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Had a dreadful night, swollen glands and sore throat have caught up with me. OH says I have to take it easy today, so I will, Potting up begonias and potting on some pennisetum is all I have planned. Will sort out slate as well

Hope yesterday went OK Verdun.

Sun seems to have his hat on here today, 


Morning all

I expect I've missed you all again.

Sue, he had cooked the eggs himself.  Came down this morning and he had had scrambled eggs. I suppose if they went wrong again, he couldn't blame me if I wasn't even up. I've pampered him too much.

Not sure what to do today.  It's beautiful here and very warm.  Think I will have to sort my solar lights out as I felt I should be standing with bats in my hands last night, waiting for the planes to taxi in.  Son was trying to sort them out but we got the giggles (pair of juveniles) and thought the neighbours would think we had lost the plot so we gave up.

I'm sure you will all have a good day, except those like FG that have to work.  Shame, it's a Bank Holiday.  I think it's time we went back to the 'olden days' when everything closed down on Sunday and Bank Holidays. 

Just seen your post Matty and sorry to hear you are under the weather.  Yes, take it easy and just enjoy the weather.

I think it's time we went back to the 'olden days' when everything closed down on Sunday and Bank Holidays.

I will 2nd that,

my wife has gone to work today a house keeper they want her to do 14 rooms all ensuite, that???s changing covers cleaning round, replenish drinks and clean cups, clean bathroom Hoover and mop in 5 hours that???s 21.4 minutes a room before even going to get new towels, bedcovers and complementarys for each room !!! I do feel sorry for her Me on the other hand I am at home enjoying the sun and packing up my house and garden ready for the move but after a long long break back to work tomorrow

Hey KEF thanks for that.  Was nice.

Matty, get well very soon.  Just do that little bit then and rest.  You will recover that much more quickly.

Niviac enjoy your day of laziness in the


Swiss Sue, I had not realised that you have reported kitchen sales people, so reported a couple of them again. I guess if a firm is really desparate, as many are now, they will try anything to make a sale.

Am so enjoying the greenhouse that I bought last year; I'm out there in my jim-jams every morning moving stuff out to harden off and it's a great place to sit in the early evening with a glass of wine.



Hi Verdun.

Have just come in for a rest.  Have blitzed my front garden, only a semi-circle of earth with 6 shrubs in it , but it somewhat gets overlooked. Even swept where son's car usually stands, so it is sweetpaper, crisppackets, everything under the sun, free. 

That's a shame about your OH Nivlac. You could be spending a pleasant Bank Holiday together.  Long, long ago, you used to have saturday girls and then it was weekend staff which was beneficial all round.  Of course, big stores got greedy and found it was more profitable to just use the staff they had and make them work at weekends with time off in lieu.  Now, it's part of their contract and there's nothing they can do about it.  When 2 of my offspring were young and I was poor, I did take on a cleaning job and my Mum looked after them for 3 hours.  Talk about slave labour.  Wanted, what I considered, a total spring clean every week.  I never went back. 

Artjak, my neighbours are used to seeing me gardening in my dressing gown.  Always put my gardening shoes on though.

Right, rested so onwards and upwards.


Hello folks  We're home after a lovely couple of days at MIL's - and ............ we spent a large part of today with Nutcutlet and Mr Nutcutlet in their glorious garden in this glorious weather, watching mistle thrushes and having a guided tour - a real plantswoman's garden  

Now I have to pop out into the garden and find homes for the newbies 


Nice to see you Dove. Am I really a plantswoman?


Of course you are Nutcutlet  and a very generous one too.  

We had a lovely time in your garden - thank you both very much for showing us everything, for your company and your time and an impromptu but very welcome lunch - what a lovely day we've had 


It was good wasn't it 


did you get cake....

well OH got back earlier than expect so went out for a nice little picnic then a couple at the pub in the beer garden, end up being a nice bank holiday

The kitchen spam will be sorted tomorrow at a guess, daniel was out for the long weekend. 

The kitchen spammers are not desperate just looking for gullible people and SEO, Optimising for Search Engines might raise their site profile. they have 969 back links and mostly from forum spam

they have a reputation as rogue traders, they don't seem to come foul of criminal law because most of their victims can only use civil law courts for redress. Knew someone like that selling broken washing machines the only that he had was getting stabbed by an aggrieved customer... Dead now he got beat up by a couple of kids near a tram stop in Sheffield, Karma bites some times, (he did far worse than stitching people up with dodgy washers).

Morning all nice weather this morning here good day ahead done my morning check before heading off to work. Got my glass in yesterday had to go and get some from a man in the village with tomato houses he's taken 3 down so he is advertising 2ftx2ft panes on gumtree for £1.50 so i got some extra for the future just in case. Gardening club tonight AGM last meeting need to fill the car boot with young plants for the sale table  3 outings before starting back on Sept. By the way anyone know where can i get a cheap kitchen  space wasters bet there all on the DHSS.



Good morning all    It's a lovely morning here too - only down to 7C last night 

Hedghogs have been partying in the garden again  and all the plants I potted up after bringing them home yesterday have perked up.

I've reported the spam - think I've got it all 



Morning Dove  Glad the hoggies  have been ok while you were away. Have you got places for all your new purchases? 

Morning everyone else too. The spam is now ridiculous. Hope they do something about it and quickly.



Morning Fairygirl  

Nutcutlet gave me several plants for the dry shade under my ash trees, so before I plant them I'll have to attack the soil with a crowbar  and chisel out some holes to put some topsoil and compost in to give them a bit of a chance, so they're all in pots at the moment along with the hellebores that are destined for that part of the garden.

Shame I've got to go to work today 


Me too and it's nice so I'll get out later and get posts started for fence - I hope.

I had to do similar when I put a hedge in Dove. It was between trees so the roots were a nightmare. Hedge was great after a couple of years 


Yes, it's just getting it started isn't it