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The potty gardener

What a lovely idea the family border is Matty. The longer it takes to find the right plants will mean they are more special when you find them.

Ohh Fairygirl I'd forgotten about Mr H

Cake decorating sounds like fun Blackest

TT housework can always wait


Bev, technical I do , eating cakes I do too much of, and decorating cakes well that is the domain of my ex mother-in-law.

 Just a couple of examples

Matty that's a wonderful idea, so special!

Blackest those cakes look amazing!
Just hope there aren't too many more babies but have a feeling there will be!
The potty gardener

You will just have to make the border bigger as the babies arrive Matty.

Blackest those cakes look great



Super looking cakes.

My Mother-in-law gave me some London's Pride when we moved into our first house in 1973. I took some with me when we moved to Kent in 1978. Then we moved to France in 1985 and to our 2nd house in France in 1990 and then my Sister-in-law gave me some which I still have in 2 places. She said I had given it to her. Now you've reminded me I think I'll put some in the shady end of my new bed.

Hmmmmm think a trip to GC is on the cards!
Matty, that family link thing is lovely. I try to do some sentiment ....putting in plants that remind me by name, or because I know they were a favourite or for other reasons
That's why our personal gardens are so important.

Hmm, this morning/evening thing obviously a bit complicated 

Anway, Good morning all - I'm awake and about early, even for me - the birds are singing and the sky is brightening in the east.  The garden temp went down to 4C overnight, but at 5am it was already up to 10C; the plants will like that 


Mornin Dove.  Wish it was that warm here!

Morning all. Isn't it lovely hearing the birds singing?

Weather to be similar to yesterday here I think. As long as it dries up and I geta bit done that'll do me. Been very windy...not me the weather ..


Mornin Fairygirl.  At the moment the sky is a lovely soft gold - looks gorgeous  and there's not a breath of wind - I've just checked the Met Office and we're not expecting any rain now until Thursday, and then not a lot - I just want a little to water the BF&B into the soil. 

Morning all Dove temp here a little bit cooler and heavy rain Fairygirl as you say hope it dries up later on. Back in from work at 4.30 hope to plant out some of my hostas that are in pots the now might keep a couple in there pots.


Yes forecast I saw yesterday seemed to suggest that. We've just to get wind Dove...and rain tomorrow 

I'll send you some 


No no, that's fine Fairygirl, you keep it - I'm sure you need it more than we do 

Morning Andy 


Morning Andy. Where are all these sleepyheads today 

Could just send you a bottle or two Dove...couldn't we Andy? We get plenty!



You'd probably be cheaper than Anglian Water 

Morning Dove, Fairy and Andy. Still a bit bleary eyed here, but trip to check the GH in a sec should sort that out.

Succumbed to some more violas at the GC yesterday lunchtime - their little faces said "take me home". All purples and blues - less keen on the yellow ones.

Enjoy your days

Mornin chick. I love violas-the little black one 'Molly Sanderson' is a favourite of mine.

Another plant I might have to go and buy! 

Pick one up for me would you..


Right - off to work - today will be disastrous carb-wise as we've been invited to visit another team on the site for 'a networking opportunity' - they're tempting us with cake 

Have a lovely day everyone and enjoy the sunshine (if you've got some)

See you later ................