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Bye Dove 

Mornin Verd and GG and all newbies 

GG- just looked at my little babies and they're all fine- hurray! Been hardening off very slowly and leaving them longer and longer . Last night wasn't too cold but wet and windy so felt it was time.

Can we have some sun please Uncle Verd?

I'll make cake...


Hi everyone. Hope you don't mind me butting in. I had a couple of small lemonades last night and realised in the middle of the night that I had left my cabbage seedlings out all night. Just put them out for an airing yesterday in the sun. Hardly dared look. They are a little droopy but I think they'll be OK 


Cabbage should be fine, they are fairly hardy. Of course they are babies and not hardened off yet. So long as you aren't a little droopy from lack of sleep worrying about them!


Thanks, Liz, will definitely try this out! Mmmm, drool!



Morning all, suposed to be raining all day ... hmm not yet thou

if it does rain i think i'm going in the greenhouse for potting up.

Yep Fairygirl, sending you some sunshine ....

Shouldnt say this, should I?  But......

.....we could use a little rain........

.Oops!  I'll get my coat


Morning all and welcome Ali Newbie Gardener, (ANG in future).

Another lovely day but haven't been outside yet. Not sure what I'm going to be up to today but it might, possibly, involve gardening.

No need to get your coat Verdun, I need some too. Not too much but enough to give the ground a soaking. Overnight will be fine.

Enjoy your day folks.

The potty gardener

Morning all. We have another lovey day here. I'm off out in the garden but intend to sit and read rather than do much.


Verd-sending it as we speak...get your 'rain' coat..

There's plenty for you too Tina!

My seedlings are  fine-I'm sure yours will survive Ali! 

Done shopping, making stock for soup and daughter has -wait for it- emptied bins and hoovered her room....

I need to  lie down.....

Tina- do you think we're getting through to them?


Hi FG.  Just for today perhaps. It won't last.

Have just texted son to ask if he has remembered his key.  Can't be doing with the 3.40 knocking at the door.  Always goes out on Friday night and usually spends all day Saturday ferrying between his room and bathroom, saying, 'never again'.  I have no sympathy. 

Thanks very much for thinking about sending me some rain. After 6.15 would be fine as I have to pop out just before then to collect grandson from Boys Brigade. 

BL, just looked at that recipe.  My kind of recipe. Think I will get son's girlfriend to make one when she stays next, then they can eat most of it.  She likes to bake when she's here, perhaps because I never buy/make cakes.

Am still in my nightclothes.  Must make a move.



They might save you a bit of cake for breakfast Tina when you run out of weetabix 

I resisted the pains au choc today. Feeling smug.

That won't last long either as I bought two of the calorific yoghurts instead 

Daughter's friend is staying over so think that's what prompted the hoovering...told her I was surprised she knew where it was kept...


FG, once wrote a note for my 2 sons  'You can't use the hoover as I have washed the filters - don't suppose you even know where it's kept'.  Eldest son said would I stop writing nasty notes. We are a family of note writers and I have kept all of them over the years.  Gives me a good laugh when I read them.

Mustn't eat cake.  It makes me ill. That's why I don't buy or make any.



Tricky time so not been  around.

I am having a bit of trouble with Suttons - can't remember if there is a thread for this or not. I'm sure someone will point me in the right direction.

As a result a coupe of new borders are messed up

Cooler here tday than yesterday but have the T-shirts out now 

Not much to say really, BUT the BarBQ has been mentioned for the weekend - if OH gets  the table and chairs out And before you ask - NO the downstairs loo is not finished, same as only 2 of the 4 garden chairs were done last year

Look in later


Re the no door key- I think you should give him it on a string to tie round his neck Tina-you know like the mitts threaded through the jacket sleeves...

Is it the fat that's a problem...cos you can make fatless sponges. Used to make them for someone I knew who couldn't eat cakes because of the fat. 

Just potted on some lettuce- looking forward to eating it 



Think the cabbage seedlings will survive and hopefully I will too! My poor mum has been called in to have her knee replaced slap bang in the middle of our long awaited Center Parcs holiday next week...grr. They will not refund nor change dates so looks like Hubby may have to come instead. They know how to charge at that place. So much for cancellation insurance . Tina and FG-I have all this teenager stuff to come but not for a while yet. My boys are one and two years old!

wish I was in the garden today. Off to the soft play instead


These tulips (new avatar) are called Princess Irene and are in my jewell border.


Sory things aren't going as planned Matty.  Know how that feels. Lovely avatar.

FG, perhaps you could suggest that to him then you would get the black eye.  Yep, no dairy products. Causes me too much pain.  Have thought about making a fatless one, but am lazy. I don't feel deprived though.  Not eaten anything I shouldn't since December.  No chocolate, no cake. Lost 21lb. Still pleasantly plump.

ANG, that's appalling.  I always thought if you could produce medical evidence, then you could have a refund. My 'teenager' is 33. Just acts like one. I'm at the stage where I fondly remember my adult children's antics when they were young. Happy days.


Hiya allnewbie gardener...yes ang.....try again to get refund.  Ask to speak to manager and explain your situation.

Earlier this year a friend had tickets for Chelsea ....not going now....and asked for refund.  A jobsworth said no....not their policy to give refunds.  I intervened.  A refund was processed in a couple of days.

Dont accept no.  I never do


ANG- I'm on a mission right now with all these companies that are shafting decent hard working people who are sick of it. Verd's right-don't give up! I've been ranting and getting the result I wanted. If I can do it anyone can-  people power!