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Morning all  sun's shining here in Norfolk but there's rain forecast later, so tomato plants will go into the mini greenhouse for the day as I've got to go to work.

There's a lot of snuffling and grunting coming from the inside of one of the hedgehog houses - wonder what's going on in there?


Dove - I think it's that Verdun's moved in with you- he heard there was cake going...

Morning all. Daren't look out the window after yesterday!

Andy- it's an Ark we'll be needing never mind a boat. Mind you, that'll make the trip down to Cornwall easier won't it...


Morning FG

If it's Verdun he's very small, quite noisy and he's in the wrong place for cake - they only get hedgehog biccies, peanuts, banana chips and mealworms out there  - he'll have to come indoors and pull up a chair at the table to get cake 


Good Morning. Bright & sunny here, still cool. Started off like this yesterday and then teemed down later on. Things looking refreshed in the garden and will inspect later. I still need to put up wigwams and continue weeding. Nothing to pot on as yet.

Dove, hope the hedgehogs haven't got colds. Seems most people I've spoken to have some sort of sniffles going on.

Oh just heard forecast, sunshine & heavy showers for today. If it wasn't May I'd feel cold. 


KEF- I'm hoping today might feel more like March because yesterday was like January 

Not much chance of doing owt in t' garden today by the looks of things. More drawing and doodling and planning then 

Daughter's curtains need making...

Dove-do you have cake for breakfast....I'll get in the car right now...


Morning everyone.

Wet here.  Still warmish.  But very windy (the weather!) and very wet soon and for rest of the day

Andy, yes not too far from Carbis Bay.

No gardenIng planned today anyway but I guess the rain will help my newly planted stuff so every cloud has a silver lining!!


Every cloud Verd-we have them here....

Off to work now...Pouring here-the robin had wellies on when he came for his breakfast ...

Oh!  Got agastache Blue Boa coming today.  Not sure exactly where they will go but want to put one next to geum tangerine dream.  Got a yellow santolina.......lemon prob put the other agastache behind that.  So, I guess I do know where they are going..........

Always exciting getting plants delivered


Morning early birds and those to follow. Had a hissy fit last night as internet not working for over 4 hours.  Bl..dy BT.  Should have put my foot down and stuck with AOL.

I think someone has passed on their bug to me as I am feeling under the weather this morning.  Headache, sneezing, generally woolly headed.  Will be doing what I normally do - nothing.



Oh dear Tina, hope it's not a bad cold, keep warm, lemon and honey.

All Verdun's plants sound exciting. I have some of them but not the same varieties, not so much choice here in France. Though he said he had an echinacea Papaya the other day and I've just bought an echinacea Guava Ice, which is similar, a bit paler. Here's a google photo as I thought it looked rather pretty and unusual.




Good morning everyone. Just decided to leave Toms in G/H; it's too cold and windy for them outside. I suppose I'll have to start hardening them off again next wek when it may be warmer


Morning -Sorry Afties

late, WW day and OH temper day, and dog is unhappy, we think he's hurt but can't find where, sorry for himself and won't be left. OH went to fetch me from WW and son says he just kept yapping. Anyone any good with dog psychology?

Did I see we are off to Cornwall to see Verdun's garden?? I'm visiting Cornwall end of June beginning of July = is that any good for dates all?

Waiting for the high winds and rain Is anyone suffering it yet?

Brought toms, peppers and stuff into house last night will leave them here till this weather system has gone, then I really will have to set to and put them in their final resting places.


BL-  are you sure that's a plant in your garden or is it the inside of Tina's head.....

We still have the wind and rain Matty- will gladly forward it.....

The potty gardener

Afternoon all. Stupid Internet not working this morning. We have a gray day with light rain so far. None of the storms yet which have been forecast.


Hi Bev, who are you with?  Was offline for over 4 hours last night and about the same on Saturday.  Not used to having problems.

FG, I don't mind being like BL's lovely plant. 



Tina have you turned bright pink too?  

BT are every way.

Clearing up here-must have waved my and hard enough. Friend going on hols this week and it's always good when she's away.

Told her not to come back till october.....


Tina, I'm sure you are as pretty as my plant. It hasn't flowered yet, looking forward to seeing if it's like the internet one.


Afternoon everyone,

Just got in ,resemble drowned rat,had to collect car from garage,their car park was under water,forced to paddle.Drains along road full and overflowing,think we must have had a cloudburst.


Well, I think the colour of the plant would go with the name. Did used to wear it a rather bright red, but have calmed down in my old age.

That is a lovely plant though BL.  I have put it on my list to see if they have one at the GC, as and when I get there.  Have to wait for Winter to finish first.

What I found really annoying last night FG was that the helpline was a call centre!!  Nuff said. Just went round and round in circles as they asked the same questions over and over again which were all in the 'troubleshooting' booklet that came with the modem.  In the end, I refused to go through it all again.    Chap last night told me they had only been on a crash course and all they could do was follow the book. ( 'Doh' smilley). Said he would get an engineer to call me today. Got a call this morning, guess who from.

Have made a complaint to BT.

Look on the bright side GillyL.  You won't have to wash your feet tonight.


Never thought of that Tina T just goes to show theres always a silver lining.