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It's fine dipped in batter and fried FG - some fried bread too and grilled tomatoes, and a fried egg and mushrooms - a decent breakfast and it's here ready and waiting for us when we arrive in the morning - very kind of them, I say 

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Breakfast sounds good, Dove.

Andy, I do believe in God and I'm mentioning you to Him today. All our thoughts are with you, I think, and I really admire your positive attitude.

I'm still chuckling at yesterday's comment, 'If you run out of Weetabix you can always shred the box. It tastes the same.' My sentiments, too, but my sympathies to those about to endure the Weetabix shortage. Blackest says we can grow it, so I'm off to the GC to ask for some Weetabix plants. Wonder if they stock them.

OH laid the new path in the garden yesterday and it looks fab. Yet another funeral today, but I hope to get out in the garden this afternoon. I've been on a long learning curve where gardening is concerned, ten years or more of muddling through, but this year I feel as though the penny has dropped and I have a much better grasp of how to put everything together and how to get the best out of plants.

Have a great day, everyone. Must actually diet today...




GG - Do you think they might stock pain au chocolat plants too? Get me some if they have...

I've got a my box shredding comment.... I like shredded wheat and it's even more like cardboard!

Is it spam fritters you're having then Dove?

Have a good day


Gosh, haven't had a spam fritter for years - I'm beginning to fancy one now - what about a fry up everyone?  Except I'm just setting off for work  but I've got tomorrow off and am meeting up with foodie friends for lunch 

Have a good day everyone 

Morning everyone, what a beautiful, sunny day 

Andy, thinking of you and wishing you well with your treatment

A long day of work ahead, wish it was in the garden, roll on the weekend

Have a good day.....

Advertisement thoughts are with you.  It's a roller coaster ride of emotions with chemo,,isn't it?  But hang in there.  Trying to get on with life and being positive is important I think

Good morning everyone.  Lovely blue sky and feeling warm.  Soon out sowing more carrots plus Beetroot, spring onions and plantIng out runner bean plants

Enjoy the weather folks. Those of you not feelimg too good I hope you get better soon


Morning Woo and Verdi-how's the geum?


Good Morning all.

All the best to Andy.

Wholemeal toast here. I've also been on a diet most of my life, but 5 yrs ago I thought pot it ( soz ) and now I eat what I want, excluding most rubbish, but only have half as much as I'd really like. Result, I now weigh less than I did when I was in my twenties. I do also like a tipple.

Saying that I'm out for lunch with an old friend & then maybe..unless something catches my eye needing attention (and there's lots) I'm sitting on the patio and looking at my 2 new pasque Fairygirl a Red Clock (not from the sun) and a liliac one..think I lost the label during my attempts to pick the healthiest.

Have a good day all of you.


Good luck Andy and I hope the anti-sickness tablets work. I have 2 friends and a nephew who've had chemo and have been in remission for several years. They all had a positive attitude like you. I'm sure it helps.

Spam yuk, Dove doesn't it remind you of disgusting school dinners? Perhaps you never had disgusting school diners!

Hope the rain holds off today, haven't got very far with the weeding. Rained the last 2 days. Having a garden party and plant sale in June for the C of E here in France, someone has to pay the vicar! The last event I did was for cancer support. It gives me a good excuse to have the greenhouse overflowing with babies.I love pricking them out!


Goodmorning to those who have disappeared and those left.  Looks lovely out there but not sure of the temperature.  Hoping all the flagstones will be put back today and son picks up all the bricks he chucked all over the place.

It's great to hear how positive you are Andy and I really wish you well. Not the nicest of treatments. With all this lot rooting for you, you've got to have a good outcome.

Well, Weetabix time. Am saving the box FG, just in case.



Hi there

Very late today. Have been doing non gardening things and booked a few days away in Somerset at the beginning of June with SIL - we get on relly well

First time have been on internet today - very late for me. 

Am now going to do gardening things and attempt to change my avatar 


NO won't let me. Hey ho


KEF-  portion control is the answer and I'm always banging on about it to the girls at work- think I drive them nuts. I also think people just buy too much food to start with -because it's there. Like you- I don't really deprive myself of anything, I just watch how often I have it and since I don't drink I think I can have the odd extra bun now and again 

Hope you enjoy your pasque flowers- they're so pretty aren't they?

It's ok Tina- I'll send you some weetabix if you run out. Up here we only eat fry ups or porridge....

B-Lizzie- have we sent you our rain 

Hope you get good weather Matty!

Morning forkers

Ha ha....first today!

Fairygirl. The geum looks good.  Got buds and nice size plant.  Thinkit will be good


Morning all done my morning check touch of ground frost but everything fine sky looks good for a good day here's hoping re-potted my tomato plants last night but did'nt get my asters done so do them tonight. Just today and tomorrow then off work till Tuesday weather forecast to be good so it will be 3 days in the garden for me ya beauty. Now am off to work have a good day everyone enjoy what ever you are doing hopefully it will be some gardening. 

Oh anybody heard anything about Brumbull hope everything is alright.



Good morning Andy - gorgeous day here too, and I'm not at work today - got a bit of shopping to do and then meeting friends for lunch 

Not heard anything of Brumbull for a while 


Hi there morning folks

Beautiful morning here.  However, think I am going to have to get out there with a watering can for my new plantings this evening, and my water butts are running low.  Is there ever perfect weather for gardeners ?  Possibly long sunny days, with regular gentle rain showers every night.  Will put in a request to John Ketley (or whoever reads the weather these days ...)


Morning all. Sunny here after a bit of frost but we're apparently getting snow on Saturday...

Accidentally left some lettuce out last nigth but they have survived- they werer tucked in at a wall with some other plants so they were quite protected. My tomatoes have little flower buds on them so I'm really pleased.

Think Carol on BBC is the best chicky-I'll put a word in about the rain. Fellow Scot-she'll get it sorted 

Enjoy lunch Dove.

Not heard anything about Brum...

Have a good day everyone 

Hi new to this thought I'd just pop in to say hello

Morning all

Sunshine again, wonderful!

Another work day but the weekend is nearly here. Have a lovely lunch Dove. Hope you all have an  enjoyable day.

Hi forgetmenot3, welcome!