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...and fairygirl"'s got her magic wand...every little bit helps

The potty gardener

Verdun if I ever need to complain I'll be calling on you for help


Im off out in the garden all day. Its 82 degrees the suns shining and everything in the garden is fantastic. No im not in the UK thank goodness as the talk of fleece and hot drinks depresses me im in Hungary.

Ecky thump



Morning everyone , looks like it could be nice after last nights rain.

szia is hungarian for hi.



Good morning all - bright golden sunshine here but a few clouds appearing in the west.  

I've got to spend this morning sorting seedlings and baby plants out so that I can leave them unattended until Monday lunchtime - I think the coldframe with a bit of shade and plenty of ventilation should be fine for most of them - the baby toms can be in the studio with their toes in damp gravel trays.  

What's more important - will the hedgehogs miss me? 

Oh, and I must remember to fill the bird feeders before I leavel!


Morning Dove and blackest. Better weather here today than predicted thankfully as the rain is further north. Torrential yesterday from early on so glad I cut grass the day before.

Dove-I'm sure your babies will be fine while you're away. Have you got the hogs booked into a suitable hotel with room service 

Won't get much done as my sister is visiting. She's got my wheelbarrow so that's really why I asked her over

Good mornimg everybody.

Misty/drizzle this morning.  Quite pleasant cos it's warm.  Supposed to be fine later.

thIngs in the garden moving quickly now...suddenly something is floweriing.  Today it's my Stipa Gigantea.

Runner beans will be planted out in a few days......

Enjoy the weekend folks


Mornin Verd. Nice here after the dire day yesterday-wish I'd got my sister over then instead since I couldn't get out anyway! 


Must go and get some things before she comes. Maybe I could get her to help scrape moss out the grass..


dark skys over heaton park and  a rainbow .cloudy and sunny spells. could be rain . oh yes its a bank holiday weekend .. thank god for the summer house . keep calm and carry on 

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Have a great weekend, Dove!

Rain here this moring. Drat! We're supposed to get reasonable weather for the bank holiday weekend. There's certainly lots to do before we go away next Thurs.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


Archie- Yes keep calm!

GG- hope you don't get what we had yesterday-even the ducks were wearing waders..

If you watch this week's Beechgrove-when he visits the garden in Rosneath-that's what it was like!  



Good morning all.Today & next couple of days I'm actually planning on being in my garden.

We've been  "doing" at Mum's (aged 85)  for the last 4 days...she has 1/3rd acre, a lot of lawn and very mature trees & shrubs and hedges, with a lot of beds & borders. Until last years she did great with just us grass cutting & a team in once a year to sort out the monsters that needed doing. She was a little demon with loppers and mini saw, sadly her health is failing and it distresses her to see things needing doing, so now it's down to us and my Bro' who helps. My other 2 sisters don't garden, but help in other ways. We've achieved quite a bit whilst there but I will say that if I see another buttercup I'll cry....Look like crying as I've plenty to weed here.

I'm disappointed that my runners are still not showing, climbing French beans & climbing Barlotti doing fine. They are all in individual pots in unheated greenhouse. First job today is to poke about in them and see if anything is happening...well they've had 3 weeks undisturbed..lazy things!

Talking of lazy things I'd better jump in shower.

Enjoy your day whatever you do. 

Gardening Grandma

I'll be watching, FG. I like the tv orgy of gardening on Sunday mornings.

Mustn't be cynical about bank holidays, Archie. Rain has stopped and is that sunshine I see??? Here in Wales, any day when it isn't raining is a bonus. That's why we put a roof on our pergola, so we can sit in the garden and pretend it isn't raining.... Oh-oh, sun's gone in again.


Thanks for the advice on Center Parcs everyone. Daylight robbery that place but the situation has been happily resolved. Mum coming til the op then Hubby for the last two days...happy days! You're right though everyone. We accept so much rubbish off these companies and quite often if you fight it's surprising how quickly they back down.

rain forecast here today in North Staffs. Cabbage seedlings still a bit poorly and no sign of those pesky potatoes!


ANG- glad you got your prob sorted. What annoys me is when it's their mistake and you have to fight to get it sorted. I've just managed a £50 credit from Barclays because of that, but it wasn't easy. Sorted another one on Thursday and have still to fight a third. I've told them they're getting a bill for my time like that man did recently. If you want a rant -take a look at GG's MOB thread! It's great  

Right I'm off to get some potting done. Enjoy your day all 


Good morning all.

KEF good luck with the buttercups, don't cry! My runner beans aren't showing either so yesterday I dug one up and it had a little shoot, or was it a root, on it. They are normally up by now, but I don't think it's been consistently warm enough.

Here, in France, it was a bank hol on the 1st May. There will be another one on the 8th May. If it happens to fall on a Sunday we miss out, they don't swap it for another day.

I agree FG. Seems like we're constantly fighting some battle in our companies are the usual offender. BL didnt realise you we're in France. How lovely!