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Shift work, never around when everybody else is,


Ah, I see   Afraid I'd never be any good at doing that - my body-clock is immovable and unchangeable - probably cos it's been around too long 


What is thats said, your an early bird or a night owl? nice this time of year, suns up and not a sound apart from the birds, saying that, its just started raining


I'm definitely an early bird - but had better go and get ready for work now - have a good day folks 


Hi everyone. The spam is not funny now. We just have to keep reporting and complaining I suppose till they do something. 

Pash-if you get to it first stick a note on this thread as most people look on here first,or even start a new one saying 'reported' or something as this will get seen.  Well done though!

Dove needs a break from her reporting duties before she goes nuts!

Dull here and rain later so no fencing today for me unless rain's light.



Morning Dove, FG and Andy. 

and Evening Pash ! 

Rain overnight (got what I asked for so mustn't moan) - my water butts need refilling, so thats ok.

Pinched out my Cosmos (taking Verdun's advice this year and will get them really stocky before planting out).

Working in London today - train station and grumpy commuters here I come .....


Morning everyone.

Yes spams spoiling things.  We have to ignore it or the forum will suffer.

Been very wet and windy overnight but dry now and sun is forecast for miday.  Helston flora day will be packed but may look in

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Just listening to Radio Cornwall from Helston. Never been to Flora day but my children used to dance through the streets of Perranporth when they were in junior school.

I'll also pinch out my cosmos today, Chicky. They were really lanky last year and I never thought to pinch them out. Will also plant out tomatoes in the greenhouse today.

A bit of rain overnight but is dry now.

Enjoy your day all. 

Morning all

it has rained overnight, very drab looking now too, glad I cut the grass last night.

Work today so no gardening for me

Have a good day



Yes Verd-we can't let it spoil things for everyone. I was annoyed and quite upset that Andy felt he didn't want to be on here for a while-these people are doing real harm if we allow them.

Don't leave us Andy!!

Have a good day Verdi-hope rain stays off- we're getting it later- good for the plants though 


Good morning all, bloody spam, don't give up Andy, we'll miss you!

Am in limbo at the moment, everything I can plant out is done and all the rest are waiting to grow big enough or it's not warm enough to plant them out. So, just pottering around killing weeds and watching things grow.


Ignore the spam, it disappears down the threads quickly if you don't open it up. It's not such a big deal really. The proper forum is still here.


Good Morning all, late this morning as yesterday's efforts took their toll. I'd forgotten how long it takes to paint a greenhouse, or forgotten how much bending.

Fairy.."house work a dirty word on here" ..I love this forum more each day.

Busy Lizzie, thanks, peas now planted, think that's what finally did me in.

Bev P.K. 5 lily missed one. Joking, but I've noticed the little sods are usually in pairs, find one and another nearby..quite often they're "havin a cuddle". It's my mission to protect my lilies this year.

Drizzling at minute...forecast was rain later in the day (much needed) so I must be slower than I thought this morning.


Morning all.

Pash I asked on the plastic chair thread why you keep posting "bump", understand now! Should have looked here first.

Lily beetles were "having a cuddle" here in France too yesterday! Also drizzling here. Bank holidays today and tomorrow, rain forecast.

Going shopping in a minute, Leclerc open today. Got to make 2 cakes for OH's choir, concert tomorrow.



Morning.  9.10 - late Kef?   Not for me it's not.! 

Sorry Andy, but you do not have our permission to stop posting.  Spammers are not a good enough excuse. They do seem to disappear quite quickly once the mods get in.

Been raining overnight - not sure how much though.  Nothing planned for today apart from complaining at Building Society.  Used to have great faith in them, but since they now seem to want to push all sorts of deals, etc, down your throad, I feel they have lost the customer service aspect.  If I get told one more time that I'm eligible for a credit card, or that I should take insurance to pay for my funeral I won't be responsible for my actions. 

Bev, I was joking about the lily beetle. 

Morning All. Late this morning as was putting a new little potting bench together my hubby bought me. Had to do the dreaded housework yesterday while the sun was blazing down. Now I have the chance to get out its gone all rainy and drizzly...typical  and the lawn needs mowing.

agree with SwissSue..not much else to be done. Just weeding and watching!


Another round of pricking out waiting for me this morning. Then I might do some 'proper gardening' and see if I can get some of those pots emptied.

Andy...we will miss you if you don't post


Good afternoon everyone. Someone mentioned pinching out the Cosmos? At what height do you do it? Mine are about 3", /8cm.