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The potty gardener

Morning all. Overcast here today but still warm.

Hope everyone has a good weekend


Thanks GG. Busy-Lizzie I've had a poke in them and they're ok, I might have planted them a bit deep, or they've tunnelled down to keep warm!  Bit of a cheek with the Bank hols. We are lucky we took early retirement last September, so sometimes forget it's a Bank Hols. Enjoying not getting up to sound of alarm clock, but this time of year we wouldn't need it the birds were singing at 4.20am..BUT do miss my wage, well can't have everything. Sun shining here but a cold breeze, fleece on and thinning out Bamboo, I use them as pea supports. No rush to put up bean wigwams.

The forum is really getting to me, I can't seem to come indoors without having a "quick look". RIGHT..Go do jobs. 


Morning all. Not too good here today.  Overcast, spitting and chilly.  Might have to be a sofa day or possibly may try and locate the iron.

Good to hear that you got things sorted ANG.  Everyone's happy. 

The thing about being retired is you don't notice any difference when it's a Bank Holiday, as every day is a holiday.

Have a good day everyone.


I've put some dried fruit to soak in booze now I shall go out to play. Make OH birthday cake later.

Gardening Grandma

Morning Tina! Like KEF, I can't resist having a look on the forum every now and again. You and i are actually on at the same time today. Must go and get dressed now- have been wasting time trying to sort out a problem with a firm that sent me a credit agreement for something that, apparently, I ordered from them. I did get it and wondered where it came from! May rant about it later!




Happy birthday Mr Nutcutlet

Hope he enjoys his cake.  Will there be candles ??

Morning all a little late in posting this morning been to the garden centre for it opening at 9am as i ran out of compost last night. Just having a cuppa then out to single out my asters split up my hostas as have 3 in each tub from bare root also plant petunias and my heart and soul plant in the front garden. Still not got my hanging baskets done yet been waiting for 30 jumbo surfinias coming from Parker's phoned them said should be here in a couple of weeks anyway plenty to keep me going. Weather good this morning and to be good up till next Weds here Fairygirl it's our turn for the sun right am off to get the speedo's on and into the garden bye.


Andy -  - thats for the speedo's !


Might be more candles than cake chicky


Andy, please do not mention speedos on this thread. It conjures up all sorts of horrible sights.

GG, we may be here at the same time, but you are slightly ahead of me.  Just had breakfast, (boring me) and second coffee.  Will make a move in about 15 minutes.  If it's one of those credit agreements from a catalogue, I always ignore them.  Never pursued me to complete same.  Don't do catalogues, but sometimes it's the only place I can find what I want, bedding wise.  Now have a Dunhelm Mill fairly locally, so problem solved. Don't do these posh shops where they charge an arm and a leg for a pillowcase.

I could talk all day.


Many Happies to Mr Nutcutlet 

I've been out and filled the bird feeders - there's a family of newly fledged blackbirds keeping their parents very busy out there 

I've emptied recycling bins and taken the pot of peelings and teabags out to the compost bin.

I've phoned Aged Ps' Res. Home and asked them to remind them that I'm not doing my usual Saturday morning visit this weekend.  I'll send them a postcard from Sunny Stamford - that'll give them a little something to show the others and talk about.

Now I'm sitting down with a mug of strong cafetiere coffee - Italian blend  to have a quick noodle with you lot .... 




Woke with rain, now threatening clouds making the hills into sharp silhouette.

Also woke with rasping sore throat and swollen glands, though feel OK

Saturdays - I have decided are days to weed and feed - much easier if that is the only day, saves getting plant feed muddled up So after the obligatory HW - vacuuming,I will be weeding and feeding starting with the GH.

Goodness knows how far I'll get as the more garden gets planted up the more there is to weed


Sitting down with toast and Bovril for a light lunch while the sprinkler gives the broad beans a good soaking.  All the pots have been watered and the seedlings are as prepared as they can be to cope until Monday morning without me.  

The clematis alpina Barbara Jackman is looking gorgeous on the fence, it's on a terrace above the garden so it's way above head height and when the morning sun shone through the petals earlier on today it was unbelievably beautiful, like deep bluey-purple ink. 

However, overnight a whole stem of Clematis Duchess of Edinburgh has wilted  Can't see any sign of damage so probably 'the wilt'.  It has two other stems which look ok - cross your gardening fingers for me please 

My Mara de Bois strawberries have started to flower - I only planted them a few weeks ago, bought mail order from Ken Muir.  I'm really looking forward to trying them; Monty recommended them a while back and everything I read fills me with enthusiasm for them - I hope they live up to their description here

And you can all celebrate with me - last spring I planted a Boskoop Glory grape vine on a trellis between the terrace and the herb garden - I wanted it as much for it's ornamental autumn colour as it's fruit - last year it hardly stirred, but I reasoned that it was getting it's roots well down into our gritty sandy loam - however, this spring I kept looking at it and there wasn't any sign of life until this morning - and today it has three fat pink buds 


Right, I take it you're alll forking away busily   I'm off to south Lincs now, back on Monday - but I may pop in on my phone, just to keep an eye on you all LOL.  Stay safe and well and enjoy your gardens 

Happy birthday Mr nut



Thanks Verdun, I'll pass that on

Gardening Grandma
Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

Morning, all! Looks like I'm first this morning - unless someone else is typing at the same time as me. This ancient laptop is very slow, so if so you'll beat me onto the thread. Spilt coffee on my good laptop!

Reasonable day here, though no sun at the moment. Lots of little jobs to do - and I still haven't assembled that automatic watering system, which has to be in action by next Thursday. I'm scared of it, that's why!

Have a great day, everyone!

Posted on Evening Forkers! What a twpsin! (Welsh for idiot.)

Morning all lovely morning here good day ahead many happy returns nutcutlet 21 again.Twin brother coming up this morning to give me a hand to build the 8x6 glass greenhouse i got from the girl i work beside. It's more than needed now i can tell you can't wait to get it up and running then will have room in both instead of just the one crammed in have a good day all.

Gardening Grandma

You too, Andy. Happy birthday, Nut.

I crave a large greenhouse. no hope at present, unless we put one on the flat roof of our kitchen extension!!


Morning all. Missed all the chat yesterday as I was busy in the morning then my sis arrived. Ate too much banana cake  Was good though- will have to make another.

Hope birthday celebrations went well nut- belated happy returns to hubby!

My sis brought the large enamelled pot that was my Dad's which I'm going to make into a little pond feature so I'll need to get that cleaned up. Might start on my fence as weather a bit more promising