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Hope all is fine blackest. Take it easy today 


i'm fine just a bit of an mot, just drs checking up on me. my rhododendron is getting ready to open you can see the purple flowers

Mornimg folks.  Hope all ok at docs blackest

Sunny here.....looking good


Hope we get some warmth later ...send some up here Verd!

blackest think my rhodi will be red  maybe shocking pink  or better still purple like yours 

I actually don't really like them much...


Morning all, those kitchen crooks have posted again, moderator informed!

Another rainy day here, think I'll just sleep it away like yesterday.



Sue -they are bandits aren't they? 

Enjoy your nap 


Morning all

Dove and Sam I've got the messages. Thanks

The sun is out so I can cook up in the GH even if the breeze is a bit on the chilly side. 


Morning all

bright and sunny here but off to work, have a good day!

Short n sweet, running lane!

Gardening Grandma

Morning all! Hope your results are good, blackest. Got up to lovely sunshine, but more overcast now. Buying paving materials today for path to go between new flower beds. Exciting!

FG, I agree about rhodos. It is lovely to go and look at them in a big garden when they are in flower but they are a bit of a liability in one's own garden. Too big and gloomy when not in flower and needing acid soil. They won't thrive in my garden, anyway.

The potty gardener

Morning anyone who is still around. Blackest hope all your results are good.

It's lovely here again this morning. Have to be careful though- I'm actually peeling on my sholders from where I burnt last Tuesday.

Hope everyone has a good day


Morning everyone. 

I've found a soul mate - Chicky eats weetabix for brekkie.

I decided last night that I am going to give the garden a miss today.  Realised I had overdone it and was tucked up in bed at 10.  My legs walked all night (RLS) so, as long as it's warm, I will just sit outside and plan. If I dress 'properly', no gardening clothes, then I won't be tempted to carry on the clearing up.

It's simply wonderful to look outside and see everything bursting into growth.  Unfortunately, my Magnolia is dropping its petals.  So beautiful, but so short lived. 

Blackest, haven't had a chance to see if I can change page settings.  Just thought I would let you know.  Probably have to ask son for his assistance.

Enjoy your day, whatever you are up to.  Commiserations to those who have to work.

This is a PS.  New couple that moved into old lady's house across the road from me decided to blitz the front garden at the weekend.  Why oh why do people do this.  Beautiful dark red Camelia, much admired, cut down along with all the other shrubs.  Result, a total mess.  Was informed they were 'tidying up'.  Oh dear.



All go here, having new bathroom window and back door fitted, OH has started on downstairs loo - Moans if need to use it as, of course, no window in bathroom. BUT at least it is begun

Bitterly cold, quite strong wind here, am also taking it garden easy again, may plant some onions out of modules, and paint bindweed

Take it easy Tina, bodies can take a long time to recuperate from heavy wheelbarrowing etc.

I bought a rhodo the other day for my family border - It's my daughter, it is a dwarf one and will have to go in a pot . Soil is just about OK for camellias but not rhodo's. It is a wonderful red and has a flower about to burst in it, 

It is a pot for this I was supposed to get the other day.

I don't suppose i'll go out today either. 

Still back door badly needed replacing.

Back Later 



Should always remind people of the value of large shrubs think it makes them care more when they blitz nice specimens.Maybe think twice...

Dr got my blood now they want me back thursday, hate getting all this fuss take my pills , have my injections what more is needed.




Tina - I had pains au chocolat for breakfast today

As they're making everything smaller now but charging the same I needed to have two...

Don't know which is worse-the people who do nothing and let weeds run riot or the kind you've just described.

Nothing allowed to grow over 4'...

Hi Fairygirl just in for lunch so water plants in greenhouse while in back at work 2.45 till 9pm tonight there's a parent council meeting on. I cant sleep much at night as on steroids and getting chemo treatment also think there giving me more energy than i ever had lol. Wife says am never sitting down which is true i don't watch much TV always been used to doing something it was the dogs that kept me going up till last year now it's the garden.Weather very windy here just now also getting some heavy rain showers never mind it's going to get really warm from the weekend on so they say.



You seem to have enough energy for 10 people Andy!

And a kind person I reckon

Yes the wind here is my main prob as I need to put hedging in but I can't as that's where I'm going to extend so I'll have to be patient!


Afternoon Superman Andy and FG.  No gardening today, just the boring accounts.  Did input everything a while ago, but the weather changed and I didn't get round to totting up and checking everything.  Just found I have two spreadsheets for June and none for July. Obviously didn't look what I was doing and didn't save properly.  Stupid woman. 

FG, my next door neighbour removed everything from his garden and it is now a rubbish dump.  Complained last week that there was nothing growing in his garden.  Said that's because you removed everything. 

Grandchildren just arrived so best go.


north manchester dry chilly wind .whens this warmer weather coming ?? made a small rock garden in a spare triangle of ground .still filling planters . 


I mowed a bit of the meadow then stopped for a coughing session.

Got some plants ready that I've promised a local garden group for a plant stall and wrote some labels. That will do for one day.



New window and door installed. OH has put first coat on walls in loo

planted a few onion seedlingsand soaked my orchids. 

Did buy some compost and a couple of pots for the begonias but haven't seen anything for the rhodo.

I would like a square one, blue or black about 40cms across.

Knitting this evening, oh what an exciting life I lead