the sun this morning so coffee  is brewing and hopefully out to get my beds made


morning gang

Black clouds and a bit of wet but I don't think it will come to much. Got a heap of shredding waiting out there and it gets bigger by the day. Better get it done. Last time it was a real mountain, took me 2 days and then incapacitated with sciatica for weeks. Not helpful but spring failed to materialise so not critical. 

I won't be throwing out any plants. Might do a bit of light pricking out after the shredding.

Good morning everyone
10 hours of sunshine yesterday and it looks like a repeat today
Prob plant out lettuce and sow more veg seed today.
Plant out peas too
Whatever the weather where you are have good day folls

I saw the bit on the news about the 'disaster for growers' () but  it was a heap of s**** really- not worth watching. Diarmuid had about a minute to inform (pointless really) and basically said get out to nursery/garden centre etc and  watch G's W!

Well it's about 6 degrees here but beautiful so sweet peas and lettuce are outside for a bit of sun, washing's  going out and measuring awaits!!

Enjoy your day all!