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muddy mare

morning all work fpr a couple of hours then free ..yiphee


clear and calm so far, which should mean sunny once it gets above the horizon

 might have to go to the garage for coffee as still no sign of the water coming back on.

blackest wrote (see)

does this count as morning i'll probably go back to sleep thou. I've reported the kitchen spam threads so hopefully they will disappear soon.  Water went off yesterday and it's not back yet.

I've reported them too, cheeky devils!

Oh, and good morning to whoever is up and about. Heavy rainclouds overhead, expecting thunderstorms later, but newly planted perennials will be happy.

Gardening Grandma

Morning forkers! Think I'm the only one on here agaiin. Nice and sunny at the moment but the early morning is often the best time of day, so we'll wait and see. Finished pricking out, which I've done obsessively, until the next lot of seeds spring up, so I'm feeling slightly lost. Better get outside and do real gardening. Hope everyone has a lovely, sunny, gardening weekend.

 Good morning everyone. 

Intermittent rain during the last week. Clear blue skies, chilly wind today,  but it is early and still April!

 Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.



Morning all. Clear skies and chilly but hopefully no hail and sleet like yesterday so will get more done outside.

Hope it's sunny wherever you are 

Morning all just in from greenhouse after pricking out 2 tray of seedlings it's going to be a good day weather wise sun trying to get out the now. Quick cuppa then go and do my message for the school then the GC should be back at 11am ready for plenty more gardening jobs have a good day all in your gardens.


Good morning all  

So there you are Verdun  - I replied to your message but it looks as if notifications aren't happening at the moment.

Well, we didn't get the frost that Bro said was forecast, but he's further south than me - but temps are going to drop here tonight so I will fleece the broad beans this evening.

Busy day today, heading south to visit parents, then back here for housework, food shopping, gardening - I need to pot on the baby toms.

Better get some bread dough on the rise before I do anything else ....  


Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

The best time of the year. It's lovely to see all the trees coming into leaf. It's a bit cooler this weekend so still reluctant to get some things out of the greenhouse. I've had the sweetpeas outside for a few days so might plant them out today.

I've got two retired shetland ponies. (Can't teach them to moondance unfortunately) one is having his teeth checked this morning. He didn't seem too interested in his food  on Wednesday but has been fine since, so being an old pony,about 30 years old, wondered if he had problems with his teeth. I hope he doesn't want veneers or tooth whitening or he'll look like Simom Cowell.

Have a good day everyone.


A shetland in trousers up to his armpits !!!?  LOL

Gardening Grandma

What's the water situatioin, Blackest?

Sun still shining here - might be going to last! 

Morning all

Now having a heavy downpour but it's supposed to good.

My dog is putting pressure on me to take him for a walk..hedoesn't t realise how important my porridge and blackberries are so his walk has to wait

Be happy everyone 

.....not getting notifications either

What if someone on the forum wants to give me some money?  I,wouldn't know!

I tried to give you some Verdun but you never answered so will just keep the money.

Morning everyone, sunny with a cool breeze at the moment here.

Shetland in trousers up to his armpits...... dove you crack me up lol! 

Hope you all have a lovely day, it's off to work for me.....



Andy you can send it to me

And bread fro me Dove...yum yum..

Have a good day Woo.. glad I don't have to work weekends any more!

Teeth always a prob at that age Pam...although- like GG -I'm only 27 so I wouldn't know..


I checked for messages even tho I didn't have any notifications - that way I got all the money Tee Hee  


Morning everyone.  Late again. Sun shining at present but a bit nippy this morning.  Not going to say what I will be finishing off today, weather permitting as I am becoming a bore.

I want to know why some of you are up at such an early hour on a Saturday morning, unless you have work.  Doesn't anyone like a little lie in?  Actually, I could have posted at 3.40 this morning when I had to come down to let my son in who had forgotten his key.  He was about to sleep in his car.  Lucky I had just had to visit the little room, otherwise I wouldn't have heard him.  Do you think that might be a bit of a lever today to get him to remove all the rubble bags from the end? 

Have a good day, whatever you may be up to.


TT - I like a lie-in !

Morning All