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Good morning  yes it's a chilly one again, a sharp frost and a dusting of white powder in the creases in this corner of the world  Another early riser here - I shall sit and noodle with you lot while I drink my coffee - then shower and set off for work - after work I'm getting a cut and blow dry and heading home  for supper and to noodle with you lot again - my weekday life is very exciting 


Morning Dove !  One thing we all seem to have in common at this time of the morning is a mug of something hot...

No frost here, but feels pretty cold.  I have great hopes for April ! London bound today - hope the trains behave.

Good morning what to do today...hmm...heavy grey skies...will it rain?...when will it rain?...sipping a cuppa...early start... on lawn edging- trim...lift and replace a few sunken flagstones...brush around...check the shed...still has a nasty looking fungi ..clear out old pots etc etc...go to the GC...lunch...and if it rains... there's always tomorrow...

Have a good day one and all 


Bright sunshine here now - I'm heading for the shower - have a good day folks 

Gardening Grandma

Good morning, forkers. A grey day and threatening rain. After the funeral yesterday, going to visit the widow today. Possibly my husband's disabled sister this afternoon and a quick call at the supermarket. Visiting her is usually quite a cheerful affair as she lives with another brother and there's usually a houseful of noisy people. And, if dry and still light, more mulching and pruning. Bought an automatic watering system for when we are away on our monthly sorties in the caravan - just have to work out how to set it up.   OH will be no use, tends to panic and fuss too much (don't tell him I said that) - might get yet another brother to help me when he calls tomorrow. Just realised the words 'house cleaning' have not appeared...



Morning Brumbull, morning Dove, well I've got a busy one today. Off to the supermarket to do the weekly shop and then to see my daughter.Got lots of paperwork to do this afternoon which I'm really not looking forward to!

Peering outside I can see the sun trying to come's looking pretty pleasant out there but I bet it flipping cold


Oh I am sorry all you forkers turned up when I wasn't looking. I wasn't being rude Good Morning to you all too 


Pennine Petal
Morning, only one day until the end of term, hurray.

It looks like last night was frost free for me, but its blowing a gale this morning.

Hollyhock my greenhouse is 2x a dreamhouse from an american company they actually sell for $300 each but i got the pair for €140 in a stock liquidation.

They are a combination of a spring steel frame (a bit like a giant pop up laundry hamper) and fibreglass poles which form arches across the front back and middle and a centre ridge pole. The doors have and windows have an inner fly screen and there are zips on the front and rear to add sections to it. there are even little velcro flaps so you can run a hose through. I have a spray hose which i can run round so watering can be as simple as turning on a tap for 20 minutes or so. 

The weak points are wind they need tying down well i have kerbstones all round it weighting it down. and the metal brackets that make the angle between the walls and roof they can get bent and once bent they are pretty useless. They also run into problems if too much snow sits on the roof (not been a problem for me).

Anyway this morning will start with real coffee and then fleece off ... not sure what I can do gardening wise maybe a few more seed trays

Gardening Grandma

Fascinating! Sounds like a transparent tent. We've done a lot of camping, so I can relate to some of the things you say all too well!


Looks like the rest of the week is forecast to be wet and after monday more frosts

maybe i should just keep my greenhouse as my garden ....


A quick hello to you all before I take youngest to school and head off to work. Very cold here last night but glorious sunshine so a lovely day to come. Washing to go out - as i said -simple pleasures! I'm lucky - from my house I have a lovely view and on way down road I can see right across Glasgow to the snow covered Campsies and on to our lovely hills at Loch Lomond including our most southerly Munros (Scotlands highest hills). Come on all you Southerners - get up here and enjoy our unbeatable scenery!! Dyu think I'd get a job with the tourist board? Time to go. Have a good day everyone.


Morning all.

No garden stuff for me today  Only got the morning free and it's dull and cold. Having a year off growing veg and other demanding things because there's a lot of garden re-structuring going on and  there isn't time to do everything.

Enjoy your days folks. 

Good morning guys .
It's wet today but that won't spoil my day
Quick hello and goodbye

I will be outside doung some clearing and preparing my lawn for some new seed. (whatever the weather) 



Only problem I have is that the garden waste collections dont start for another 2 weeks and I already have enough garden rubbish & bags to make a second garden. lol


Morning all. Fairygirl, I'm one of the most Southern (SW France) and we went to Scotland last summer. My brother lives near Perth and we went to Edinburgh as well.It was beautiful.

I'm getting behind on the gardening now, mostly due to the weather. Haven't finished pruning, half the veg garden to rotovate, new bed to make (plants already bought, so many good offers at the moment, couldn't help myself), clearing up of herbaceous borders to do. I leave a lot of the dead growth as protection in winter, but like to remove it before daffodils start, but it's been so cold and wet.

Hey up and good morning to all forkers, spaders hoers rakers hedge clippers I think you get the drift How are you Brumbull well I hope lifes to short to brood abart things I mean him with that big cycel thing is creeping nearer so Laugh and the world laughs with us weep and you do it alone.Regards Brian.


Morning all. Today the weather looks good for gardening, not sun but that sort of decent spring day. This morning I am cleaning the house and this afternoon visitors come and are staying over so no gardening but I love the visitors

So I will say good morning for tomorrow as well