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I know we are not supposed to swear, but I have hoovered all the bedrooms, put washing out and defrosted my freezer.  Record time One of these days I am going to break it as I use the toffee hammer, hairdryer and metal spatula to get it done quickly. 

Bev, have you tried Muller Rice.  I love it and you don't need a tin opener!  Always have it in frig. 

Weight is a pain isn't it Matty.  I feel I have been on a diet most of my life and am over a stone heavier than when I started many, many years ago.  Never been slim. Often wonder if, had I not started dieting, I would have just stayed the weight I was.  Hope that makes sense. 

Not doing anything else today.



Tina- that was a book a while back wasn't it.'Dieting makes you fat'. I think it probably is true. Girl at work has yo yo dieted since she was 15- so over 40 yrs.

If the weetabix runs out you can always shred the box- it'll taste the same..

And did you have Louis Armstrong in with you when you gave birth??

Congrats blackest! Corby is full of Scots-I can't remember the reason but i've heard why that's the case. Are you saying our accents are can go right off a person you know...

Had my lunch so off out in the SUNSHINE !!!!


Well FG, it does make you wonder whether things are better left alone.

Ha, ha, Funnygirl. Ear trumpets were probably before your time. They have machines for all that sort of thing now. 


Shopping this afternoon for me, spent a bomb on plants for hanging baskets again, I hope that will be the last lot for now, otherwise OH will kill me! Sky is still grey and foggy, apparently will stay for the rest of the week, p***s me off!

I'm going to vote for the RHS plant of the centenary. Not sure whether to go for Geranium  Rozanne, Erysimum Bowels Mauve or Heuchera Palace Purple. Anyone got any ideas?



I can't even manage plant of the week Sir Tid. I need plant of the morning. Then Plant of the afternoon


Until about 7 yrs ago I didn't have a weight problem, then for various reasons eating and therefore weight escalated. I used to be very thin, after children went up a little and maintained that un til current problem - B***** hard though.

Of those I think Erysinum as it is so easy to replicate when it becomes past its best., but it isn't that amazing;  H Palace Purple I find goes very messy and there are better ones, so really non of those. - sorry.


Nut- I have to agree-how can you vote for one plant- impossible. Easier to vote for your favourite child...

Right now, plant of the centenary for me would be  my (favourite) Iris 'Night Owl'.

Might be different next week though!

My children think I'm going deaf Tina so maybe I could do with one of those trumpets...

Got lots done this afternoon- as well as just sitting in the lovely sun for a while.


FG, two of mine swear that the middle son is my favourite so I just go along with it now and agree. 

Look like I'm going to get to the GC tomorrow. Yippee. Son off work so I have just asked him.  Then on to B&Q to get some shed roofing and other bits and bobs as mine is leaking.  Was wondering whether the Government will try and take away 10% OAP day. All these perks.

Oh, no.  Not more football.  It's a wonder they haven't been asked to prop the country up.


Would that be a rant coming on Tina? Thank God I don't have to watch it

Now Tina- aren't you one of these wealthy pensioners that can give back your heating allowance...I mean you can always put an extra jumper on or go without a meal or two to save money...heaven forbid pensioners should get anything back after working and paying tax all their lives...

Politicians eh?

Better move to Evening Forkers now....


Fairygirl it is strange to hear a scots accent in such numbers so far from Scotland. It would almost be as strange as french accents in Sheffield.


clear skys sun coming up looks like  a nice morning .working till 1-15 then in the garden . 


Morning all - yes archipem, clear sky here too, and sunshine   a slight frost on the car roofs but nothing on the ground so my bean flowers are safe  

'Fraid it's work all day for me 

Morning all thank you all for wishing me well yesterday for my hospital app consultant says i need at least another 10 treatments of chemo and gave me anti sickness tablets to take before and after treatment as i have been sick the last 2 times. Cold this morning but like yesterday going to be a great day am off to work now got a football tournament with the boys from school this afternoon got a decent wee team so should do well. Busy-Lizzie yes 94 Verbascum but i give alot away to staff at my school and kids garden plus give some to the garden club i go to for selling for funds to help with our outings.Tonight it's re-potting some tomato plants and singling out 2 tray of asters have a good day in your gardens.


Oh Andy it's such a lot of chemo. I don't know how you cope with that- it must be dreadfully wearing. I hope the tablets help.  You're so positive - it's very humbling. Does the garden help you deal with it?

Work as usual then hopefully get more done outside. Need to pot up some of my lettuce. Weather a bit better than predicted.

Have a good day all.



Morning Andy - sorry to hear you've got to have more chemo - it's no fun is it.  My 20 year old neice has just had what is hopefully her last session - fingers crossed.

While you're repotting your tomatoes, you couldn't do mine as well could you? - only about 25, wouldn't take you long - only I've got to go to work and I'll be nackered when I get back 


Morning Fairygirl   It's a gorgeous morning here - temp went down to just above 0C, but no frost on the bean flowers 

Lot of Spam for breakfast this morning 

Fairygirl yes the garden is my mind therapy sowed a lot of seeds early on and watching them grow is like watching life moving forward and am helping then along the way i find it most satisfying.Dove no it's not nice but you have to stay positive am 52 but when you see kids and young people getting the treatment i think poor souls at least my kids are growing up they are boy 32 girl 29 so it could be worse i tell my friends.


Morning Dove, Andy, Archie (if you are still here!) and FG

Just mundane stuff here - but no frost.  And the good news is that my tulips, which have been shy to flower for the last two years, and were about to be dug up, all have buds this year - how about that

Andy - you are an inspiration to us all. 



Andy - I don't believe in God -but...God bless you. I've said it before- it's obvious you're such a good person. 

Dove-cold here but no frost today and to be warmer later after showers. The spam's becoming a b****y nuisance isn't it? Glad the beans are fine!