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Back from foodbank......soooooo busy and hectic. We really do need to be thankful if we aren't too poor, too sick or too unhappy
Woo2 I think I will get a mankini now but it will make getting an even suntan difficult.


You're dead right mate.  Aren't we lucky if all we have to worry about is a bit of cruddy weather stopping us getting in the garden.

Been busy repotting stuff and putting my herbs in their new home. In for a cup of tea and then organise dinner.

Tina-what drives me nuts is the amount of time you spend dealing with the incompetence of these people. I told the wumman at the utility co last week to tell their Head Office to expect my bill for all my time they've wasted. Spent over an hour going through all the emails letters and phone conversations so that I'm armed and ready. Just can't be bothered with it all. Got a £50 refund off B'card though! Result!


Well done getting that Fairychild.  I went from pillar to post this morning trying to speak to a human being, if there are human beings working for the DVLA. More like robots.  There were 7 options, pressed one, another 7 options.  Was then given another number.  Again, 7 options/7 options.  Finally spoke to a female who I swear was reading from a card. Goodness know how much it cost me. I agree with you about invoicing them for the time and money spent through their inefficiency.  They just don't care. 

Think this should be on the MOB thread. 

Just noticed, last of The Syndicate tonight.  That was short and sweet. 

Nearly forgot, evening Woo2.


Actually what really got me Tina was missing watching Mr Hollywood! Glad I got sky now!! I even write down the phone numbers with 'effing' in the middle of the names!

Check out the saynoto0870 website for alternative numbers-freephone often- so that you're not using these premium rate ones...that's another rant for MOB! Also when you get these 'options' just don't press any of them and you'll get through to a person 

Time for evening forkers now!!

Verdun just adjust the straps each time or wear alternate days back to front but you will probably need to wear sunglasses to cover your watering eyes lol!!!!

Evening TT!



We're over on Goodevening Forkers now Woo2. Confusing isn't it. 

Wearing it now watching the football. It's a bit uncomfortable but a small price to pay for style
Yep, we should be on evening FORKERS now

Good morning all 

Another gorgeous sunrise here in Norfolk, pigeons cooing and a robin making announcements 

OH spent yesterday working at home, and he said that the bluetits were busily modifying the nest box again, this time the femaile was in the box, enlarging the hole from the insiide - getting it just how she wants it, while the male sat in the tree above telling everyone that this is his garden.

I think I said that I drove home from work with the top down on my car - I forgot to tell you the exciting bit - as I left the office car park I heard a commotion and loud calling in the air above me, and stopped and looked up (it's ok, I pulled in to the side of the road and there wasn't much traffic).  One of the peregrines that are nesting on the cathedral spire had been after a woodpigeon but was being mobbed by a flock of seagulls - fascinating 

I can see that driving the car with the top down may lead to further birdwatching opportunities - must remember not to do it on the motorway 

Morning all what a terrible morning weather wise here rain dull and colder than it's been. Dove driving with the roof down lucky you but watch they birds don't poo on your  head . Think me and Fairygirl are going to send this weather south for you all at the weekend just thinking of a way to transport it.


Morning early risers - lovely day here again too. Trees I can see from my window are getting that faint green haze - and all magnolias have been coaxed into flower with the last couple of days sunshine - they are a whole month later than last year. Half way through the week - time to start making my weekend gardening plans in my head ...




Morning  all. I'm very slow today. My get up and go just got up and went...last night some time I think!

Dull and wet here...Andy have you got a lorry? We could load it up and send it to all these people with sun!

Wrists sore from shifting plants from their various homes into bigger homes yesterday 

That green haze is great isn't it chicky?

Carol on the BBC weather says watch out for frosts later in week....she's a Scot...knows her onions 

Washing's on -I'm optimistic about it clearing up later 

Morning all.
Very dull here too and quite chilly. No gardening today, off to work in a mo. Hope you all have a good day.

I'm off to work in a few mins too Woo

I'm a oet and I didn't know it..

Enjoy your day everyone

Morning everybody
Dull and mizzly.
Dove...your open top car takes me back. Test drove fist 500 convertible last week for my niece. Beautiful sunny day ...perfect for driving in the open air



looks like i've got the sun this morning and not the rain that was forecast coffee is on and soon time to get cracking. Hope everyone has a good day.



Morning everyone.  Lovely sunshine again. Sorry to those having awful weather and who have to go to work.  Lots to do but am going to take it gently as body still hasn't recovered.

Oooh get you Dove, with your open topped car.  Hope you're not one of those who has music blaring too.

Looks like just you and me swanning around Blackest or are there other stay at home bods.


Good morning to all

I'm not going further than the garden TT. 


Aren't we lucky nutcutlet. Why did I ever worry about being in retirement?


I love it. It's the best thing that happened in my working life.