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Gardening Grandma

Swiss Sue, that is brilliant!! I will be sharing the secret at Fat Club next Tuesdat, without fail!

Morning, fellow Supremes and everyone else. Can't mitch off church this week again, so any gardening will be this afternoon.

Morning all it's overcast now been raining done the outside work yesterday left the greenhouse stuff for today. So thats where my duties will be today got a tray of verbascum & verbena bonariensis to single out plus my 4 hanging baskets to do for starters. Swiss Sue if it was only that easy  GG enjoy your church wifes goes every week enjoys singing her heart out as she used to do a bit of singing when she was younger now my daughter does all the singing at the clubs and events.


Morning Andy-same weather here but it means my lawn feed's getting watered in! That's why I was keen to get it done yesterday with all the digging. My verb bons are just germinating -been a bit slow but probably just as well cos the windowsills are full!

Have a good day but get your feet up some of the time 

morning all 

plans for today inc. bacon butty down  the lotti, weeding goosberry bed and strawberry bed. sowing some beans and putting up my bean supports.  possibly weed some raised beds if im lucky with time and rain holds off.  

then a nice roast dinner this eve -yummy! 

cant wait to get started 

HAGD all 

VP x 


Morning everybody

Cloudy but warm here 

Forecast for this week is very good

Been trimming Lawn edges, weeding, cutting back flowered plants

Oh, garage freezer stopped load of thawed food.  Getting new A + freezer imstead.  It just means chucking out thawed food today.  Only quarter full so could be worse

Anyone want some soforex frozen pizzas.   Lol

Have good day folks


What kind of roast VP? 

If you're stuck, Verd's got pizzas going cheap...


Morning all  glad I fleeced the broad beans last night - sharp frost here overnight.

Verdun - did you get my PM?


Morning everyone.  I am going to have to start posting before I go to bed!  You're all such early birds.

Sue, love that ad. Now I know what's been causing my problem all these years.  Wasn't the food, it was the shampoo.  Always use one for volume too. 

Oop, son just emerged and gone in garden.  Dare I hope that he's going to do what I need.  Was juvenile and didn't speak to him or say goodnight yesterday.  Always petulant kids at heart aren't we.

Hope all the workers have got good weather today so they can get out and do some planting.  I will be ecstatic if my slabs are put back as I can then put everything back.  I bet you will all be glad too cos it will mean I won't be moaning about it any more.

Have a good day.


Ooooooo bliss just had a lovely lie in. Overcast here this morning, just of to GC and will have a breakfast there , naughty naughty.

Shall I pop to supermarket and look for shampoo for fine, sleek hair?.. Are we on to a winner

Enjoy your day peeps...


Loved the shampoo ad, Sue.

We had a good day out on Friday with a stay in a lovely B & B in Eymet (South Dordogne) We went to 3 bastide (fortified, stone built) villages. On Friday night we went to a play by an English theatre group in an old chateau. The play was about what happened next in 3 Shakespeare plays, Hamlet, King Lear and Romeo and Juliette. Romeo and Juliette hadn't died after all, they had been married 20 years and had loads of children, including triplets! Juliette had got very fat and Romeo had gone off her! It was very funny.

Weeding today.


It's done!

15 halfish bags of rubble and barrowloads of earth which will be great for garden as it is such a lovely texture. No clay.  Can now get everything back and then start thinking what I can do with the expanse of garden behind the Magnolia tree.  Any suggestions for something quick and easy.  Thought about wild flowers but would I be too late for scattering seeds and how should I prepare the earth.  I'm such a numpty.

Glad to see I'm not the only Lazy Mary Woo.  A bottle of sleek and smooth please if you're going. 

Morning tina

How big is the area? Shady? Soil?

Your biceps must be huge after all that work.



Morning Vern

Ladeees don't have biceps. My batwings look a bit better though.

Shady - son just said 15ft wide by 10ft long, most of which was covered with buttercups.  Haven't done anything with it for years and was used by kids to have bonefires. So now, what I would class, as nice earth.  Easy to dig, unlike the main part of the garden. 

Don't want to spend loads of money on plants as it will cost me a fortune and rather like the idea of wild flowers.  Am I being daft?



Beechgrove garden did a thing about planting wild flower seeds a couple of weeks ago. Have just sown some following what they said.

Just tried to find it but no onger on stream Any way prepare soil into fine tilth, firm by tepping on it, rake sow seeds, liightly rake. Bit like sowing grass seed.

Today is son2 birthday so we are off out for lunch. He lives with us, and finds life tricky sometimes. I don't think he will ever leave.

As a result not much planned tday, pot on some fuchsias that came a couple of days ago. sow runner beans and potter. 

Oh yes and remember not to washmy hair in the shower, I got to WW as well, can't wait to tell them that 


Thanks for the info Matty. I always forget Beechgrove and I know it's not available for very long. 

Don't know how old your son is but mine's 33 and I can't ever see him moving out.  I don't mind, but it's the moods that get on my nerves.

Hope you have a lovely day anyway.


He's 30 today 

Off to pot up fuchsias.

The potty gardener

Morning all. Why does it seem I'm always last up? BUT have been up an hour- went ou to water the front of the house before sun got round there. We haven't had any rain so it was getting too dry.I lso got round to planting up 6 yellow pansies which I got for £1 a couple of weeks back.

I've been using the wrong shampoo along with the rest of you!

Well have a good day all