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There is another thread for all the complaints and grumbles called MOB rants that Gardening Grandma started. But I think some of you have been there already!


Gosh lovely day and the grumps seem to be out 

Never mind it is good to get things off your chest as they say

About shrubs, friends that visited yesterday live in Queensland OZ. She has tropical rain forest in their garden. they buy shrubs in OZ and she says even there they grown double the size the labels say

Not that problem here, sometimes difficult to get things to grow.


Morning all,

Bright and sunny morning ,next door neighbour was out last night planting grapevines in containes in the middle of the garden,did try to telll him,but he seems to think he will be making his own vintage of wine later in the year,will watch with interest. 

Morning all cold and overcast this morning hopefully get better as day goes on wife bought a new gas BBQ yesterday asked her if we are moving she said why i said cause we need sunshine to use it. Anyway built the BBQ last night then planted an azalea in my front garden i got from a friend at work who done away with a bit of her garden off to work now have a good day all.


Good morning everyone  

A little less chilly here this morning - down to 5C last night again but up to 10C already this morning.  

Better clear some space in your wine cellar Gilly - he'll have so much he'll need to share 



Morning Gilly, Andy, Dove.

Its Friday

Had a trip to the GC yesterday lunchtime, and succumbed to temptation - one of the fancy aquilegias with great long spurs.  The wild ones do really well here, so will see how their rarified cousins get on.  Our wisteria is just beginning to show the colour of its flowers - and one of my alliums is sneaking his head out of his flower bud.  Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I think it is nearly summer .....


Just waiting to see him treading the grapes Dove.

Summer, Chicky,does,nt that sound good,note to self ,get husband to charge up camera batteries so we don,t miss it.


I can see a whole gardening day just starting with nothing else booked. Maybe get rid of some more nettles. If I can get a few things out of pots into the ground it will relieve the pressure on space. It's not just this year's plants out there, I can see one of those little lilacs just coming into flower. Had to dig it up last year to make way for a drainage pipe, It's still in the pot. It's a very large pot so will need a very large hole. 


Morning all. Sunny here-not quite sure what to wear- it's been such a long time since it was warm enough to go without fleeces and jackets 

Chicky-summer- we'll keep it under our hats...along with our shades...

We need to have spring first though...


B......r spring lets go straight to summer.

Beautiful sunny morn here. Hope everyone enjoys their day

Two big events today

The queen is visiting st ives

Im visiting my local supermarket

....wonder who will get most cheers. 



Verd- hip hip hurray!! Can you do my shopping for me....

You could always go and try and flog her some Hellebores..

Maybe she's coming to find you to give you that Knighthood....


Hope you,ve got your best hat ready Verdun,

I think you are right fairygirl. I know I deserve a knighthood....I care so much for me that it should be more widely recognised.

Have lovely day Fairygirl......( sir Verdun!  Sounds right doesn't it?)


I think he's more of a Baron - Baron Verdun of the Hellebores  


Right, off to work - have a good day folks 



GillyL-we didn't get invites....I got a new hat specially 

You have a good day too Sir V 

Bye Dove!


Hello - I'm back again - the GP surgery have just phoned to change my appointment to Monday as the Doc I was seeing is off sick  I'm not an urgent case so I've got another appointment for Monday afternoon.  And I've got a visit this side of the city at 10.30 and some TOIL owing, so I'll stay home and eat toast for a bit 

For heaven's sake folks.......decisions, decisions.  I don't want to draw attention to my knighthood.......I DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT MY HUMBLE BUT WELL DESERVED ROYAL RECOGNITION.  

(I intend to put some stickers for my windscreen.....baron Verdun, sir's difficult )

Oops! Dishes to do


We,ll just have to watch i ton telly Fairygirl.I,m a bit worried I won,t recognise Verdun,will she be the one on one knee kneeling under a raised sword?