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wind and rain here last night it started howling and i had to nip in the garden to batten down the hatches. Hopefully it will improve later.




Better today but absolutely no energy. OH says I need another rest day

Really windy. Took my butterflies down yesterday when i saw the forecast. It isn't that cold though. Am wondering where I can put all the plants if this drop in temps happens, GH is already overflowing, cat's banned from it - no room to swing her


You will feel better if you take it easy today


'cat's banned from it - no room to swing her'.

Made me chuckle Matty. I trust that OH is doing all the chores.  Hope you start to feel better soon.

Hi Verdun. We are like ships in the night.  How's Cornwall weather today? Us folk up North are having a gale!


Tina- remember he's in a different country from the rest of us....

Only 10 degrees here but with the end blowing it's lower than that. Rain hasn't been as bad as predicted...yet'

Compost bin arrived so I will take a look at that and carry on potting on tomatoes. The roots were growing out bottoms of the pots so need to sort that.

You sound better Matty but I'd milk it a bit for a while if I were you....



Force 9 gales here in the Fens; am going to weed the veg beds, but with 2 jumpers and a scarf on!

Hiya tina

The weathers deteriorated...was good now windy n wet.  Simpy not the best right now...!!!

Thats right Fairygirl I'm in the country of Cornwall.  You english tried to hang Trelawney and we have not forgotten that

Arrjak, now that's dedication.  Mind you I'm a bit like that too. Have no patience and if I decide to do something in the garden no rain, cold or wind will stop me.

Disappointed cos I wanted to put up my runner bean supports.  

The potty gardener

It is still bright and sunny here. Just waiting for the promised terrible weather


Nobody likes us English.    I don't like clotted cream either.

Sounds like I have to rescue the bins before they start blowing down the road.


Bit late to be saying hello.

Have been to Supermarket and topped up potato bins. Now inside watching the rain and the wind which is blowing quite bad. Enforced rest so might as well have a root around the forum.

Hope wherever you are that no damage happens in your garden.


Kef, you have until 15.59 to say hello here.  

I hate the high winds we seem to get these days.  Find it quite frightening.

Fed up with sitting doing nothing now.  Was OK last 2 days, but feeling OK again so would like to be outside.  My grass, (can't call it a lawn) is full of dandelions. That's the trouble with living next door to someone who doesn't bother with their garden.  Used to be practically weed free, but not any more.   Pesky people.


Fairy hope the wrists feel a bit better. What compost do you use to pot on your Pasque Flowers ?

Glad to see Andy still posting.

crap weather here in south wales rain is hammering down and blowing a gale. I just been out to put some plastic covers on the dahlias i have planted out over the last few days, the wind is wrecking them. My cherry blossom is all over the drive so no fruit again this year! lucky the rest of fruit trees have not flowererd yet so might have some luck with them. same thing happened last year just as the blossom came out and the tulips opened they were ruined. photo below of my new front garden border



Just dawned on me that I can't tell the time!  Should be 17.59, Kef.


The potty gardener

Ha ha Tina. You must have done too much today. I wondered why you said 15.59.


Tina- it's your age luv....

Not sure what my excuse is then....

KEF- think it was just a multi purpose- Levingtons- with lots of horti grit mixed through. That's what they're top dressed with too. Wrists not too bad thanks but weather rubbish so posts will need to wait till tomorrow. Should have done them this morning since I was awake at 5..

Verd-I'm only half English thank you.....

In from work at 4.40 and quick change then sow a packet of Cosmos mix seed now for dinner then out to build a bench for the greenhouse we finished on Monday. It's great to see some colour in the garden now after that great day on Tuesday here got pinks & blues Cornflowers out in the front garden both Azalea's now starting to flower nice pink colour in greenhouse in tubs plus Fuchsia buds turning red just need more heat please. Going by all the post everyone busy now the weather has picked up more so down south but hey us up north don't worry our turn will come soon and will last i hope due a good summer.

Morning all it's bright but fresh here this morning sun trying to get out forecast for weekend not good just have to be inside work then. Well it's off to work now got a health & safety walk round with the council and fire brigade no doubt i will get asked plenty questions as normal. Then back home at 6.30 for my dinner and some gardening all weekend no matter the weather jobs to be done inside and outside like everyone else have a good weekend all keep gardening.

Morning Dove think both of us posted at same time nice and early have a good day.