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BT's 'customer service'...isn't.

And good luck with your'll never hear from them. They are unbelievable. We had dreadful trouble with them when my Dad died as they kept 'not cutting off' the phone no matter how often we told them. They eventually  threatened us with court and I told them they could whistle for it. Guess what-they owed us money. Barely even said sorry to us. What made it even worse was that my Dad died while talking on the phone to my sister.

I won't repeat here what I think of them..but I expect you can guess.

Sun is shining and I need to make dinner. Hope the birds are enjoying all the food I spilt on the gravel earlier...


Fairygirl, I was so sorry to read your story about your father and BT. I love taking on big corporations who behave badly; a friend who I share a bottle with every week always asks me who I'm after at the moment. I used to get so angry, but now I treat it (for my health's sake) as a chess game.

Bt have changed there delivery system yesterday for BT Vision (a television thingy that enables you to record and see iplayer stuff on your TV not the computer) so I lost all my recordings, which I expected, but my TV would not go on. Spent an hour on the phone to Mumbai last night (free) and the instruction booklet for the new system arrived TODAY in the post; how could they get it that wrong?

My current 'bete noire' is Scottish Power who are unable to get my address right. I have pointed out to them that writing down an address correctly is far easier than delivering electricity to thousands of homes, and asked them; should I be worried?


Morning all it's a bit of a chilly 4C out there but looks like a day with potential. The under gardener wasn't impressed with this early start to the day and refused to move from her basket. is my

Today is my new nieces 21st birthday and here she is

 21 days old today

Have a great day

Morning all it's cool here but sun trying to get out here's hoping just checked and all is fine around the garden & greenhouses. Now it's off to work and if it stays dry will help the kids in the school garden today as they have 5 planters to weed and fill with plants  & veg have good day all. Blackest great photo best age don't talk back to yet at that age  best of luck to your niece and happy birthday.


Good morning all   Wet and chilly here but some blue sky to the west so fingers are crossed.

She is gorgeous Blackest 



Morning all - we survived last night's wind - but frost forecast tonight .  Will have to do the fleece thing in the GH, as all my plants have grown too big to have the propagator covers put on.

Work again today, but 48 teeny lavender plants arrived yesterday, so will have to do something with them when I get home this evening.

What a cutie, Blackest -Happy Birthday to her


morning all,its not raining!

Lovely picture Blackest ,brightens up the day.


Blackest, lovely baby

Blustery but curiously warm in the Fens, just dashed out in dressing gown to turn off paraffin heater in G/H. Have re-planted dwarf French and runner beans in the hope that something might germinate, but am keeping them on kitchen window sill so I can give them encouraging talks.


Artjak, like the sound of encouraging talks to encourage growth of beans,do you think they would appreciate music?

Morning folks....sunny n blue sky at moment.  Try to get rest of my lilies in pots planted sometime today.

Hiya Fairygirl.  That was a sad story about your dad.  Last thing you needed was treatment like that from BT.  Have good day today.

Hope everyone survived that storm last night



She is so tiny right now, practically doll sized, hands are so small she can barely grab my little finger.


Lovely cheery picture Blackest on such a miserable day.

Artjak & Gilly, my runners ( 2nd attempt) are in the conservatory and if they don't show soon I'm going to swear at them. Or worse I'll sing to them.

Morning all. No gardening for me today weather poor to say the least but can't moan too much as some of you have had far worse. Are we sure it's not Wimbledon fortnight? Usually throws it down here when it's on.

Whatever you do hope it goes well.


Morning all. Lovely pic blackest- yes too young to give you any cheek!

Dry here just now- more rain to come later..

Art- Is that why my tomatoes are so big??? Trouble is I don't know what it is they like then...they've had everything from Mozart to Regina Spektor to musicals!

Maybe the ones that were slow heard me on the phone to council then...


It seems most people have beans in the conservatory at the moment,KEF have decided to let mine listen to the radio.if no sign of growth by Sunday am going to let them listen to the Archers Omnibus edition.


Everywhere I have to put plants is full to tomatoes, so my beans are going in direct this coming weekend, so they can germinate while we're in Cornwall - just need a dry weekend to sow them 

Right, off to work now - see you later - have a good day folks 



Bye dove- I'm off soon too. Both my girls have exams today....glad it's not me 

One at uni- statistics  and one at school Intermediate biology


GillyL, am member of local choir; I have a rusty old alto voice; what do you recommend that I sing to encourage the beans, would the French beans like excerpts from Carmen (in the original French)? I can't imagine what runner beans would like, 'Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run'? Perhaps


Artjak,I think the runners might enjoy a rendition of "Climb every mountain"(could substitute beanpole for mountain),not sure about the French beans,will give it some thought!


Maybe "raindrops keep falling on my head".

Exams again, good luck to all.

Fairy just gone back and read your Dad awful. When my Dad died I rang to cancel his occ' pension, explained beneficiary had died..daft woamn couldn't do it on phone unless she spoke to the person whose pension it was. I was so angry I told her they didn't have a bloody phone in the morgue.

Dove in case I forget later, enjoy your hols. Same to all who're off on jollies.