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think I need to dig again today as my new beds have gone rock hard my raised bed is as easy to dig as a sandpit that hasn't been walked on. unfortunately rain is here on and off today (currently on) maybe today is one for waterproofs and wellys. weather forecasts are quite conflicted. Irish weather seems to be going for a cold snap while bbc and accuweather have cool days and showers  with hot sunny spells inbetween who do you trust?



I've been selective about putting them out and gradually giving them longer if weather suits but there's just no point today. I've not done too many seeds as I've nowhere to put them apart from pots and I don't want to buy too many just now.

B****y kids eh? Have you thought of finding a gravel supplier and getting it delivered Tina? Even B&Q or some of the builders merchants. Would probably be easier and if you need a lot you can get a bulk bag which is so much cheaper anyway.

Hoovering? What's that?...


I'm still here. Hi Blackest. If I don't hurry and get outside, nothing will get done.  Never garden when it's wet or cold.

Good idea Fairgirl. Just need to get behind the shed finished and will then give that some thought.  Have to think how to get the bag to the end of the garden. Can't rely on you-know-who. 

I'm gone - honest.


TT bulk bags are the best way if you can get them delivered. hihabs have a crane arm which can get some of the way but even if it comes down to getting a load tipped on the driveway and wheel barrowed round to where you want it. it's still going to be a lot cheaper than buying 25kg or less bags which still need dragging round to where you want them. Even a trailer load would do you better.  Probably find there are a few blokes around that would shift a bit of gravel for a day fairly cheaply. 


Absolutely blackest, I had a load delivered outside a previous house on pavement and barrowed it round to where I needed it. Took a while but way cheaper than bags as you say. Bog standard gravel in usual bag size is £5 or £6 here. No use if you need a path done or to top dress beds.



Started raining again.  Not sure whether I'm pleased or not.  Does mean I have a rest.  Weeded and edged all down one border and dug loads of buttercups out of new bed.  Have allowed it to just creep across the back but am regretting it now.  Can I kill it off with anything without damaging my magnolia tree?

At the moment, the thought of wheelbarrowing grit from, what would have to be, outside house into back garden is too daunting a task.  Even 10 years ago, I wouldn't have thought twice, but wouldn't be able to manage it now. Got an 18 year old grandson, but no joy there either.

Where have I gone wrong.

Thanks though to you both for your advice.  Will have a think about it.

Might just have to do a bit of housework, emphasis on 'might'.


Maybe your grandson has a friend who has time on his hands. Who wouldn't mind making a few quid. probably end up with your grandson doing it for you.  


Tina-I know the feeling. Blackest is right-try grandson's mates.

Not easy on your own is it? My body just can't do stuff anymore!

Stop making up your own jokes now....

Sod the housework Tina..

You could always advertise for a nice little 'houseboy' to do the chores...


Hiya all. 

very late, had swimming then lots of other stuff. Bright sun at the mo but have had this all day interspersed with heavy hail showers so not feeling like going outside. Probably won't harm to leave it all alone for a day.

Don't fancy the housework either


Much cheaper to have a big bag delivered, have done that with top soil and with gravel. Yes it is a hassle wheeling it from front to back but the money saved.......


Hi Matty-hope you feeling ok today.

Should we start a 'sod the housework' thread?

Our hail seems to have eased up thankfully. might put the baby plants out for a bit now.



I have actually hoovered thru lounge and hall and dusted.  Found carpet wasn't brown/grey after all.  Took longer to think about than to do.  Did not move furniture.

You rest too Matty. I think we all overdo it once we get a bit of good weather.  Just that constant urge to do something after doing nothing for so long. Well, in my case anyway.

I'm still peeved about lack of help.  Mustn't dwell on it too much.





Re your buttercups Tina-they are a pain and quite tricky to pull up cos of the runners. I'm infested with them here. I think you could use weedkiller if you're careful- what about those gel types? On a still day you could probably get into it quite easily with a spray even if you leave a bit round the magnolia and yank that out. Stick a bit of membrane round the base of it and mulch and you should be sorted!

The new houseboy'll do it for you...


Just brought seedlings in-hailstones and 7 degrees just now...

Patio is white..

Might get plants out by about July at this rate! 


Thanks FG.  At present, they cover a large area of empty ground where the tree is and have spread to the new bed.  I quite like them when they are out so might just try and curtail their growth to just under the Magnolia. At least it's better than bare ground.

Shame about your weather.  Threw it down at 3.30 just as all the kids were coming out of school but has been sunshine ever since. 

You need to move.


Tina-I've moved so often in the last 3 years I could do it in my sleep!! Wasn't always out of choice but that's another story...



Verdun not been on here today ???? 

Hey, where's Verdun?  Lol


Its not morning yet - thats cheating !


does this count as morning i'll probably go back to sleep thou. I've reported the kitchen spam threads so hopefully they will disappear soon.  Water went off yesterday and it's not back yet.


 north manchester .clear skys and chilly .off to work bah but only for 4 hours