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Morning everyone. Very wet outside as its rained quite a lot overnight. Still  dull and cloudy this morning. Just one client to visit this morning then the weekend is mine!

Disappointed with my tomatoes at the moment, only 2 have germinated and its been weeks since they were sown, will have to try some more 

Well I'm off to work, then, like Andy, will be returning my library books, little bit of shopping to do before I get in the garden

Morning everybody

Hope everyone's issues disappear asap

Lookimg quite nice here...been wet overnight but sun coming out.  

Might nip down and get couple of tiarellas ..trouble is GC doesnt have great range. Got just the spots for them


Verd-I like the tiarellas too so as the weather's rubbish here I might take a trip to nursery and see what they have- they certainly have lots of heucheras!

Andy-my problems aren't very big in the grand scheme of things as I'm only too aware 

I'm just scunnered!!

Translation available for all non Scots-but I think you can guess the meaning 

Woo- tomatoes...think you're probably better getting a few little plants from GC now 

Ali-what's the problem with your carrots do you think- are you doing something different from your norm?

Fairygirl scunnered lol just go to the GC and treat yourself think if we could get a spell of good weather that would give everyone up here a lift anyway you look after yourself.


I will  Andy, hope you're keeping well just now too  

You'd think we'd be used to our weather by now wouldn't you!


Ok Fairygirl....see you there but if there's only one plant left its MINE.

Just heard local news and fatal accident on road not too far from me. Relieved it wasnt someone I knew.....always alarming when it's nearby.  Take care everybody wherever you are

The potty gardener

Well it just goes to show that I'm too tired at this time of morning- Iposted on wrong thread, the one about teaching children gardening

Hope everyone has a brill day


Good morning all. Going to flower show in a village about half an hour away.  It's an annual event.

I'm lucky to have a low BP but like Fairygirl I fainted in pregnancy too!

 My tiarellas, love the nickname of "foam flower".

Hi FG. No idea what's going wrong with the carrots. I'm sowing them into great soil, fine tilth, no stones etc and then keeping them moist but nothing ever appears! Have gone for a short rooted Rando this time as easier to grow but...nada


Morning everyone.  Overcast and still windy here.  No plans to do much as I was thinking to start sifting and shifting the mound of earth I accumulated from my 'behind the shed' clear up but, of course, it is now well wet. 

Bev, feet look great!! 

Hope all those ailing are getting to feel a bit better.  Still seems to be a lot of 'bugs' about. 


How strange Ali. Do a new thread on here and one of the 'veg' experts will no doubt be able to help you.   I was intending to do them this year in a large container.I've grown carrots before but not for a long time. I do know that they don't like recently manured soil- could that be an issue?

BL-the fainting was bad- but I was given medication and it made my legs feel like jelly so I don't know what was worse!

Verd- take care if you're out. I know what you mean about road accidents.

And that last plant's mine.....

hollie hock

Wet and dull day here, will be out to doing a little more charity shopping later and may be potting on a couple of things.

Have a good day everyone

Hiya ANG

Could be a variety of reasons. Sowing too deep?  When I sow carrots I cover with sand....for 2 reasons.  Firstly so that seed is only lightly covered.  Secondly so I can see where seed rows are.  It's easy to sow carrot seed too deeply and I have a feeling this is your problem.

Always good to cover seed with fleece too.  Protects against weather and pests

I love carrots...grow lots to help me see in the dark!


Verdun, the old uns are the best.   Just been in the garden.  Boy, is it windy and cold.  Have heating on so didn't realise.  Looks like another sofa day. 

Only 8 degrees outside here and that's out of the wind. Watching the thing I skyplussed about Robert Redford  and Paul Newman....big sigh. that so you can find your way to your coat if it's dark.....



Morning -ish 


We went to the butcherrs as we do and were talking about the show. We were given 2 tradestand tickets for tomorrow WAHAY!!

 Catch is that we have to find the stand and deliver a load of rump steak and pork pie to the stand holder. Don't care that money saved can go on more plants 

Also had a lovely half hour on Skype seeing Grand daughter, and being shown around sons building work that has just been done. Wonderful invention.

My carrots aren't showing either. I sprinkled a fine line of compost over the row so I could see them - only weeds

PS My BP was over the top, doc said I should lose weight, now down nearly 3 stone and BP is good - no pills - still a bit of weight to go though. 

And feel so much better and more confident 


Well done re losing the weight Matty- hope you're feeling well today. Your freebie will have helped! 

Don't eat the pies before you go....

My weight not changed much since my teens but always been quite active so lucky I guess.

Apart from pregnancies 


FG, do not wish to hear that about weight!!  I've been chunky since I was 7. Blame it on the malt and codliver oil, well the malt, that the clinic told my mum to give me as I was so wee.  At the risk of being chastised, AGAIN, I truly believe that a lot of weight problems are gene related.  Just my opinion.

Nearly had the screaming abdabs just now as internet wouldn't work.  Blooming BT.  Never had any problems when I was with AOL. Should have stuck to my guns and not be moved. 

Skype's great isn't it Matty. The only thing I don't like about it is seeing myself on screen. Not fathomed out if there's a way to get rid of it.  Will have to ask my techie kids.

I'm bored of SE.


I'm not fat, I've just got big bones!

Have just checked my carrot tapes, nothing there after 3 weeks, so planted another row, here's hoping. Also a row of parsnips. Last year I overplanted them with lettuce as after a month nothing had happened. I ended up with 4 parsnips growing in between the lettuce. Didn't know then that they take ages to germinate. Patience is a virtue!




I'm still on the forum as I'm off to visit family shortly and need to keep clean ! Can't even step foot in the garden without getting mucky.