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I have plenty of tom feed so will feed them that way take it you ment end of March BB thanks will let you see the photos when there done and see if i get pass marks boss


Andy how do you fit in everything you do- you're always so busy with your planting! 


Good morning all. I've been away in England visiting family - but I said "goodbye" before I went. Seems funny to join you when I'm in France but not in England where most of you are! There is so much to read, I don't think I'll ever catch up.

Super heucheras Brumbull, love the green edged one, never seen it before. I have Plum Pudding, Crimson Curls, silver something or other. Don't care for caramel ones, I think they look ill!

Why, Ben, are you Brummie Leper Ben instead of Brummie Ben? Have you been naughty while I was away?

I bought lots of plants and seeds in England, went to Sissinghurst (not a lot out, except in the woodland areas) and several GCs.

My garden has grown like mad, especially the weeds . Need to finish my new bed and do lots of weeding. It went up to 25° here on Wednesday.


Hurrah!  I was just hanging the washing out and saw blue tits going in and out of the box we fixed onto the trunk of one of the big ash trees at the bottom of the garden 


Heucheras?  Never grown them - but I'm just wondering about a lime green one on the Shady Bank?  What do you think folks?


Welcome back Lizzie !  I'd love to visit Sissinghurst - might treat myself to a day out later in the year (its a bit of a drive, but do-able as a day trip I think).  Not sure I'd be able to persuade anyone to come with me - but, then again, I prefer looking round gardens on my own.  Seems to be something you can happily do without looking like Billy-no-mates.

Dove - I'd give heucharas a go - I have a few red and peachy ones - they certainly provide a good bit of colour all season.

Got a few taxi journeys to do for the girls this morning - but I will be out planting this afternoon - foxgloves, red hot pokers and last year's grown from seed lupins.  Plus lots of exclaiming over new shoots that have appeared during the week.



Morning peeps! Already been out this morning and waged war on the Hairy Bittercress that just loves my garden so much! A week of warmer weather and it's already starting to flourish! Well... it was until 10 mins ago No sign of bindweed yet.....getting's planning something!!!! Either that or the last 5 years of waging war have virtually kicked it into touch!

Just off to buy some second hand scaffolding planks to finish off edging a lawn. Only £3.75 for a standard plank. Give 'em a quick sand down, apply woodstain and a really neat edging solution for the lawn/beds!

Also joping to sink a mass of Summer bulbs and find a home for (another) weigela, protestanthera cuneata and a sarcococca!

Have loads of seeds to sow.....foxglove 'dusky maid' and Grandiflora, Cosmos Purity, Ragged Robin, Scabious, Bergamotand some more Rudbeckia!! Need to resow some more Nocotiana and Felicia as I lost over 60% of the emergent seedlings to 'damping off'...... a think I was a bit too liberal with the watering and left them in the heated propagator too long Still.....we never learn by not making mistakes do we?)

Might get the lawnmower out for the first time, fire it up and give the grass a once over. Ready for the annual battle of trying to get the petrol engine to start and only ending up with an achy arm and a recaclitrant lawn mower for about half an hour! Hoping it might be different this year as purchased a nice Hayter mower towards the end of last year!! We shall see

Everyone sounds really busy! Hope one and all have a great day and that you make the most of the sunshine Please ensure you round off the day in the only perfect way relaxing in a comfy chair outside and admiring your endeavors with a nicely chilled glass of white (Sauvignon Blanc for me)!! I know I will be.....!

All the best


Fairygirl i don't smoke or drink not out much maybe a meal or the gardening club most of my time spent in the garden if not at work as a school janitor in my village primary. Used to be a professional greyhound trainer for over 20 years that took up all my spare time. Then last year took ill so sold all my own dogs and the owners moved there dogs to another trainer. So now all my time is spent in my garden which was all red chips and concrete but not anymore hopefully by the end of the year the main structure will be in place and next year will not be as hard work but must say am really enjoying doing it and learning from everyone along the way.Don't know a great deal about gardening but when it comes to a dogs health yes know a lot more as father had dogs since 1941 greyhounds.  



Lovely sunny day. Lot's to do, thought I would give GH babies a half strength feed, may give them a boost.

Hope to do more planting but not sure whether to do potato bags or begonia pots - decisions, decisions, decisions.

As my GH cloche has been decimated thought I may just put out broad beans and hope for the best - any opinions on this please?

OH mowed yesterday, high cut but it looks so much better.

Dove I just have the one heuchera but M chose it on one of her rare outings so I put it in. 

Pleased with her choice .



The potty gardener

Morning all. I seem to be up later than most. Blame the medication I'm on. Usually get up at 5 and like to be at school by 6am. At the moment I'm lucky if I'm awake by 9 or 10 and take hours to get up.

Some great pics.

Brumbull how lovely to go to GC on Sunday for tea and a catch up.

The stuff for my watering system upgrade arrived this morning. Now I want to get it sorted but thik I should finish sorting top dressing of pots and tidy up.

Out to get on now- catch everyone later


Just come home from Waitrose, where I queued up at the checkout behind Seb Coe !!  Feeling quite starstruck !!!

Dove lime Ricky is lovely for me. Had to try different spots but it's now in a partially,shady shady as I can give it....and it glows.
I've got some yellow ones but they're more tricky.....light is very bright down here and the yellows seem to resent it
I think lime Ricky on a,shady,position may be what,you are looking for. More of a greeny yellow but eye catching I think
I grow quite a few Heucheras.....some are no trouble at all,,usually,the purple, red or near black ones, and they do add a different colour and feel to,the garden

Chicky, i'll always remember seb coe saying growing up in Sheffield and being called Sebastian you had to learn to run fast


Just been to the Farm Shop (next to the GC ) - I've got a free range chicken for tomorrow and some fruit and veg, 3 bags of manure, 3 lamium Silver Beacon, a Dicentra Spectabilis Alba, a Euphorbia x martinii and on the 'nearly dead' stall I found a Euonymous fortunnei Emerald Gaiety - it's got lots of new shoots so I'll pot it up, give it some tlc and it'll be fine to plant out later in the year.  

I looked at the Heucheras and saw Ricky but none of them looked what I wanted - it could've been that they were a little 'bleached out' as they were in sunshine.  I managed to resist them, but I'm sure I'll succumb when I see the right one 

Dicentra spec alba is a beauty dove. I prefer it the pink/white and red/white
Lime Ricky does look awful in sun and if dried out


Dove, for a bright yellow mound that's hard to beat have you considered campanula dicksons gold? Blue flowers in May/June too. Never burns or suffers the idiosynchracies of the yellow Heucheras. Perfectly hardy and evergreen and I have shares in every sale!

Morning all. Damp here as forecast but to clear up later so hopefully get somethng done outside later. The ironing and gardening prog repeats etc in the meantime. And lots of tea!


Same here Fairygirl but supposed to be sunny from 9 hope so I have a rhubarb plant in the bathroom waiting to go out and this week its gone crazy growing like mad. It needs to be in the ground


Is that  in case you're hungry  blackest?..