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Matty not as exciting as mine..

Result getting some paint on though!

Archie the wind has finally beaten me and I've come in- but on the plus side- the washing was dry in an hour!  Had to get dinner on anyway but got a good bit more repotting  done and digging gravel into new front bed etc.

Nut- get the feet up

Tina- grandchildren- good luck!


Well, goodmorning all. Am fed up with being the last so thought I would be the first today.

Back in about 10 hours.

Hope you all slept well.

Morning all cold but looks like it's going to be a nice day going by the look of the sky just done my early morning check everything fine. Now tea & toast then work till 1.30 got hospital appointment at 2.30 should be home for 4.30 then get into the garden for a couple of hours have a good day everyone. 


Morning Andy and everyone - hope all goes well at the hospital - yes sunshine and blue skies here too - only down to 4C overnight so I didn't need to fleece the beans after all.  Birds singing in the trees and hedgehogs have eaten all their snacks - how will they manage when we go on holiday? 


Morning Dove thanks take the hedgehogs with you or leave them a key lol.


Morning TT ! Tucking into another weetabix - have you heard there is a shortage  - panic is setting in !!

Morning blackest, Andy and Dove. Hope hospital goes well Andy. 

No frost forecast here, but we got some anyway. Luckily I had covered all the GH plants so no harm done there, but it will give everything outside another check.

Dropping off at Crocus to pick up my Exochorda Bride (after seeing Busy Lizzie's pictures last week, I could not resist).  Very lucky that Crocus is on my way to work, thus avoiding hefty delivery charge.  From the bits I have been reading in the papers they seem to be supplying plants for nearly all the Chelsea gardens this year, so will keep my  eye out for designer types anxiously inspecting their charges.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone


Morning all. Good looking day here too Andy. Hope all goes well at hospital for you.

I'm back on the tea and toast today after my pains au chocolat yesterday...

Dove perhaps the hoggies could book in at a B&B while you're away?

Have a good day everyone


Morning FG - our posts crossed


 OH has suggested that the blackbirds and the bluetits could fill the hedgehogs' bowls up and the hedgehogs could somehow manage to fill the bird feeders 

chicky wrote (see)

Morning FG - our posts crossed

Mornin chick  

I hope you and Tina aren't going to start a weetabix panic buying frenzy. What will all the 2 yr olds eat for brekkie...

Morning everyone

Hope you have good news at hospital Andy

Its even warmer blue skies.  Just a pity that temps arent holding up overnight just yet

Got my geum Tamgerine dream coming add to my collection of potted perennials to plant out.

Enjoy the sunshine folks


Mornin Verdi.

Your geum will be lovely. Would look nice with some Iris 'Night Owl' ...

Blue skies and a little frost here but temp now about 6 degrees

Off to work shortly so will catch up with you all later.

Tina-enjoy your weetabix while you can...chicky's buying up every pack in the country ..

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. probably  missed the early bunch and the later ones aren't up yet! Lovely bright day at the mo. Fat Club this a.m. for the ritual humiliation then will have to put away lots of china because OH is moving furniture this a.m. while I'm out!! Can't quite believe I got out of it! He doesn't know it but it is partly so there will be more room in the conservatory for my plants!!

I see there is going to be a Weetabix shortage. Can you grow them in the garden?





Technically yes, it is wheat. if you ever visit corby its likely you will recognise a familiar smell of weetabix in the air. Strange town the local accent is quite scottish sounding, I wrote software for Golden Wonder who also had/have a factory there, I think they got bought by walkers/pepsi for the wotsits. Weather here doesn't look too bad barely a breeze which is just as well as my poly tunnel/ cloche got the plastic on yesterday evening, i think a stiff breeze may shred it.

I have surprises waiting for me in Cork  for yesterdays birthday, i'm an uncle again too, got a new niece to see as well she was born on wednesday.

so not much gardening planned for the day but plenty to do anyway.



Well thanks for sending me into panic mode first thing in the morning.  Shortage of weetabix!!!  Best double up on my Tesco order and hope not a lot of people know that.

Just been outside and there is a very chilly wind.  Early yet so, hopefully, it will warm up a bit later.

Hope all goes well at the hospital Andy.  Do you know how much longer the treatment will go on for.  You are always so chirpy and on the go. 

Congrats Blackest. Another pressie!!

I saw my 4th grandchild for the first time yesterday.  It was a 22 week scan.  Ahh.  Only had hands and trumpet thingys in my day.  The older ladies will know what I am talking about.


Good morning all. GG said later ones aren't up yet! I'm always a later one, but I've always fed horses, dog, cat and checked geenhouse and cold frames before reporting in. But I'm not an early riser either.

Raining today. Supermarket and GC, need more compost and bark chippings. Got to keep the weeding down somehow. Then housework

Did you say 94 Verbascum, Andy?. A few pages ago. They will look stunning en masse.

The potty gardener

Morning all- if anyone is still around.

Good luck Andy.

It's toast for me today, son has lost tin opener!!!! Can't imagine how. I usually have tinned rice pudding for brekky. No worries about weetabix.

My 48 Geranium have arrived this morning so will pot those up first. Also theSweet Peas I put on wet kitchen paper (as explained on sweet pea thread) so those will be planted out.

Seeing consultant this afternoon so hope I can get him to reduce the meds which I'm sure make me sleep so much.

Busy Lizzie please keep the housework to yourself!



Been to WW, and lost gain Don't really try that hard. The Shampoo and Fairy liquid joke went down really well


Been out and watered the Dierama. If there is a May drought hope my butts can hold out.

So many of us seem to be Dr and hospital visitng. Hope all goes well for everyone. 

My weight loss has helped me and BP is now normal, but it wasn't easy.

Hope all those with problems get sorted out