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That's interesting Artjak because I read somewhere else on here that's someone sowed their carrot seeds then covered them with a plank of wood until they appeared. It worked because it kept them damp but I suppose also warm insulated by the wood. Oh well too late now for me. They will either grow or they won't! 


Ali NG, you might have a very good point there; it is not the heat, but the moisture retaining function!

Morning all nice morning but cool just had a check and filled up the bird feeders at least it's dry so it will be a quick tea & toast then out to get started as rain forecast for late afternoon. I will post later when back in to let you know what i've been up to have a good day everyone. 

Carrots are a mystery to me. Monty made it look so simple on GW!

no gardening today sadly. Got my lawn mowed yesterday in the driving rain. Lawn mower was steaming! Then we had hail the size of marbles later on. Off on holiday tomorrow so a car full of toddler supplies to pack.

happy gardening everyone!


Good morning all  It's cool here and we've had some rain overnight - the first we've had for weeks - now we've some water in the butts, but they're not full yet.  Maybe we'll get some more today.  

I want to put some Weed and Feed on the front lawn - we have more dandelions than a dandelion farm - don't know where they've all come from, but they've got to go - I'm not precious about lawns, but there are limits  

I'd better look at the destructions and see if it's supposed to go on before rain or in a dry spell ........


Oooh, Holibobs Ali?  Where are you off to? 


Morning everyone

Have nice holiday ANG.  Carrots for me are easy but I guess my soil is right...light loam.  Couldnt be without my summer carrots.  My niece calls me "orange face" so I guess that's the reason why.

Morning Andy. I'm starting later than you but looking at forecast to see when rain is due

cooler, sadly, I was hoping for hot weekend agaIn.  Enjoy the day folks


Morning all. Bright and clean looking out there. I'm going to knock up a nut roast for tonite so I can exhaust myself out in the garden today and still eat a decent meal later.

Molly the witch is out and Paeonia delavayi very nearly. Lovely time of year

Nut roast....mmmm.  And cake?


Morning all. Rain forecast for here in a couple of hours so going to try and get a couple of posts in. Don't have my 'helper' as she's at her Dad's so will have to use other methods for an extra pair of hands!

Andy-have a quiet day-that man works too hard everyone

Ali-have a good break 


Dove-usually dry for the weed n feed but you have to water if it doesn't rain within a few days I think.

Verd- 'fess up- it's not the carrots-you've been down the spray tan place ...



There might be cake here later Verdun - certainly some bread happening this morning as we've run out.  I've got some lovely fresh free range eggs from a colleague's hens, so I think scrambled is the way to go for breakfast this morning.  

And if the wind doesn't blow me over out there, I'm going to pot on the tomatoes 

I bet Molly's looking gorgeous Nut 


Molly is lovely, I'll take a pic later and post. 

Sorry Verdun, no cake today. Got to get gardening


I normally just crawl over the lawn oiking the dandelions out with a pronger thingy, but there's thousands out there at the moment - absolutely thousands! So the dreaded box of stuff has been purchased - we're going away in a couple of weeks and the lawn won't get mowed for a fortnight - if we let the dandelions flower and spread we won't be popular with the neighbour down-wind of us who is very proud of his greensward.

But I'll have to wait for a dry spell - knew I should've done it last week 

Yep Fairygirl...vanity, vanity!

Morning dove, can't beat (well, you can beat eggs) fresh eggs.  My tomatoes are large enough for final planting and runner beans growing outside but temps are not as they should be for vigorous growth

Exciting time of year.....gooseberries, blackcurramts, peaches, blueberries, apples, pears all fruiting.  New coloured leaves on salix Nishiki and Acer flamingo.  A tree to recommend is prunus cistena crimson dwarf..this is a small, richly purple leaved plant with pinky white flowers that persist.  Lovely now but good all summer


Dove-my 'lawn' is not only full of dandelions but moss,daisies, buttercups and bugle (?) as well. Don't think anyone round here bothers to weed, feed or anything -they just cut it. I'm not precious about it either but I like it to at least look like grass....


Good Morning.

Need to get out and prune a monster. Put up bean wigwams and there's always some more weeding. Only found 2 lily beetles yesterday. Have fetched the re-sown runners into the house to see if they'll hurry up. Climbing French & Barlotti are ready to go out. I've not done my carrots yet and I'm wondering whether to bother this year with all the probs reported.

I'm amazed at how much some of you get done each day, think I must spend too much time thinking about the garden and not doing.

Enjoy your day.



Kef, that's only some of them that get a lot done. I spend a lot of time looking. 



Happy hols Ali

Rain forecast here this pm so postponing my visit to the GC til later and will try and get something done outside this morning.

Nut - my peonies are not even close to flowering, although the camellia is getting dangerously close! We seem to be about a fortnight behind the rest of the world (including the bit up the hill about a mile away). But I can see nice fat buds on my irises  - ooh the anticipation!


Chicky I looked to see where you are. Would have expected you to be ahead of us, maybe some paeonies are later. You're ahead of me on the irises


Morning all. Pouring. Half the irises out. Bye for now, off to church.


Nut - yes we are in the sunny south east - but at the bottom of a steep valley - it's finally dawned on me (after 7 years) that we are probably in a "frost pocket" - at the very least we have our own micro-climate.  Now I feel special!!