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The potty gardener

Morning all. Got to see doc in a while then will see what the weather is doing. Water system will not do itself and it hasn't rained for quite a while here.


Morning all, looks like another lovely day. First I'm off to the GH to repot the tomatoes that are getting too big for their pots. Then planting in new bed then weeding. Most days will be weeding for a bit! We could do with a spot of rain here too, preferably in the night!



Feeling much brighter today thanks. I have had thyroid checks before but always been OK, must say though a long time since I felt so little energy.

Have already done the garden/GH check.

Unfortunately have to do some housework as the house is a tip, doesn't usually take that long though.

Hope to persuade OH to let me drive, but to accompany me, to the GC as it is a very long time since I have driven that far and in traffic


Morning all.  Thank goodness for retirement. Not sure whether to carry on and finish the end or do housework.  Know which I prefer.  No pickaxe today, just shovelling.  Body says no, but brain says yes. Best have brekkie first. Same as usual Fairygirl.

Gardening Grandma

Morning all! Finally signing in. Woke late this morning (for me) at 7.45 to find that one of the dogs, used to being let out much earlier, had poohed copiously and both dogs were covered in it, together with their shared crate. Bathed dogs, disinfected crate, washed towels, disinfected bathroom and kitchen sink! Why was it that I had dogs...? Oh yes, they are OAPs' babies. Sometimes.





Tina-Hope the weetabix was good!

Matty just a thought- have you been tested for anaemia?

Afternoon all. Just got home from work and went straight down the garden to check on the chucks and drrrrrrrrrrrr (drum roll) we have eggs. Whoop de do the girls have started laying! Am so excited, how sad am I lol! The neighbours must think I've lost the plot as I praised the girls and danced around the run!
Was hoping to get an hour in the garden but it has gone quite dark and trying to rain so I think it will just be a greenhouse check. Hope you all had a good day.

Just done some GC therapy. Spent far more than I should but thouroughly enjoyed myself.

It is getting soo cold out there, winter must be coming back


Now there's a difference - I can read this type face easily. Hooray


When did the typeface come back to normal Matty, I only noticed when you pointed it out. Noticed it pretty quickly when it went small.

Busy nursing the sick here, OH with a something that includes a cough. Bit sleep deprived.


I only noticed as I was typing, then. 

The potty gardener

What did you get Matty?

Woo2 lets hope that is the first of many eggs

TT hope you took the sensible option and left the housework

Blackest, what type of online shop are you building?

Verdun, how are your standard Fuchsias doing?

GG, I can't even begin to think what a horrid start to the day you had!!

Hope you had a good day at work Fairygirl

Busy Lizzie-rain during the night is the best kind

Hope your OH is feeling better Nutcutlet

Hope everyone else has had a good day and that Brumbull can be found


Just in Bev-not bad day at work and it cleared up here early afternoon so was out in garden for a couple of hours. Very windy though! Came in to get roast on for dinner-might be a bit late when we eat it!

As long as I'm done for watching Mr. H then Broadchurch!!

Fresh eggs Woo- wonderful! Now get some cakes made...

Hope Brumbull has no twisted his back trying to do get the shape of that fuchsia lol maybe away for a couple of days to relax. Just hope he's fine and not ill he sure is missed on here as they say there's no substitute for experience in any walk of life.


Hi Bev something to do with cake decorating and sweets, things like sugar paste roses and the like.  Using prestashop for the site. It is already proving to be ... challenging. The mechanics seem quite robust but the appearance is a bit meh. Hopefully I can get something done with that.


Plants bought - any comments from experts greatly appreciated - one, I have discovered, was a mistake wasn't on the list

Nandina 'Forest Flame', Erysimum 'Apricot Delight' (I can take cuttings off this), Cupressus    'Goldcrest', Rudbeckia fulgida - these are for the front which I have been improving.

Unfortunately the cupresses will be in a shadow and have now found it needs sun, I went to buy a Taxus baccata but the prohibitive prices meant I couldn't afford one.

Also bought a dwarf Rhododendron ' and 'London's Pride' for my family border. The rhodo will need to be in a pot so tomorrow .......


Bev... Got my fingers crossed!
Fairy girl.......looking forward to egg n soldiers! Lol
Matty2 ...looks like you're going to be very busy, London's Pride reminds me of my childhood, my Nan used to have that in her garden, Ahhhh memories!

Bev, housework still waiting to be done.  2 more hours digging and shovelling.  Almost done. Weather has turned so may get to do hoovering tomorrow, if I can find it.

London Pride. Used to have loads of that in the garden which my Dad gave me.  Pretty little plant but has disappeared.


That's why I have bought it - remembrance of my Mum who is a Londoner and always used to have it

Is this why you're doing a family border Matty? Plants relating to family memories?

More plants relating to family members - using their first name BUT must also suit the personalty as well. The rhododendron is so exactly my daughter and it carries her name, same with the others. Have not as yet found a plant for me or sons partner - still looking