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Good Morning, done my inspection and my peas have been fine outside.

Got to take car to garage, brake sticking on rear left wheel then a lick of preserver on greenhouse and shed. Should do some housework but weather is lovely and not forecast to continue so house can wait.


Morni g everyone

Looks good again today but rain and wind tonight.  

May get some tender perennials in today

Have good day all


morning Verdi and KEF. We're only getting sun today -back to the rubbish tomorrow 

Housework??? That's a dirty word on here KEF 

Morning Fairygirl, can't you just magic the housework done?  I doubt you really are a fairy!


Verd- my wand's in the shop just now....



Everyone- ignore the spam as soon as it's reported and get a post on anywhere to shift it down. Dove's knackered reporting them...

Getting beyond ridiculous now

Off now to drop daughter early at school for her 1st exam...ooh er missus 

Catch up later


I sent an email to GW magazine yesterday asking them to do something about this spam. Don't know if it will work, here's hoping!

The potty gardener

Morning all. A lovely day here. Up early for me so just now need to get going- I want to get on with watering system if I can.

Have a good day all whatever you are doing.


Morning all.  Sunny and warm here, again.  All the digging and sweeping I did yesterday has found all my aching parts so must try and rest today. 

Dove's got to keep up the good work otherwise I will take her badge away from her.  Tis pretty ridiculous though.

Well, boring brekkie time. Have been up for an hour but have been fiddling about on this laptop trying to sort my grandson out.  Boys are a pain in the neck. Saying that, you need a degree in the workings of TFL to understand what's what.  Am going to try and phone as I am now more brain dead than I was before I started. Not sure if that makes sense.

Have a good day everyone.





Good morning. Today I made hay.

We (well my husband mostly) have cut the lawn twice this year, but don't have the lawnmower collect the grass as we'd be stopping every 10 yards. I got out there with a rake and gathered it all up. Well, not quite all...there's a lot, and it's steep, and...

Hope to finish later as it's going to rain tomorrow. Gotta work now. I'm building a new website.



Been to WW - a mistake, should have stayed ay home as went very peculiar in Wilkinsons, legs began to give way and now OH has banned me from the garden

Still I can sit and plan 

Anyone going to Malvern Spring Show? Literally just down road from us, just have to decide which day - think it will be based on if I'm OK



warm sunny morning in north manchester .just had brunchin the lower garden .under  the awning i put up on sunday nice and cool. now off to work. every thing starting to shoot up now , rain on the way much neededed in manchester realey


Know the problem well with the grass Blue! It takes me about 15 minutes to cut the grass here and it took two of us 2 hours to cut it at last house as it was largely grass. We divided it up between us and I used a basic mower (with a very long extension cable!) to do one bit which I did every 4 or 5 days so that I hardly ever had to collect it. It was quicker in the long run!

You could always get a few sheep 

Matty you really don't sound well..

Archie we're getting rain tomorrow so hopefully you'll get some too- you're a few hundred miles due south from me I think! Sad when we're saying we need it though...

Tina-hang in there...

Just popped in for lunch and hosed down both greenhouses roofs and floors to cool them down a bit. Back in at 4.30 then plants to get ready for the gardening club tonight and if time i will sow some veg seeds all going well back to work for me then enjoy your day all. 


morning all, bump


Morning all Hi Dove the site is getting let down with all this spam and i think pash has had a BUMP on the head looks like another spam. Think i may have a break from the site for a little while and see if things get better have a good day all.


Good morning everyone - spam reported so I can keep my badge 

I've done my early morning inspection - hedgehogs have eaten their food, clematis are performing valiently and looking gorgeous, courgette plants growing nicely in the mini-greenhouse - ruby chard growing like crazy - will need to pick a load for supper  this evening - and a big buff-tailed bumblebee busily buzzing about in my broad bean blossoms 


Hi Andy, missed you there - don't let the spam get to you - I don't - just report and ignore - these things happen. It would be a shame if you weren't around 

Think Pash has been bumping threads up to try to push the spam down.   If I'd realised that I'd not have marked them as I reported them  never mind, we'll push them back down again. 


Hi dove, was having a nice quiet read when the spams began, reported them all but just (cant swear) , thought id lower them,


Good try Pash  I hadn't realised they'd been reported, or I'd not have done it cos that bumped them back up  Never mind, the best laid plans etc - we'll just keep posting and push everything else back up again.

What on earth were you doing up at that time of night