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Morning anyone that's still here!  Didn't wake until 10.15 and that's only because son knocked on my door.  Am wondering whether he was a bit worried. Anyway, just watched a bit of 'The One Show', as, thanks to Matty, I could see what I had witnessed from my garden yesterday evening.  Not even had brekkie yet.

Was pleased to see everything still standing this morning. 

Bev, are you a Lazy Mary like me or still under the weather?  Like to think it's the former.

Do have a good day.  Sunny and bright this morning but still a bit windy.  Hope it stays like this for my trot up to have my pedicure.



Woke up this morning feeling like 'me' YAY

OH still wants me to be careful though. Walk round garden found my clematis alpina 'Pamela Jackman' was blown down. Tied it up, It is the first year of flowering and is covered in them so could have been the weight. Will know for next year it needs extra tying.

(bought it at the show last year)

Chilly out there and still a bit of wind swirling around. Am now a week behind with my prioritsed plans

AND downstairs loo has finally been completed 

Back later

Sounding good Matty. 


In for a cup of tea. Glad you're feeling better Matty.

And loo- result!!

Tina- hope your hooves will look dapper...


Looking out the window, FG, they are going to get very wet. 



Looking a bit dubious here tooTina. Got some sweet peas in their pot after moving the rescued primulas out of it and into other ones. I feel as if that's all I do just now. Got my tomatoes into their final home so they're looking good. Trying to get the enthusiasm to do posts and dig more holes but just phoned council and I'm not very pleased with them so I just feel fed up.

Put some nice wellies on Tina 

Going to have lunch and try to feel more positive

Eating a Cornish pasty ...luverly.  I'm on a health kick......After I've eaten a couple of caramel bars, for the energy!

Sunny right now so will get some quick pruning done

Tina had my pedicure this morning.  Lol


Wot no cake Verd....?

Really hacked off now as I meant to go and get milk  but phoned council first...will have to wait for my cup of tea as I'll need to go for it now...


Oh dear FG - my friend has had council probs for last 2 years about cutting down a hideous evergreen hedge (leylandii) and replacing it with a smart brick wall. She is on a corner, but when I last spoke she thinks they have finally got the permission.

Just been out - discovered still a bit wobbly - OH put on his 'told you so' stance


So windy here,most of the beautiful cherry tree blossom has been blown off,lawn looks like it is covered in pink confetti.


Fairy give me the council number and I'll get 'em for you.

Saying that I've had a letter today from Curry's saying I've cancelled my DD for maintenance cover on my laptop and I need to get in touch by 10th May or too late to continue...Excuse me but what date is it today? and slight detail, I haven't even got have a fridegefreezer but extended warranty paid in full at time of purchase. Just written words all over the letter and sent it back in pre-paid envelope...Fools.

Weather turned out better than forecast, must dash got hubby on a mission digging naughties out from behind shed, was a way to get access to computer and might get rumbled...joke

Chat to all in the morning. Unless I can't contain myself and I'm back later..Newbies take note, it becomes an obsession.


Hello folks  I'm back from the GP who is very pleased with my BP - I told her it was all down to spending a day relaxing in Nutcutlet's garden - she doesn't want to see me for 6 months (GP that is, not Nutcutlet - I don't think so anyway ) and I'll be retired by then 


KEF-thanks but I'm hoping it's now sorted. Not getting the money they incorrectly took on 7th April for ten days though...great isn't it. If it was the other way round they'd be knocking on the door looking for it. I've just taken on Barclays and got a £50 credit off them because they've admitted it was their fault. The biggest issue I have just now is the previous utility co. I had. I have everything detailed but they have the incorrect 'leaving' date and just won't sort it out...they keep insisting I owe them money when I don't. Taking that one to my lawyer.

And to top it all off...I have an exploding washing machine as featured on Watchdog the other wonder I'm p****d off...

Dove- I'm too scared to go to the BP must be through the roof..


stay cool folks. Come when you like Dove if you feel the BP might be rising. The mistle thrushes got seen off by another pair. Obviously too close for comfort. Still ahving a bit of a set-to. Don't know how they find the time for mating.


Dove- Good news on BP.

Fairy washer very unlikely to blow up don't other half was a service engineer and never wanted me to leave washer on & go out..I argued about might as well have peggy tub, but at least I was there if it leaked etc. ( might have been down the garden but technically I was in)

I've got a recall notice from Toyota about faulty airbag on passenger side, They'll get back to me later... great..only had it 9 yrs!  Just gonna make sure I drive all the time




Good morning all 

Fairygirl - get your BP checked out - there's things they can do for it you know - better to go on meds and get it down than let it go up and up until you explode!!! 

A colleague has brought hers down with regular exercise (walking) - but she has more time than I do - she doesn't like gardening and is an orphan 


Good Morning.

Currently dry and bright but cool. Ankles cold during morning inspection. Someone has been grubbing / snuffling where I've sown 2nd lot of radishes. Otherwise all well.


Morning all. Dove-always had very stable BP apart from during pregnancy when it was worryingly low and caused me to pass out which was a bit inconvenient!

Yes walking is great for relieving stress and, as some of you on here know, I've done a fair bit of it! Been neglecting it recently as I've been sorting garden instead so maybe I should take to the hills instead.  

Weather to be pretty rubbish here over weekend so might not get much done outdoors. Can pot basil on and sow more lettuce. Draw out my garden plan and...housework...

Morning all just in after doing morning check Fairygirl weather same here raining and has been all night. As you say about your BP time do do your walking again if that's going to bring it down got to look after your health and try and don't let things worry you to much take care. Going to take my library books back then one of my school footballers is playing in a rugby competition and everyone says he's really good so going to watch him for a little while he asked if i would go. Then back home and into greenhouse still 2 hanging baskets to do and single out more seeds oh plus a shopping to do.  

Hi All. FG my hubby has taken himself off his BP pills rather worryingly but has lost a ton of weight and been going to the gym. He monitors it himself and it is back to normal. 

Just debating what I need to do before our holiday to Center Parcs on Monday. Planted my cheats GC cabbages yesterday and might pot my leek seedlings on before I go. No sign of my carrot seedlings AGAIN. This is the second sowing...they just don't like me!

dull and cloudy in North Staffs