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The potty gardener

Morning all who are still around. I'm off sick at the moment and get up disgustingly late. It's foggy here. Can't say I'm too sorry as yesterday I burnt my arms, top of my back, chest and nose! I must not get any more sun on me today.

Is it just me who has stopped getting notifications of posts gain?



Hi Bev.  You still poorly?  Don't apologise for getting up late.  I'm not sick and I don't usually get up much before 10.  You are allowed when you are retired.  In fact, it's a rule.

I think I have my post notification switched off as I receive nothing.


Grass cutting today. Then spuds into sacks, haven't enough room in the garden for them. Weeding the ericaceous bed and topping it up. Loads to pot on. Patio needs jetwashing...etc...and guess what ? It's blowing a gale, 3 days on trot now and I'm getting fed up of it.


I'm not getting the emails either. It was good while it lasted!

Lovely day. Sown runner beans in GH. Put a lot of plants in the cold frames to harden off. Sown perpetual spinach outside. Peas this afternoon.

Gardening Grandma

I'm so envious! Raining here and we are getting desperate for some nice weather. Sunburn, indeed!

I've planted up the mina lobata seeds I got free last week, after soaking them in warm water and been to the GC for rotted manure, potting compost and sequestered seaweed and am longing to go outside and play with them! No GH or cold frame but I'm the proud mama of a multitude of potted on seedlings in the kitchen and conservatory.



GG-me too! Short of room now and need to get some outside so will have to get greenhouse of some sort soon 


Hiya - only just arrived as have been to Worcester fro the day. Christened my bus pass

but certainly made it easier, no parking to worry about.

No gardening, but was probably a good thing. back to feeling shattered again - perhaps I do need a check up, will see how I am next week.

GG I was surprised how easily the  Mina Lobata seeds I was given germinated..

Back tomorrow , I hope with more energy.

Gardening Grandma

I intended to get one six weeks ago, having seen one on ebay for £25 (walk in and plastic) but the weather was so bad that I left it. Also, my innate sense of thrift kicked in (though I spent £51 today at GC on things that will just disappear into the soil).

Well, that's not quite true. I was going to send away for a 'free' tree paeony from T and M. Can't remember how much the postage was, but I believe it was £5.60. I saw the same one (I think) in GC for £4.99, so naturally, I bought it. So much for 'free' offers!!


Good morning all  A lovely golden morning here in Norfolk, but not as much blue sky as yesterday.  Temp down to 6C overnight.

I've been wondering whether to invest in some fleece for my broad beans as they're flowering, and the weather people have been talking about it getting colder, but looking at the Met Office website 5 day forecast it doesn't say anything about frost, so I'll keep away from the GC 

However, if we don't get some rain in the next 24 hours I'll put the sprinkler on the broad beans - the veg patch is very dry and they need damp toes when their flowering.

Morning all raining here just now but to brighten up and reach 12 temp wise going by the forecast and to get better for the weekend. Fairygirl the lorry is loaded and heading south now think we will hear when it arrives no doubt . Just done my morning check cucumber showing now in the greenhouse and carrots,turnip and beetroot showing in the veggie patch so things moving now and can only get better am off to work now have a good day all.


Have a good day Andy - I'll be at work too, but only one more day and then it's the weekend!!!

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Hope you enjoyed christening you bus pass, Matty. Mine's a few years old now and seldom used, but we've had a few good jaunts on it. A year or so ago, OH went the length of Wales using it. The entire journey took a day and cost him £5.

Still damp and cloudy here. The seedlings that were springing up in the cold weather, because the skies were clear and the heating on, have now stopped growing much and are just sitting, waiting for better light and more warmth. 

If it is dry enough, I really hope to go and mulch my roses and clematis with a bit ofthat lovely rotted manure. But what's really needed is some warmth and sunlight.

Have a good day, everyone!


Right, better go to work - can't spend the day noodling on here with you lot - much as I would like to - have a good day everyone 


Hello Dove - bye Dove 

GG- you're not old enough for a buss pass if you're only 27... No such thing as a free lunch is there? It's the postage that's a killer on these freebies.

Andy.. Oh we'll hear...!

We've to get hail and/or sleet tomorrow...

Want to get my sweet peas planted out but I'll leave it a bit yet I think. Was only 7 degrees at about 6pm yesterday. To clear up later. Potted on my toms so it needs to warm up soon to get stuff out or I'll have to move...


Gardening Grandma

You really surprise me, FG. Planting out sweet peas in April in Scotland? Obviously, this works or you wouldn't do it. I'm new to planting annuals, but would have been scared to do this in (usually) mild Wales.


Good Morning ,Lashing rain here in Clogherhead so don't think I'll be going down to my plot today


Morning everyone
Cloudy but warm
Bit "mizzly"

That's a mix of drizzly and misty isn't it Verd? We have a great word for it here- dreich.

I'll need me kilt and wellies today 

GG  I usually sow direct outside at end of April but decided to sow indoors  this year to get some going earlier. With the dire spring weather it's probably not been a bad idea but since I can't get them out I'm not sure it'll make a huge difference.

Off to work now-catch up with you all later. Don't eat too much cake now...

Hiya Fairygirl
Mizzle is a lovely word though isn't it? Gentle, misty. Foggy very light drizzle
Rather have sun though
Have good day