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Morning all had a lovely dinner last night Verdun was nearly sending for you had a struggle with the banoffee pie & cream that means need to work it off in the garden this weekend. Raining here at the moment but it's to get better this afternoon and be good on Sat & Sun. Need to go and get compost for my hanging baskets and still got 6 tray of seedlings to single out got 3x70lt bag of compost last night in Asda for £10 i will see what that looks like when i burst it open. Tomorrow morning early go to the GC and get more compost plus a bag of sand plus no doubt treat myself to a few plants have a good day folks.


Morning Andy - while you're at the GC, could you pick up some little fibre pots for me to pot my tomato seedlings on into - I've not got enough left from last year and I forgot to get some yesterday when I went to buy the fleece - don't want to have to go to the GC again this week 


Morning peeps. Glad you enjoyed your dinner last night Andy. Couldn't have helped with the pie as I don't like it..probably just as well ..better for my waistline I had some compost from Asda recently and it wasn't too great so hope it's alright for you. 

Dove- I'll get you some pots..can't risk you going and spending more money at GC. I never do that so it'll be fine..

Been wet here -hope we don't get hail like uesterday.

Enjoy your day!


Right, I'm off to work, but TGIF 

Have a lovely day folks - see you later 


Bit later this morning as wfh. Rain here too - saved me having to water my new plantings. Had a browse thru my GW mag last night - so exciting to see name checks for Verdun, Lizzie and obelixx. And congrats to MMP on another gift voucher



Gardening Grandma

Morning, all.

If you're getting fibre pots, they are 99p for 48 at the local cheap shop. Some people say that they don't break down quickly enough hen you plant them (though they tear easily enough when wet!!! ) so I thought I'd soak and break them up a bit when the weather finally warms up enough to plant them.

Off for a day out with OH so I'm hoping to persuade him to go to the National Botanic Garden, about an hour from here. It is well worth a visit, even in winter.

Have a great day. Think I'm the only one on here at the moment, but hello to those who log on a bit later.


Hello GG I'm still here! Looking at sleet and hail outside 

Mornin chick!

Morning everyone

Sunny but feelgig cooler.  Forecast says cold tonight.  This cold spring is persistemt

Have good day all

Gardening Grandma

Morning FG.  Sun here! At last!!!! Has been wet and overcast all week, though warmer, and the seedlings which were growing away like mad in the heated conservatory when it was cold and bright have sat and sulked in the gloom. I'm so glad to see clear skies! 


Mornin Verd. No not great here either. I think the south is getting some of the rain we've had up here recently. It was only about 7 or 8 degrees by about 7pm last night. 


Morning FG

Gardening Grandma

Morning Chicky. You time  must have posted at the same time as me.

Morning ALL, it has rained overnight but sun is breaking through this morning. I've just checked the greenhouse and the compost around some of my plants has a rust coloured bubble like appearance???? A fungus?? Any info peeps? I've put the offending trays outside

GG hope you have a lovely day out

Maud sorry to hear about your cat, bless him. Glad It's better news for your Dad.

Andy your meal sounds delicious, happy shopping

Off to work now, see you later

Gardening Grandma

I often speak to my son in the south east of England by phone, to find that he's in warm sunshine while it is raining here in Wales. He gets much colder winters than we do, but much warmer, drier summers. I love Wales, but that dry weather is so attractive! No point in fantasising about moving there though - house prices are MUCH higher.


Morning all. Sorry about your cat Maud.

We are off to explore Southern Dordogne today. B&B tonight. But forecast is light rain and it's cloudy. Been hot and sunny the last 2 days.

Put on 2lbs whn we were in England, now lost it because of all the gardening that needed catching up. Weeds grow so fast, we were only away 10 days.

Haven't had May GW yet. I get in late because of being in France. Hope it comes because subscription ran out, missed March, bought April in England, but OH paid sub end March.



Morning everyone left. Has been raining but as it was overnight, that's OK.  Sun just appearing. 

So sorry to hear about your cat Maud but good news about your Dad.  That must have been a relief.

Not too sure what to do today.  Need to get focused - one job at a time.  Difficult sometimes isn't it.  Must prioritise - brekkie first.


No work today Fairygirl? Seems you are having some pretty awful weather.  I do think I'm lucky living in the SE as we do seem to fare better weatherwise.  Will pop out in a while to see whether the rain has done anything to help my clay earth.  One minute shoes thick with mud, next thing earth like rock.  Just can't win.


No work today Tina- well just in the house  

Clay's a pain when it's like that but great once you get it opened up and some grit etc into it.

Sleet and hail showers today and sun in between..not sure if I should put my little baby plants out 


Yes, I really ought to put the hoover round but just feel that's not that important. Can write in the dust too. Who cares.

Grit is on my list, when someone will take me to GC.  Was hoping son still at home could find an hour tomorrow to pop me to get all the items on my growing list but last night he said he was playing football from 9-3 and Sunday's out because he goes climbing. Having difficulty speaking to him at the moment. It's times like this that I wish I hadn't stopped driving. 

Perhaps best to leave baby plants for a few more days. Better safe than sorry.