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Morning.  I'm early but you've all gone. Hope you all have a good day.

Bright here at the moment and is promised to improve through the day.  May try and finish off my navvying as the ache and pains are a bit better this morning.  Can't do anything until I have shifted the rest of the rubble and earth. Think I have 15 half bags so far.  I can't lift them, just have to drag them out of the way. 

Best get going for now.



Late again was raining overnight and a bit grey today, think i'm heading to town soon to buy some trellis.



Had my bus pass as we discovered (we caravan) that it can be used on some Park and Rides if visiting place we don't know.

OH has suggested I prioritise and just do a little each day to see how I go. So today I am potting up loads of cuttings seedlings etc that came in the post yesterday, potting on whatever needs it in GH and putting the fruit to soak for bottom tier of wedding cake.

So when that is done I will stop - that will be hard


Verdun - do you know anything about Bodwen nurseries, St Austell. They don't do mail order,, they haven't updated their web site. I was wondering if it is still around. They have the acer that would complete my family border and I haven't been able to find it anywherre else.

Info would be useful thanks

The potty gardener

Morning all. Still sore from too much sun on Tuesday! Nice and sunny again today.I have an appointment this afternoon but that is all. May try to remove a nasty spikey Yucca if I can.

Hope everyone has a good day whatever you are doing.


Hiya Matty
Bodwen nursery has suspended mail order service for this year. Not sure why.
What Acer did you want?
Gardening Grandma

Afternoon,all. Just spoken on the phone to my son, who lives in Hertfordshire. He's in hot sunshine, we're in rain -again! I'm so envious!  Washed lots of flower pots today - surprisingly satisfying seeing them neatly stacked. I also bought three beautifully healthy young honeysuckles in Aldi - Graham Thomas, Henrii and Belgica. There were lovely clematis, too, together with some other things. I knew from past experience that by Monday they'll be struggling through lack of water and later in the week they'll probably be dead. I asked the girl at the checkout (nicely) why they weren't watered.

'Oh, we do water them,' she said. 'The air conditioning draws the water out of them.'

'How often?' I persisted.

'Every other day,' she replied.

I held back the obvious retort that they had better be watered every day, then, but I think I'll write to the manager.

Another hour until the curfew and we go over to Evening Forkers. See you there! Bring your own cake.

Just in from work quick change and shower going out for dinner with wife son and daughter was daughters birthday yesterday so treating them to dinner. Could not go last night as daughter was singing and i can tell you am ready for my dinner now . So just going to do a quick look around the greenhouse and garden to make sure things are fine then out. Down side wife wants to do a shopping on the way home but i might sneak in a few plants in her trolley if i see anything i like.

Such a strange week. My dad saw a different surgeon on the night before his op who said he didnt need surgery just a change in hs medication. The family happy all round. I sat watching the telly thinking what a good day it had been then my neighbour knocked the door about 8.30pm to say one of my cats had been hit ny a car and was dead.

My thanks to the driver who did actually stop suprising because he was going too fast. My lovely boy Grendle is now buried in my garden. He was a law unto himself and i couldnt stop him from going out the front. He was well known all round the village.

Needless to say we are heartbroken but the diet is doing well as i cant eat anything.


What a stressful few days you had.

Good news about your dad

Awful about grendle.

Such a lot to take in.

My thoughts are with you

Thankyou, i feel sick all the time. He was one of those cats with a very big personality and always in the wrong place.

Gardening Grandma

So sorry to hear about Grendle, Maud. He sounds quite a character. Good news about your father, though. It must be quite a relief.

You can't be a comfort eater, btw.

Have a good time, Andy.



Oh Maud I'm so sorry. Been there. Doesn't get any easier does it?

I hope your Dad is fine and it's great news for you, but you're right-starnge week for you. 

Thinking of you 

Each time i say i cant do this again, but a few months down the line i think the house is empty and then a face will appear in the garden or a friend says ive got this stray needing a home. I have two other cats who are finding life very strange as well.

Maud sorry to hear about your cat it's always sad when you lose a pet as they become part of the family and they all are different in their own ways. But great news about your dad so helps to make up for your loss a little. Well need to run now think i hear my steak sizzling and banoffee pie coming out the fridge  if i need a help i will post you all lol no chance of that.


Andy I can help you with steak and with the banoffe pie.  It's no trouble at all

muddy mare

Oh dear maud you took me straight back to when i lost stubbs named because he had a stump as a tail with no elegance lol and the bravo behaviour got him knocked over too bless them and bless you too xx


Good morning all   We've got rain   We've only got it because I gave up waiting for it and watered the garden yesterday evening - it I hadn't done that it wouldn't have rained 

Again 7C overnight - but I bought some new fleece yesterday for the broad beans tonight - they're in flower and there's a sharp frost forecast according to my potato-farming brother.