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Congratulations to you and your wife Andy,I think 3rd overall is a great achievement.

Its lovely and warm here and have been sitting out in the garden,will raise another glass to toast your sucess.


Busy-Lizzie,  thanks for that link.   I now know why I hadn't heard of it, as I note they moved there in 1999, which is well after I left the region... I used to drive through there nearly every day, very local to me....  going back to the 1960's even...

the garden looks and sounds delightful... they've obviously done a marvellous job with it...


Congrats on the show results

Have been gardening/ cleaning caravan all day. had to clean caravan pipes so a bit tedious. 

Planted out the other front border, the other side to the shrubs. Not complete as I am waiting for some plants to come but decided to make a start as i had the 3 'backbone' grasses - stipa gigantea, stipa tenuissima, calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'

Also put in 2 rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' , may put in another, some lychnis (red) as a stop gap. have an echnacea 'Hot Summer' but not mature enough to go in and on order are achillea and sedum

Done other stuff as well and am now shattered.

i think I've said we are heading to Cornwall end of June/beg of July. Longest holiday we have had for years because of restraints of Mother. 2 1/2 weeks 

Aiming to see lots of garden and have a paddle

Wife now home and got the cards here's the results.

First Iced cup cakes

Second's Rocky road squares,Highlander biscuit's,Tomato chutney,Handmade article of jewellery,Snapshot water theme[which was a photo from our silver wedding in the Maldives].

Third's Dumpling,Egg sponge,Apple cake,Double meringues.

If only could have turned second's into first's her best pal took first so she was very happy for her good day had by all roll on next year.Wife says thank you all for your kind words wishes she could share the cakes with you all if local sorry




I'm local Andy....

Well done to your wife but I understand why she'e a bit disappointed- showing of any kind is like that. Glad you all got plenty of prizes!


...I'll have an iced cup cake, a rocky road square and double meringues... please...

..well done...


Dumpling Andy?

In the south thats what goes in the stew,I guess the competition was,nt for that and it is something quite different up North.

Here's the winner of the flower section.

Photo of Iced cup cakes & Dumpling.


 Enjoy everyone take a little bit each.


Andy 19 Love the cup cakes Am not familiar with that kind of dumpling Are those sultanas? Does it get boiled like savoury dumplings?


Looks like a christmas pudding


WellWell I'm sooo tired. Hubby and I have spent the day dog proofing the lawn area of the garden. ALowell pleased with the result. So a glass of wine and bed. Next week dog proof the veggie patch lol. Nn all. Zzzzzzzzz


Morning all bit of a grey start but sun is barely up so it may improve.


Morning all same here blackest hope it picks up got school boys football at 9am biggest for schools in this area called the Davie Cooper Tournament. Got a good team a little bit of luck should go close won it a few times over the last 6 years got 2 boys on Rangers books and 1 on Airdrie's it's age 10/12 7 a side hope it stays dry have a good day all.



As predicted, weather is lousy again today, had to put the CH on again, brrrr.



Beautiful out there this morning if a little cool. Sunny with a hint of mist. A good gardening day. 

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Woke very early and got on with the washing after our holiday and by six the washing lines were full.  I'm glad to report that it is a nice day here in Wales because there's a load more to go out later!

Amazing how the garden has developed since we went away. There's not a lot on flower - I'll have to work out how to fill the gap between the spring flowers and thr summer flowering perennials. There are dicentra, and the hellebores are STILL flowering, and there are lots of aquilegias, with buds on the paeonies. There's a gorgeous scented viburnum, too, can't remember what it is called, with white flowers like snowballs. I have 19 plants as a souvenir of Dorset, though some are small and need to grow on in pots before planting. So it'll be an orgy of gardening later, after church and a scratch lunch of whatever is in the freezer- haven't shopped yet and don't feel like wasting a lovely day like this on shopping.

I've enjoyed reading the conversations from the last day or so. Congratulations, Andy and Andy's wife. Hope everyone had a good week.


Good morning Nut - yes it's gorgeous here too this morning - blackbird on the fence seranading us.  I've got a line of washing out and as soon as we've had some breakfast I shall be out there putting up the canes for the runner beans and sowing them direct -  by the time we come back from our hols I shall expect to see them peeking through the soil 

That lovely dumpling looks like a Clootie Dumpling to me - Scots origin - boiled in a cloth (or cloot - ne'er cast a cloot 'til May be out means don't remove a layer of cloth or clothing until the May blossom is out) .  I had delicious Clootie Dumpling on Skye - it sets you up for the summer weather up there 



Sorry GG - didn't see you there - glad you've had a lovely holiday - I'm getting a little concerned about ours - not a lot of plant room in the car when the top's down - we shall either have to have the top up on the way back, or I shall have to put plants on the passenger seat and OH will have to jog along behind