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Busy Lizzie - photos of your irises would be lovely!  

Is spring over yet? Do we need a new sweethearts thread 


Your own micro climate chicky, that is special.

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Ali have a wonderful hol.

The weather seems lovely here. Blue sky and no wind. Now lets see if it lasts.

My list of too do seems to be getting very long, but I do love just sitting out enjoying my garden-keeping my eyes open for that dangerous red sight- lily beetles.

Chicky I was wondering when we needed Summer stunners thread to start.

You know what I'd love- a big map of UK ( sorry Busy-Lizzie, prehaps another of Europe) Where we could put a little mark to show where we live. My geography isn't too good so that would help me to know where everyone actually is. Including your micro climate Chicky.

Tina this is second day in a row I'm before you- Only because my alarm goes off for me to watch QVC gardening show.

Hope Matty has a wonderful day at Malvern show, what luck with the tickets.

Have a great Sunday all


Bev that's a good idea with the map. It'll help people get a gist of the different conditions we all have too as it makes a huge difference with what we can plant etc.

I'm back in as rain here now so pleased I got a couple more posts in.

Will have to think of something indoors to do...or maybe just go to GC/nursery 



Morning all. 

Bev, I don't mind you beating me to post. I'm not usually asleep, just like listening to the radio.  It never seems the same if I listen when I'm up. 

Dove, know what you mean about the dandelions.  Am inundated with them.  Like you, did think of getting them out, but there's just too many. Grass will have to be treated. 

Not looking too good out there and have no plans to do anything as Granddaughter wll be here in a while.  Doesn't want to watch her brother play football - again. We will have some 'girly' time.

Just noticed the 'Dandelion' thread Dove.  Got some of that treatment in shed.  Was given to me by next door neighbour when they moved.  Am going to try it out.


Anybody got any good ideas on plants that you can take cutting off at this time of the year my garden is over an acre so I want to try and grow as many plants from cuttings as possible.


Although it doesn't look like out it's raining cats and dogs!  And I've loads to do!



Wow Paul - what a view!

on shrubs for cutting - there are lots. Hydrangeas take well, so do viburnums.  I would recommend Carol Klein's book Grow your own garden - it is my current guide to everything on propagation.


Is that a river or a lake there Paul? Looks fantastic. 

Sorry, I'm not the person to answer a cuttings query. I'm still asking the questions.

having coffee break now, would love it on your terrace, but not if it's raining. I have sunshine.



and you could split some of the later flowering perennials, they wouldn't mind that at all.


You only had to ask


it's centered on Ireland at the moment naturally just zoom out to get your bearings and then find yourself when you are in the right place drag a blue marker to the map then click it to give a name and description. It's an unlisted map which means you need the url to access it but it should be open to editing by anyone. i've added my nearest GC to it as well.



Hi Paul- you have a  lot of planting to do! Two things I would ask is what do you have growing already, and have you got deer or rabbits coming in?

I've moved from a rural property and the bunnies ate everything - including all the plants that are apparently rabbit proof so I'd hate to see you spend all that time only to see it eaten! We had to stick with what was there already or make sure it was in raised beds or big containers.

Thanks folks no I live overlooking a lake it is beautifis but a little windy but sure we can't have it all.  I'm going to try to  take cuttings from hydrangeas the soft shoot tips thanks chicky,  just after the coffee nutcutlet so it's into the rain I go.

it is very rural were I live but the bunnies hardly ever seen as there are lots of foxes my mate keeps chickens, he let them out into his garden the other day and out of the bushes a fox came running out grabbed bone and scarpered off withit.  My mate and his dog saw it all they both were dumb founded as normally the dog would chase the fox but it all happened so fast so maybe the bunnies are afraid to come out of their burrows!  




Paul we had a weasel who lived in the bank of the pond so we were always finding dead bodies! Unfortunately he would have needed his entire family plus cousins to keep on top of the rabbits! We were next to farmers fields but we didn't have a dog. Last year there was a fox family across the driveway in a wild bit we had so it helped a bit but they can be a nightmare. 

You'll probably need a bit of  windbreak planting too - the hydrangeas will help. We would have put hedging etc in had we stayed.  As you say- the views are why you're there 

Morning all (just about! It's almost noon)

 very overcast here, don't think it will be long before it rains. Will probably just have time to clean out the chucks before it starts.

Ali, happy hols, hope you have a good time

See you later peeps


Afternoon Woo.

Have just picked all the dandelion flowers. Found the killer stuff but Granddaughter here now so it will have to wait until later.

Paul, I am feeling terribly inferior.  What a view. So many of you have huge gardens, if you can call them that.  More like estates. Happy with my little patch really.

Going to have a go wizzkid Blackest.  How do you get to know all this stuff.  I can just about turn the laptop on.

Oh, lovely, CBBC on.  Do hope there are no episodes of Tracy Breaker today.


Chicky said "Busy Lizzie - photos of your irises would be lovely!" so

 But it's just a patch. There is another patch elsewhere, not out yet.


My plants look like they're still stuck in winter compared with yours BL! We're several weeks behind you anyway I'd guess and this year's worse than usual.

Lovely pic