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I wonder if Brumbull has gone to his other home in Spain? Hope he's OK, miss his cheerful comments!

Welcome, forgetmenot3!



Morning all and welcome Forgetmenot.

Glorious day, clear blue sky and warm here in the SE - Verdun.  I am doing nothing except sit or may get my chairs from the loft and lie, or lay, whatever is correct.

Fairygirl, my son left the frozen chips out last night!  They were rather soggy this morning but, as I don't eat them, I popped the back in the freezer. 

Don't eat fried food because I don't like it.  Thanks for the offer of the Weetabix FG. 

Son reckons he's going to transfer tree from big pot to ground today.  Told him he needs a big hole and he will be lucky if he can get a fork more than a couple of inches into the ground.  Think it will need soaking for a while.  But then, we all know about son's promises don't we.

Have a good day everyone.





Tina- I never have fry ups either- don't like 'em! I hereby quash the assumption that all Scots eat them every morning!

Chips-hee hee! The 5 second rule ...just slightly lengthened. I'm sure he'll survive! 

Cloudy here now so going to get a bit done before the rain sets in for the next 2 days.

Hi forgetmenot! As you can see we don't always talk about gardening 

hi thanks for the lovely welcome it is quite dull here in Ireland but manged to get some digging done before the rain tomorrow might need a fry after that  


I'm having to lay down, partly because I am absolutely kn...ered as I didn't do as I said I would but, also, tree out of pot and in ground, all the border edges are being recut and the pond has been looked at. Son is still out there. I must mark this day on the calendar.  Has just suggested we turf the large bit of garden under and behind the Magnolia tree and I asked 'which year were you thinking of doing it'. 

Didn't go to GC as I heard on the radio that there was big hold ups on the road we would have to use and I didn't fancy sitting in traffic for half the day.  My Tesco man, who was supposed to be here between 2 and 3, turned up at 3.15.  I asked him if I was his last drop and he said I was his first.  It had taken him all that time just to get down the road we would have been on.  Another day.  Am happy with what has been done today.

Did I hear someone say that makes a change?  Cheeky lot.

Having a little rest, then going back out to finish off. 



This is new to me,have been out cutting the lawn in preparation for my tortoise who has just woken up after hibernation,must be lovely to sleep through the cold wet winter and wake up just in time for sunshine

The potty gardener

Welcome Forgetmenot and GillyL. It has been slightly more cloudy here today but still pleasant.I'm having to water both back and front every day at the moment- still shouldn't complain.

For those who watch Beechgrove on BBCScotland it is on at 7pm today.

Been absolutely glorious today.    Hot.

Havent heard from Brumbull either....usually get pms from hiM but not for a while now.  Yes, he's probably winding up a spanish garden forum....ha ha


Thanks Bev, I'd forgotten about Beechgrove.


This seems a very friendly group,glad to have joined you all.Lovely evening here,apart from the midges!/


Hi Gilly L - and welcome.  You'll find it a bit quiet on here now, as everyone moves over to the Evening-Forkers thread at 6 pm ...... which is where I am going now !!

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

Who said they wanted cake? Will this do? It's my favourite


- gooey chocolate. It's a bit late now, but I had a slice instead of a mug of hot chocolatebefore bed.




Oooh, looks wonderful Lizzie, RECIPE PLEEEEAAASE!


Morning all SwissSue the cake looks great but i don't like chocolate cakes of any kind.Raining here just now and forecast not good for today but it's off to work i go hi ho hi ho then off till Tuesday and weather's to be good over the weekend for gardening time have a good day all.


Morning everyone   Gorgeous morning here in Norfolk  (sorry Andy - not meaning to gloat) blue skies and golden sunshine - I've been out in the garden in my jimjams this morning, just checking everything and opening up the mini greenhouse - things are growing apace and my Clematis alpina Pamela Jackman is bursting into flower, and C. alpina Willy isn't far behind her (oo-er Missus )

I'm at work today, but tomorrow I'm here all day until about 5pm when we set off to S. Lincs for the weekend so I should get some gardening done first - some potting up and on to be done and I plan to start my runner beans off in the mini greenhouse this weekend too.


Morning everyone. Weather not great here either so might get some tidying done in shed- trying to avoid housework..

Could go to nursery...

Left my plants out under cover last night...frightened to look! My rescued clematis is growing like mad too Dove, will need to get it put in somewhere- looks like it's a montana so will get it on long fence at back



Morning all - have a good weekend away Dove, and hope the weather picks up soon for Andy and F.

Like Dove, we have another beautiful morning.  Just been out and checked that the drooping plants that II had to rescue with a watering can last night look revived (they do).  Everything else is rareing to go - seems to be putting on inches every day.

Got visitors this weekend, and some village open gardens to visit Sat and Sun, but hopefully will still find time for some gardening.  Looking forward to a long weekend of sunshine

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Welcome Gilly and Forget Me Not, from now on FGM for short. 

Still aching from exertionis yesterday, but must do more today. Weather much more overcast than yesterday but the forecast is for dry weather. Tubs and pots need watering, anyway.

FG, I also put my seedlings out under cover yesterday. They look OK from here in the sitting room!! Will pluck up the courage to look more closely in a minute.

Chicky, I lurve village open gardens! Having a nose into other people's gardens, chatting to the owners, buying a couple of plants andgetting tea and cakes - what could be better? Wherever we wander in our other life as caravan gypsies (off again next week) we find open gardens to visit.



Right, off to work - have a good day everyone.

Morning everyone.

Looking good out there....sunny and very warm

Not much chance of gardening today but veg patch is pretty full now and growing apace.

Have good day all