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The potty gardener

Paulk that is some garden and view.

Lizzie another wonderful pic.

Blackest, thank you- where do I get the blue baloon from??? I wish I knew half as much about it as you do.


I've posted here as I know most people look here. If you are a tomato grower  I'm not a novice but need advice, please will you look at my post from today on PROB SOLVING B& Q compost, I'm getting more than a tad worried as I have 40 plus toms different varieties, for neighbours, family etc. Now sitting in cold greenhouse, on staging, well ventilated and NOT scorched.

blackest should be a red edit button and when you press that the blue balloon should appear on the the top left of the map.


Got my runner beans planted now.  However it is a bit cool and what they really need now is heat.  No point in delaying may not be any warmer next week.  It's funny, it's not just warmth but it's in the DNA of some tender ornamental plants to grow vigorously right now even though the cool conditions should hold them back

Im still not brave enought to put the runner beans out, its very exposed at the allotment so i think i will wait a while. Have had the roof fixed so whilst we has the skip had amajor clear out. Why do keep on to so much clutter?

I never seem to be able to grow french beans from seed, 2 years now and ive failed miserably best i go to the garden centre AGAIN.



Lizzie - I said photos of uh our irises would be lovely - and I was right . Never tire of seeing pictures of your garden!  Irises are one of my favourites - especially the purple and blue ones.  Thanks for indulging me

Came back in from greenhouse at 4.30 for dinner started the day off hanging the washing out at 7am wife in bed then done some weeding. Rain came on at 11.00 so into greenhouse and singled out a 170 Livingstone daisies potted up a senetti plant into a nice pot for wife to show at this Saturday's local agricultural show which she also bakes for and has won the overall cup a few times being a farmers daughter. Now going back out to plant some geraniums and gladioli's that need put into garden then in to chill out and do a bit of reading gardening books my i say before back to work tomorrow.  

Thanks fairygirl, I'm sure we've a few weasels too nut haven't seen any my wee girl wants a rabbit not sure about it now lol.  Might opt for some chickens instead!

thanks Bev and Lizxie that's beautiful there, and is that sunshine I see, that's as close as I'm getting to sun I think.


Andy which show is your local onet? Been to all the Agric. shows round Scotland in my 'former' life! What kind of baking is her forte-you kept that quiet on here-you know what we're all like for our cake!!

And you're still working too hard ...

Paul-if you're getting chickens and there's foxes about - I believe the only method that really works is electric fence.

Went to Homebase today when rain came on. Got a pot for daughter's phormium 'Blackadder'- (yes she loves the programme!) and a few bits and pieces. Was tempted by the half price Hellebores (Verdun!) but managed to resist. Nothing else done outdoors after my fenceposts this morning.

Brightened up a little but still rainy and dull. Done all the b****y housework that needed doing.


Bit late, back , warmed (well lit fire) Bought things on my list and was very firm with myself and did not purchase extras

An obelisk - £14

 And a red dicentra, a delicate dicentra, a couple ofgrasses - stipa gigantea and calamagrostis, Clematis flammula.

Verdun saw Acer Flamingo -wow - in love, It was part of a delphinium display and not for sale but now on wish list

Also a pair of backdoor shoes and some odds and ends. Did see a brunnera, but then couldn' find stand., also the clematis really wanted was a tad pricey

Posting pics on garden gallery thread


Back indoors now - drizzling - potted on about 40 heritage tomato plants - now I really have run out of windowsills - most of them will have to be in the little mini greenhouses during the day and we'll bring them indoors in the evening and we can put them in the studio overnight once OH finishes working in there 

The rain has got all the weeds growing like mad - if it stops raining for 10 minutes tomorrow I'll have to get out there with the hoe, so I've got my feet up while supper's cooking, in order to save my energy for tomorrow 

Oh, look at the time!  That post should be on the Evening thread 


40 tomato plants. That's a lot of tomatoes Dove. 


It's a lot for this garden Nut - these were 10 year old seeds given me by a generous Italophile - we had 98% germination - I've  potted them all on and will give some to a colleague in exchange for some lovely fresh eggs from her hens 

One of the varieties is Anna Russian which I'm told has a habit rather like a trailing squash and will grow from my little veg patch right across my back lawn 


Sounds exciting. Time to get rid of the lawn maybe


Blackest, I think the map thingy is great; how do I grab a blue ballon, sorry am not a techy


Hi Fairygirl local show in our village is Stonehouse and Strathaven next town up the road wife on both committe's her forte in baking is soda scones,dumpling gingerbread,tablet,tray bakes and jams. It's great when the shows are on plenty baking in the house which does not last long. In now till i do my late night check before bed then back to work in the morning got the boys to take to the Davie Cooper football tournament on Sunday all the local schools good day for the boy's and me won it a few times over the last 6 years and got a good team this year should do well.


Hopefully there should be an edit button and when that is pressed the blue balloon should appear (it's a bit hard for me to know how the map appears to anyone else as google knows who I am.) If the edit button doesn't appear i may need to change permissions for the map.

must be working there are a few new pins theres 2 in the middle of the irish sea thou



The potty gardener

Before edit appeared I had to log on (I think it was) that was just my hotmail details. Then edit appearedI'm wondering if the link could be on a thread of it's own so it doesn't get lost Blackest?


I shall have a go at this


Go ahead and start a thread Bev it was your idea, looks like it works ok.  Might as well make it easy to find.