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Bi heck, Bri, no whot ya mean, tork about a storm in a tea cup, life really is too short.

I've said it's nice talking to you guys in Yorkshire. Was it the Olympics or Para- Olmypics..but it was said...if you guys were a guys produced most medal winners...

Have to say better side won in the roses but that's all water under the bridge, Harrogate Flower show is a crowd stopper, whose up on the cricket    


Good suggestions Obelisix and Verdun -


you have all lost the plot.

Bunny ...
Start afresh tomorrow in good spirits ... A lovely good morning spring ...maybe the weather with be kind to us all and allow us all a sunny day (we can hope)

Hey up Bunny my sentiments too my greenhouse seedlings are covered fleece bubble rap and my small generator is trying its best to keep the tube give off a bit of help too.Forecaste not good for our neck of the woods though.But like Winston Churchill said Just keep b......ggering on.Regards Brian.


Gardening Grandma

I want to give Brumbull my thanks for starting such a lovely thread. Not sure if it can be saved, but I plan to post tomorrow (today, really, I'm an early riser) and hope. 


Morning all. Not seen the forcast for today yet but looking outside there's no frost and it's dry although a little dull so I'm going to get my work done then hopefully put my new mini green house together and sow my chilli & sweet peppers. Have a good day everyone x 


Morning everyone. Just having my morning cuppa before setting off for work (I said my Mon-Fri posts would be v. boring!).  Just turned all my windowsill seedlings round - always amazes me how some seem so robust (rudbeckia) and some are so frail (foxgloves) - and how it seems to bear no resemblance to how they durable they are when they grow up. No frost here - but grey and grim.

Gardening Grandma

Morning, all. Pretty grey here. A funeral this morning and, hopefully, a bit of socialising with my son this afternoon - he lives a couple of hundred miles from me and it is great to see him. Still trying to finish the mulching, I just love the fresh, cared for look it gives to the borders. Greetings to all gardeners!


Good Morning GG and Tattianna and Chicky , looking at blue skys and no wind this morning but a bit chilly.  Think the crows have got thier boots on this morning as they are making a racket on my roof.  The BBC have promised me a low temp of 4 degrees through to midnight sunday but a lot of rain for the second half of the week   As with Yesterday first job will be fleece off and a check on the thermometer in my greenhouse The battery got so cold yesterday the display was unreadable so hoping the replacement will have faired better. Kitchen is smelling nice as my slow cooker has been casseroling all night First thou a nice pot of tea enjoy the new day.



Good morning all - wet and miserable here today but the birds are singing so it must be spring - I must get some seeds started this weekend   

Pennine Petal
Good morning, it's snowing. Don't want to go to work, feeling very dopey this morning.
Gardening Grandma

Me too, Dove. Several packets to plant - hope to restrain myself and only plant a few of each! I also have some seeds that are at least 4 years old - might plant a few of those, just to see what happens. Kept them in the fridge, but maybe they've been cold too long!


I've been given some heritage tomato seeds by a gardener on here - I think he said they're getting on for 10 years old  - he suggested that I soak them overnight before sowing.  I do hope the weather picks up as I don't have a greenhouse, just two small growhouses so once they've outgrown the windowsills they'll have to move on somewhere ....

Gardening Grandma

Took down our greenhouse last year and regret it. I have a spot for a small walk-in soft plastic greenhouse, but am considering whether it will provide enough insulation to be worth it. They are in our local GC for £50.


Good Morning Everyone - what a great start to the day!

Sun shining after rain so...back to the new borders and looking at the pond egdes to revamp another good day.

A wealth of info to sort out re planting clematis - thanks to you all.

Good morni g Brumbull and everyone. Sunneeeeeeeee this morning.

The plastic greenhouses are not that bad, The heat they capture can be incredible last week i saw 90F on the thermometer on the back wall. 

They are not as long lived as glass or the rigid sheeting but they are effective.

The critical thing for plants is freezing and wind chill is a big part of that. I was surprised to learn from a local nursery is that they crack the vents open in thier greenhouses when they expect a frost! The why is quite interesting it is latent heat. Air contains moisture and as temperature falls its capacity falls and its forced to form liquid water. This is why we get dew on the grass in the  mornings. For water to go from gas to liquid it has to release energy, latent heat. this becomes real heat and as the water condenses the temperature drop slows. So the greenhouse stays that bit warmer than outside. By opening the vents a little wetter air can replace the drier air and release more heat into the greenhouse. It will get cold in a greenhouse but hopefully the sun will rise before it hits 0 degrees and frost starts to form. A good base setting it on concrete or stone also helps as this is also a source of heat during the night. The only other thing is make sure its well tied down. Getting blown away is the biggest problem.  


Morning all. Not snowing here and not raining either so -result! We're being told VERY cold overnight tonight so lots of tea I think!  Where would we be without tea? Hope everyone gets alittle gardeningdone. I have seeds to sow but not sure what I'llmanage as I have so many other things to do. Re the little greenhouses -  I know someone who's used them with great success but they're in a very sheltered spot next to a house so maybe that's the answer.


Morning all. Snowing again and the met office have gone back on their promise of warmer by the weekend. Noticed from the bedroom window that I'd left the greenhouse door open last night. Not worried about the night air, just the early rising birds picking over the babies.