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Good morning all   Grey, cloudy and windy here  - rain was forecast but we've not had any and the water butts are empty   some rain this weekend would be good 



Morning all, I see there are 7 kitchen spams on "New discussions" again this morning! They certainly are persistent!


7 kitchens and an artificial grass - at least we've a little variety this morning 


Morning all. Fell asleep on settee last night ..hopeless 

Dove has done her monitoring duties again Sue-think we need to make her a cake...

Will hopefully get some fence posts done today and more holes dug too in between phoning council to get my money back that they took... If I owed them a tenner they'd be round knocking on my door but when they wrongly take over £100 from mine over a month ago there's no urgency to return it. Fed up with these organisations. Might go down there with my pickaxe...

Hope the wind has settled for those who've been battening the hatches.



Wind has settled now - looking forward to a weekend of gardening.  Meant to be showery - but like Andy, have jobs both inside and out, so should work out fine.

Happy Friday !



Morning chick.Saw your post from last night about getting some  Thalictrum. I had the purple one and it was lovely-the buds were like little bunches of grapes! It's really useful in a border but it's light enough to use like Verbena bonariensis as you can see through it. Nice foliage too.

Morning everydoby

Wet  here, no wind and warmish.  Chauffeur today but hope to pot oN lettuce and do some pruning.  Impatient to get my tender stuff the daffodils die down the available spaces are seen.

Enjoy your days folks


Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  See you later 


Verd- just shows the differnt conditions we all have- the daffs are just coming into their own up here really. I've been cutting the ones I've got for vases inside as I need to move most of them,  but everywhere I go they're just bursting into life. I suppose we're used to it being later here anyway but it's a cheery sight nonetheless.

What will you put in where yours are finished?


Good Morning.

Tina, 24hr clock, it took me ages to get my head around that, still think in O'clock, same with feet & inches, my Mum is better with metric measures than me. Saying that I do know pints v litres..wonder why that is ?

Nice border Trifid House.

Fairy ta for Pasque potting info.

Breezy, cool & damp here, but yesterday's rain has made things shoot up. I'm sure the lilies are growing as I watch them. Gunnera( spelling looks dodgy) is unfolding, wish it would hurry up I could use a new umberella. Nothing really to do in GH and don't like the wind so maybe a day off, after I've inspected and no doubt seen something needing attention.

I'm lucky with weeds only have to contend with my own, neighbours are keen / tidy gardeners.

Hope you all have good day.


Forgot my manners. Hello to new people on the forum. I know it made me feel good when I got a welcome.


2 more , now i was too late to catch the earlier ones but they seem to be gone already. looking wet here again, will be having a quiet weekend, just checked my wallet and had to check the bank account too still not too much needed between now and pay day.

think i will be doing a few more window boxes due to having a lot of bedding plants wanting to go out somewhere.



I'm still here blackest-having a second piece of toast..

KEF- I'm still feet and inches but not bad with metres etc. as I was at school when the changeover happened. Getting better with grams instead of pounds and ounces but hopeless with litres as I'm still pints... but i don't drink so maybe that's why 

Gunnera right 

Leek seedlings up finally...could be too late by the time they are ready to plant out though!

i am def feet and inches and I'm 36 so should really know better


The potty gardener

Morning all. Up a bit early today so I'm sure I'll have a snooze soon.Looks like it is going to be a gray day here


Morning bev 


blackest- you need to rein in the spending on plants-that's the problem. I've never had trouble doing that of course.....


Morning all. Up late as out last night. My daffodils are well over and tulips are almost over, but hard to plant anything yet as leaves all over the place. But I often plant dahlias between daffodils and they usually survive the winter in the ground. I plant snowdrops all around the hostas then the hosta leaves hide the dying snowdrop leaves.


Good morning, Ali Newbie; I don't see why it should be too late for the leeks - mine are being hardened off outside the greenhouse; but I was still pulling up last years leeks this March. Chilly outside, time to do paper/work


Here the GC sells leeks for planting out in June.