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My son has moved out but he will be moving back in this summer. He will be having an operation on his knee and builders will be in his house doing the loft conversion and a new kitchen. He lives about 35 mins away, his wife will have to deal with the builders!


Morning everybody, just woke up for the second time, was up at 6, miserable weather so went back to bed. OH sent me the shampoo ad per Skype, I think he was trying to tell me something!

Sowed cucumbers and butternut squash yesterday, no gardening today but at least the water butts are full.

Enjoy your Sunday, will check in later.


Just cannot bend, carry, shift, wheel anything any more today.  Legs are like jelly. It is so cold too.  So have come indoors and have just put my roast on, Oh yes, and the heating. 


Just baked a cake!!! Victoria sandwich 

Anyone putting the kettle on?


Sorry Dove. Can't move. Will just have to fade away.



Tina, OH says you shouldn't be doing gardening in those high heels - you'll pull something    You're downhill from here - I'll lob a flask and a tupperware box over - can you crawl to the door to get them?


Got to keep up appearances Dove. What would my fans think (if any are still alive).

I think I could manage that Dove.  Thanks. Any relation to Fatima Whitbread?  If so, should reach me.


I'm going to be first on evening FORKERS


Nah, nah, nah-nah, nah.

I saw Tina Turner on her farewell tour, absolutely brilliant. Been keeping myself busy this week and cant for the life of me remember what i have done. Hoping this week will be a better week. The scaffold is going uop on Tues and the roof will be repaired on thurs and fri.Yes its finally getting done only waited 3 months.

Thankyou to everyone for your kind messages, we still miss him. it seems strange being able to clean my teeth and have a shower with no "help" Hoping to be out in the garden this week but who knows.


planted spuds and broad beans . cut gass front and back .and next doors . for compost and  tom keeps a good claret. brunch at 1.00 put the roast in . pork cooked with herbs out  of the garden .planted five tubs out. planted out new border with cuttings taken last year . bit of rain now . back ache now but wouldnt miss it for the world .cold beer now and bed  

Morning all well that's the weekend away again and back to work never stopped at the weekend got loads done outside on Sat and inside on Sun. Got a great deal for the sports kits for the kids on Sat then went to the GC and bought some compost and also an Astilbe heart & soul plant reduced to £5 from £19.99 so happy with that.Sunday i singled out 80 onions 40 leeks and 94 Verbascum plus started my hanging baskets. Oh forgot and taxi my daughter to and from the train station on Sat she and her friends going to night out in Edinburgh for my daughters birthday that's what dads are for now back to work for a rest.


Good morning folks   I've done my usual early morning perambulation of the garden in my jim jams and dressing gown - temp down to 5C overnight so I was ok not to fleece the beans  Hedgehogs have visited the feeding stations and eaten their supper 

plants all growing apace,  ditto weeds  

Rain overnight so the butts are filled, and now we have blue skies and bright fluffy clouds, and I have to get ready for work 

I was woken about 1.30  by a very noisy helicopter circling the area quite low for about an hour - it seemed to be going over and over the golf course and the marshes - I hope no one's missing.


Morning Andy, Morning Dove,

Quick weetabix and cuppa and then I'm off - need to be in earlier this morning.

Just about to go and open the coldframe and the greenhouse vents - the morning ritual. 

Enjoy your days !


Morning all. Andy-do you sleep when you go to work...

Hope today is a bit better weather wise than yesterday so that I can get more done in the bed at front that I started on Saturday. 

Dove - it wasn't much higher than 5 degrees during the day here yesterday afternoon!

Hope everyone has a good day- at home or at work 




Mornng FG  Same here  - we put the heating on yesterday afternoon. 

Morning Andy, didn't see you there 


Hey folks, can you do me a favour?  I've got to go to work today, but if you see Nutcutlet about can you let her know I've sent her a PM as we'll be in her vicinity next weekend - I don't think people are getting email notifications at the moment !!!

Morning all I had a wonderful day out yesterday at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens and was amazing to see so many Rhodendrums in bloom soem were past blooming to

Shame it was so windy and cold and rain showers.

I shall share some photos at night.





Dove..Message received and understood Captain 

that'll be good scotkat. I have one in front garden but in bud only. Don't know what colour as I've only been here a couple of months!


morning all, looks like a nice day but have to go to drs to get blood taken so not getting going early today. hope eeryone has a good one