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Morning GG must admit don't know what i would do without my greenhouse when my son & daughter bought me the new 8x6 one as a present last Sept when i took up gardening after being ill it brought a tear to my eye. Now need this secondhand one as the first one is full steam cleaned the ally framework yesterday and has came up like new now got the glass to clean as am putting it in. Only downside is there about 6 panes missing but i will get them no bother from a friend who has a double glazing business.

Morning Fairygirl did your sis bring your wheelbarrow back weather today and tomorrow to be good up hear so a fencing you will go .

Gardening Grandma

The bungalow next door has a bigger rear garden and a greenhouse with beautiful wooden staging. It is never used and has broken glass and I dream of owning it. Actually, I dream of owning both gardens (bungalow incidental but useful!) and thereby having something really worthwhile to garden and to leave to my grandchildren.

Does anyone rate the little plastic greenhouses or is it a waste of time? I don't have one at the moment but it would open up such possibilities. Would love to grow some soft fruit.


Yes Andy got wheelbarrow so it'll make life easier when I'm moving compost etc. Working tomorrow though so I'll get some stuff done today and then when I get home tomorrow. Older daughter might lend a hand 

GG make then an offer on the g'house-you never know, they might be glad for you to just take it!


Morning everyone

Andy, that will confuse people seeing 2 of you working on greenhouse!

Fairygirl that's nice using your dads enamelled pot to make a pool.  Sentiment is so important.  My sister died 18 years ago just after giving birth. I wrote a book about her for her now grown up daughter and today is the day I will give it to her.  The people in our past are still so important.

To lighter's sunny and warm again.  No wind.  My dog is pressurising me to take him across the Towans, maybe even to the beach.  

Have lovely bank holiday weekend everydoby

Verdun am sure your niece will be grateful and may i say tearful when you hand over the book to her well done great idea.Fairygirl as verdun says sentiment means a lot am sure you will do him proud whatever you do with the pot Yes me and twin are like two peas in a pod a lot of people mistake us for each other.


Morning everyone.  Whose a silly granny GG.  A trip to specsavers seems to be needed.

I'm an early bird this morning as I can't abide the presenter on radio at weekend.  I find myself getting more and more annoyed.  Not very relaxing. 

Going to take airpump back to GC this morning.  It's the big one which I'm not too keen on.  Sell anytthing and everything. I prefer my family run one.  May pop in there, depending on how much time son can spare me.

I have a large stone heron by my pond which came from my Dad's garden.  Can't say it is very attractive, but I had to bring it home when I sold his bungalow.  It has to be over 70 years old!  No idea where he got it from. 

I'm sure people are glad that there's not two of me, although they do say that somewhere we have a double.

Ali Newbie Gardener wrote (see)

Does anyone rate the little plastic greenhouses or is it a waste of time? I don't have one at the moment but it would open up such possibilities. Would love to grow some soft fruit.


Lots of people seem to use them, I have a very windy garden and would lie awake every night listening for the sound of flapping plastic



I know what you mean about keeping something even if it's not the most attractive. I'm lucky that the pot is nice. Dad used it for acid to strip instruments in his business. (He repaired brass and woodwind for many musicians up here for over 30 years) I will take photos!

Andy I'm sure it gives people a fright when orey see two of you until they realise !

Verd..Thinking of you 


Morning all.

Ali Newbie I know several people with those little plastic greenhouses. They need to be in a sheltered position and are useful when you have windowsills indoors full of seed trays and you want to put the seedlings somewhere before hardening off. But you don't need them for growing soft fruit. Strawberries, raspberries and currents are hardy and can go outside. What you then need is netting to keep the birds off!

More weeding today.


Good Morning all.

Getting patio furniture out today and hopefully using it. Bet Andy who now has 2 greenhouses just ends up with twice as many plants..enjoy

Ali, plastic first was plastic and even though I loved it (as it was the first) we got up one morning to find it crumpled on the lawn..not good..we had secured it the best we could but I think I left the sliding door open. Also nearly divorced whilst attempting to assemble it. If you've really no choice one is ok but I'd rather have waited and had glass one.



My last post said orey instead of they..sorry! It's stress ..

Happy gardening all 


Morning all 

Andy - you grow eye watering numbers of plants with one greenhouse - what will you be like with two ??

GG - get with the programme(no idea what that means but my girls say it to me when I have a dippy moment)

Verdun- what a lovely idea. Keeping memories alive is so important when you lose someone special.

TT- hope you get treated to some quality GC time.

FG- if you get a teenager to help in the garden without coercion, blackmail, or bribes then I need your secret!

More hidden gardens to visit today - on my own this time as football on the telly! Must also finish cutting back my penstemon and pot on my chillis.

whatever you are up to - enjoy


Just a very quick post

Just been inspecting the troops and seen a Magpie land on lawn, wondered what it had in beak, huge lump of bread, it then proceeded to dunk it in bird bath a few times and then eat it !  Knew they were clever but I was well impressed. 


Magpies like dunked food too.  My dog does the same


KEF- I know lots of people don't like magpies but I have a sneaking admiration for them! They're so clever that I can almost forgive them for their egg and chick stealing activities.

Chicky-re teenagers- I find a baseball bat and locking them in the shed for a day or two focusses their minds...

And before you call Soc Services...I am kidding!


FG, any suggestions for an adult who throws a hissy fit because his soft boiled eggs weren't cooked properly and, guess what, it was my fault.  Where did I go wrong.

Got to GC but it was soooo crowded.  Can't deal with crowded places, so changed the pump, bought 2 big solar lights, 3 large stepping stones and came home.  What I found rather odd was we walked straight through the checkout.  No queues.  People must have just been ambling about.


Afternoon all

very late today but have been very garden busy.

Verdun I think that is such a lovely thing, a book of memories, written I am sure with a great deal of love.

GG Try and get the GH - knock a hole in your wall/fence to use it, with owners permission of course.v

When my Dad died he had some large lumps of Welsh slate. I still hae them as his memory, he wasn't much of a gardener but he liked his slate and the pieces make an interest in the garden, haven't got them set here but won't be far away now, white border I think

That's what i have been doing - the white border extension, planted some shrubs and foxgloves. Trouble is what looked a lot still has some spaces - still Malvern show next weekend 


 The aforementioned pot. Will look better once it's had a scrub