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Late as couldn't get on the site earlier. Still coughing  but did sleep better, and not so wobbly today.

Staying in though the sun is pulling me outside - all those things not done for this week are making me behind.

Not pinched cosmos before - think I will give it a go.

Hope everyone else is well. Grumpy commuters 

Glad OH no longer joins them was ME!  Lol

Pinch out when a pair of new shoots is soon on stems.  Pinch out often to effectively double up on growth.  My cosmos are in 1 litre pots and very bushy.  I will plant out in 2 weeks or so but also pot on some imto 2 or 3 litre pots for later plantImg.

Coincidentally my neighbour was planting out his cosmos yesterday...straggly 5" or so specimens each with a terminal flower bud ....ideal candidates for slug bait. I persuaded him to pot on some and pinch out in the process


just home and having lunch - b****y rain's on now 

On the plus side- last night's left over brisket was rather tasty!

If rain isn't too bad i'll get my sweet peas into their pot and may even get two posts in the two holes waiting for them. Wrists a bit sore after the mixing and digging but not as bad as I expected thank goodness!

Matty glad you're a bit better 

Tina I've told my two that whatever they want to buy/invest in, they have to take the basic viewpoint that all companies really only care about  the bottom line...

and go on from there 


Verdun, thank you for the info


Pleased to say FG that I won the fight with TFL. How costly is all this issuing of penalty notices to the taxpayer/London Boroughs council tax payers. Think that's right.  I wonder how many people accept the PN and just pay up because they can't be bothered to fight it.  I believe all these organisations are looking after No 1 and have lost interest in Joe public.

Should be on rant thread.

Pretty chilly here and getting really windy.  Going to eat spaghetti bolognaise now cos I fancied it.



Chucking it down here now- no chance of much outdoor stuff happening 

Oh well-might help fill my 'pond' pot!

Awaiting new compost bin arriving.


Andy please don't go.


Survived the grumpies !  So glad you're feeling a bit better Matty

Morning all decided to keep posting thanks everyone hopefully the kitchen pests will go away. Nice morning but a little fresh just done my check everything fine must say my bleeding heart bare root i planted in March is taken off as with the lilies beetroot,carrots,cabbage and tatties are all showing well now. I will take some pictures within the next few weeks to put on here for you all to see it's nothing fancy but have done lots to make it better looking have a good day all.


Morning Andy - good to see you   I know they're a pain but ....... what the heck  Don't let'em win 

And I don't want to speak too soon, but there don't appear to be any this morning - maybe the techies have been able to do something clever 


Morning Andy. Glad you're still with us 

Morning all

You're so busy even at this time in the morning you put me to shame! 

I'd like to get my tomatoes potted on again and get my sweet peas out. Some  cuttings to put somewhere but I'll need to decant things from pots to make way for them.

More posts  to do but the weather may be against me today when I get home. Wrists are none too clever either so will wait and see.

Plenty of planning to do anyway if it's wet!

Hopefully they have set up something that when the word kitchen appears it won't let you post lol.


I must pot on my tomatoes this weekend!  I must pot on my tomatoes this weekend!  I must pot on my tomatoes this weekend! 


That has reminded me too !  And my chillis !!

Blue skies here now, but gales forecast.  Trees have come out enough now that we can no longer see our neighbours (nice neighbours - but still nicer not to see them)

Good day to all



Chicky-know what you mean about neighbours...

Nice to see the country turning green at last isn't it?

Rubbish weather coming here later too but better for tomorrow so I'll get on with fence. Hoping mycompost bin comes today. Older child primed for signing if it comes when I'm at work 

Morning Dove

Morning everybody

Lovely weather right now but going to be very windy.  The extra warmth recently has made everything grow so quickly so garden is filling in nicely.  

Got flowering currant and berberis Darwinii pruned yesterday.....can do these in topiary (mounded) shape without affecting flowering so they look good without flowers.   

Its amazing isn't it ?  How quickly shrubs/plants dominate the garden only to be replaced by the following group of "flowerers" in next to no time.  Seasons and time move so fast!

Enjoy the day folks

Morning All. "Day off" today (toddlers in day care/at nanny's) and was itching to mow the lawns but alas I think the weather will thwart me! Never mind though, everything greening up nicely. 'Infrared' sunflowers, Mexican Hats, Calendula and Nasturtiums just starting to show and veg coming along nicely. Wanted to get my cabbage planted out today but may wait til this wind dies down a bit.

will enjoy my usual visit to the GC though. Need compost, lime etc. May just have to have a good old Nanna Nap this afternoon. Smallest toddler up at 6 

FG good luck with the fence


Morning all you busy bees. Very windy here but dry, at the moment.  Unlike you, no plans to do anything in particular.  Story of my life.

Have to say how lovely it is to look out into the garden and see everything growing. One minute it's just bare 'sticks', a bit of sun and the change is remarkable.  Best time of the year, IMO.


The potty gardener

Morning all. Lovely here right now but gales forecast. I've nothing planned. Lets see what the day brings