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Morning all.  But murky at present but supposed to get better.  However, I'm not sure I will be a navvy today as I have aches and pains all over.  Will see how the day goes. 



Morning folks, today I have loads planned, kids with mummy so I have no excuse. Work, work work! Have a good one.

My dad had pre-op assesment yesterday and hopefully his op will be next week. Trying not to worry too much, hes not having a general anaesthetic so should be able to come home the same day. When he has had this op it will help with the blood flow through the carotid artery. Dont think i would like my throat cut and being awake at the same time.

Not planning on doing much today apart from tackling the bathroom, who keeps making it so dirty?



Swimming lesson this morning - therapeutic- washing on line, lovely sun

Loads of plants to go in - well a queue- foxgloves, clematis, veg to harden off.

My GH type cloche, plastic, was ripped to shreds yesterday so am not sure how my brosd beans will do without it. But they need to go in.

Also in queue are lettuces - again no cloche now 

Feel less down today, Thanks for your help yesterday



I was going to get one of those little gr'houses but mine would have ended up the same as yours I reckon after the weather we've had in last few days. Beautiful today and about 16/17 degrees. Positively summery!

Got all my measuring done so now can draw plans up..hurray!

Maud I hope everything goes well for your Dad. It's hard when you're on the outside looking in and it makes you feel a bit helpless. We'll all be thinking of you...and him.

Know what you mean about bathrooms...don't have an OH any more so I blame it on the children..


Matty, believe it or not, it's too HOT to garden here.
It hit 18 degrees at 1
Pots are drying out inside and out so got out the hosepipe.
Potted on few things and cut down one or two early hellebores. When the flowered stems are removed the dicentras and other later plants fill the spaces
Can't worry about the trolls's too sunny n glorious

I don't wish to know that Verdun.  No sun and really chilly.  Not what was promised. 

Bought a Passion Flower and 2 clematis from Morrisons at £2 each.  Only small but they will soon get going.  Not going to put them in yet. Did have lots for £5 which would cost £10 at the GC.  Trouble was they were too big for me to get home.  Did eventually get a lift home but couldn't bear the thought of queueing again.  Was so busy.

Have noticed a couple of odd bods.  Best to ignore them don't you think.


Verd-I'm just in and suffering from heat stroke

We're not used to this sun in Scotland you know-I had to take off my liberty bodice.. The thermometer said 18 degrees but it's facing west( and the other one doesn't work ) so I'm not sure how accurate it is- but it was certainly really warm-lovely!

Done lots today and now need to go and get some compost to fill all the pots etc.  Think my Cannas have survuved too which is great.

Let's all move on. This is a good forum-let's not forget that!

Brum-I didn't tell Verd about your baskets

What colour is Timbuktu-is it a purple?


Tina - I always pot on clematis from Morrisons. In fact today have just put one in the garden that took off once in a bigger pot. (Niobe) Also planted a Clematis Jackmanii Alba - I found it really hard to track one down and ended up going to Parkers, Plant seems healthy though. Put it in my White garden.

Done a lot but have come inside to stop now

Shoulders aching (swimming and gardening) Back aching - same reason I guess, but didn't it feel good to actually be able to do some proper gardening. Great feeling.


Thanks for that advice Matty.  Will do that tomorrow, weather permitting.


Good morning everybody, good morning Brumbull

Do you suffer from insomnia, Brumbull, or work nights? Am always amazed at how early/late you're up and about!

No gardening for me today, it's been raining cats and dogs for 2 days, but the garden is enjoying it, will see all sorts of things pop up soon. Magnolias are blooming but getting a bit battered and tree peonies have got buds. Cats keep going to the door to go out and then look at me in disgust as though it's my fault it's raining outside!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, happy gardening for those that have sunshine


Morning all. Brum that's a nice Heuchera. Think I'll go to nursery and see what they have-it's a huge place Cptn Scott said- I may be gone sometime! What are the best purpes do you think?

Matty 'Niobe' Is gorgeous. The clematis I rescued in this new house has taken off and is looking good. It had been stuck atthe bottomof a fence and when I dug it out there was water filling the hole, despite the dry weather, so it would never have survived.

Hope the weather picks up for you Sue...know whatyou mean about cats-I had one like that too 


morning all, weather looks good here in  Ireland, need to get up and on with my digging trouble is i'm still stiff from yesterday.

Think I will be playing with rocks they came free with the topsoil, they should edge the beds I'm making and slow the erosion  that will occur if i don't. Still need to do some thinking about how i'm going to plant up this area. Foxgloves lupins and hollyhocks seem to be the natural plants for by the walls and i have a few creepers and climbers to sow. maybe they would like being near the trees.

lots to think about and lots to do. Hope we all get a productive weekend


Good morning all   Frost on the roofs and the cars (-1C overnight) but bright sunshine now and it looks like a good gardening day ahead.  Bedlinen has been changed and a load is in the wash and I'm on my second mug of coffee.  

Hedgehogs have been busy in the garden (poo on the terrace, food eaten and water drunk).  It's good to know they survived the winter in the hedgehog houses we provided. To be fair they've obviously survived the previous winters before we moved here - but then the garden was totally overgrown with thick sprawling ivy hedges where they could snuggle up - now that we've removed them and before new planting gets established we need to provide them with food and shelter if we want them to stay around.


They tell us that Mrs Thatcher only needed 4 hours sleep a night too - not sure if that's a good or a bad sign 

I'll get my coat ................


Morning all sun out here this early so better get started plenty of pricking out to do and a few containers to plant. Next weekend it will be starting the hanging baskets which i have 4 look forward to that never done them before and plant some veg in the veg plot.


Thank you Brum-the photos are terrific I want them all! I'll never be able to make a choice and I've an extension to pay for!

Mmm-Scottish Grand National today...maybe just a few pounds on the National winner...

I shall go armed with a notebook and see which ones I like best, but I'll need to decide where they're going first! I was splitting up some yesterday that I collected as seedlings from the risers of steps where I work. They're all good sized plants now- I think they were probably from Palace Purple as that was the hot favourite round here a few years back. Will have to do the basketty/troughy thing on the fence I reckon.

Morning everybody
Everybody is so busy.....sun does that I think
Domt know that Heuchera Brum......will check it out
I have scores of perennials, etc in large pots in the greenhouse, conservatory and outside. Cant think about buying more plants
Had a couple of cuttings of salvia Amistad last autumn and the plants are big now. Pinched back three times to ensure bushy plant. This is a new salvia..the colour is out of,this world. Already planned where it will go.....well. I prob will change my mind before I finally plant it
Hope everybody has happy weekend

Thanks BB i have got trailing Fuchsia,Lobelia,Surfinia,Sweet Peas and Petunias now going to look for some green and silver plants to mix it a bit. I bought four of the 15 inch hanging baskets with the windows in them what compost and feeding would you use in your and when do you start your own baskets BB. 


Brum-it would have to be 'Sugar Plum' wouldn't it...Fairy...

No tips sorry don't know what the runners and riders are-I just need to find a way to fund my plant buying 

A fiver each way on the boy wouldn't be a bad idea though- 2nd last year....

Sun's out now-hurray!

Happy gardening all