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Great pot, I'd put just one stand alone plant in it. Don't know what though 


Matty the slate will be lovely when you get it in. It's such a lovely material.

Tina-don't let him in when he forgets his key next time. 

Keeps raining here so I'm drawing up my little plot so that I can work things out. In between trying to register a card online, but yes of course- the form won't work...


I like that FG.  Nice looking pot. 

Dry here, but sun keeps disappearing.  Dearest son has fixed pond and checked water and says he's going to see to the grass when he returns from the gym.  Not really bothered to be quite honest.  Just realised he's taken my garden stones with him!  Oh well, too heavy for me to handle anyway. 

It's Sunday, FG.  Everything technical goes wrong at the weekend. 

Well that's us rained off got the frame built now the glass tomorrow weather being dry. Got up at 6 this morning had a cuppa out just after 7 done a bit of weeding then done 2 of my hanging baskets. Brother arrived at 9 so got started on the greenhouse frame when he left i re-potted 9 tomato plants first ones i sowed then singled out 97 asters and planted some sweet peas at my arch beside the climbing roses. In for a seat now dinner at 5.30 will go back out at 6.30 got about 35 parsnips to put in to veg bed my broccoli,carrots,beetroot and cabbage are showing their heads now need heat to get them moving.TT when they throw a hissy just you throw a soft boiled egg if they ask whats that for just say you wanted to see if it was ready yet and not soft. the pot.

Some red pelargoniums for the summer would look good in it.  An annual planting means it will look vibrant all summer long

 Like the name "dads pot". too.

My sister's ashes are on a high part of the towans near me.  Can see Godrevy lighthouse, my bungalow, the sea and St Ives bay from's called "mums place" named by her children

Your pot ..whatever is in it....will be a great solace and a lovely link to your dad.



Andy, why didn't I think of that this morning. They went in the bin in any case.

Just reading all you have done today has tired me out.  All I've done, apart from cook dinner, is cut all the dead bits off my Peony Tree.  Really suffered this year but I was pleased to see that there's lots of new growth and new shoots at the base.  I'm sure my Dad's watching over it because it's like him, a tough old boy.


Hi all,
Im a little early today with the write up and ive a good reason why,
Yesterday i continued to make the path from the court-yard and 45 feet across the Lawn to the pool,
I worked most of the day removing the soil/clay from one side of the now filled in path and then later planted 90 box on the one side i'd finished "ive still the opposit side to dig out & complete before the complete job is done"

But as the day came to an end and my back was telling me its time to call it a day!
I thought i'd better give these 90 box a really good watering to help settle them in,
and by around 9pm i'd watered the box and finished for the day.

Well last night we had one hell of a storm here, Lightning and then thunder and rain like ive not heard for a long time,

It was as i lay awake at 2-30am i thought thats sods law! ive spent time watering and just listern to that rain coming down.

And this morning's been no better, "But" the water butts are all getting filled ready for the next hot spell.

Well lets hope the sun shines later today and i can do some more box prep & planting.

Till this evening, cheers.


Strange isn't it that writing and telling others focusses the mind. I have extended my white border and as I was writing that post this morning about the slate I had one of those moments - so in next few days I now know where Dad's slate is going - white border.


have planted shrubs in white area, involved clearing soil first. then moved elsewhere in garden. Shattered and achey but pleased with myself 


Where are you all...

Take it you've all got the day off and having a lie-in....

Work for me but hopefully outside afterwards unless the rain comes later instead. Supposed to be wet just now here but it's just cloudy and thundery looking.

Enjoy your day off all those that have one!

Gardening Grandma

Morning, all, though most people will see this later, I think. I missed the fun conversations yesterday - my body clock must be unsuitable for this forum!!

Verdun, I've just read what you did yesterday and it moved me to tears. Hope it went well when you gave the gift.

A white border with dark slate - that's a lovely idea, Matty.

Punpun and Andy, I just hope you are younger than me!!  Otherwise, I'm decrepit before my time! Just reading your posts made me feel exhausted. Sounds like you have lovely gardens.

TT and FG, you made me laugh, as usual.

OH went to work last night with the back door keys (double doors). I had a duplicate of one, but had to go to bed leaving the other open. It is usually permanently locked but had been opened yesterday because of the warm weather. Resisted ringing him because he could not have come home and he'd have worried all night. As you can tell from my calm this morning, no-one broke in.

Happy bank holiday, everyone. I'd forgotten about it until I read this thread - one of the joys of retirement is that one can ignore bank hols, as far as I am concerned. I'm going to be in the garden, pottering.



Morning all Hi Fairygirl was dropping my daughter off at her work she's going to see a live band tonight so not wanting to drive. Still a bit of a wind here hopefully it will brighten up as the day goes on am going to try and get the glass in the greenhouse and sow some lettuce,rocket,peas and rhubarb chard.

Morning All! A beautiful day here in North Staffs, big improvement on yesterday. Just been for my usual morning inspection. My Calendula are sprouting and all the young veggies growing by the day. so good for the soul to see nature at work 

have enjoyed reading all your posts every morning. It's becoming a routine!

Gardening Grandma

Hi Ali. Gets a bit addictive, doesn't it? I'm just off on my stroll around the garden. Lovely to see the daily changes, especially at the moment when things are growing so fast.

Hi eeveryone

I know what you mean ANG. It's part of  my breakkie routine now to  read the posts on the forum

Looking fine again.  

Could be busy in the garden or might do other stuff.  Loads of plantIng to do though.

Hope everybody enjoys the holiday


This kitchen spam thing is getting ridiculous! These spammers must be sending eachother smoke signals saying "load spam on GW forum"! I have reported about 10 so far this morning, in one message to moderator I have asked whether they can't put in a "kitchen filter".!


TinaTurner wrote (see)

FG, any suggestions for an adult who throws a hissy fit because his soft boiled eggs weren't cooked properly and, guess what, it was my fault.  Where did I go wrong.

TT, you didn't clip him over the ears soon enough. As for now, tell him to boil his own eggs if he doesn't like it!


When I see these spammers I simply select "ignore" option.  


Morning all. Gosh, Andy, 97 asters. That's what I should have had if they'd germinated - which they didn't! GG I think Andy said in a previous post that he was 52, so younger than us. Except we are still only 27

Now going back to catch up a bit more, didn't read all of it. 

Then back to the weeding. I expect when I've finished the last bed the weeds will be starting again in the first bed. When we visited Harlow Carr it was all heavily mulched. I never get round to it and I don't have enough mulch.


Good Morning all.

Been out for the usual inspection, all well. Glorious morning. Hedgehogs been around and left me little "gifts" on the lawn. Greenhouse to wash so will be getting wet and drying in the sun.

Verdun, I bet it is amusing watching your dog dunking food. Like GG I found your  your post very moving.

Have fun in the sun..hope you all see some.



Sunny here - but promised girls a shopping trip! If we head off now I might be back in time to do some planting