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My car was chosen for its plant/compost carrying space Dove. The last one had a catch where the boot lid came down, put there especially for ripping open bags of compost as they came out.

Dove your right Clootie Dumpling son loves his fried with his breakfast which mum does what son ask's as you all do.Daughter likes her's as a pudding with custard and am not that found of it maybe a very small bit rarely we take the baking to our work places because there's that much. GG great going on holiday but it's a busy few days back to catch up on things like washing,gardening and my pet hate all the bills in the post behind the door to greet you back but it's worth it just to get away.

Gardening Grandma

Know what you mean, Nut. Mine has a similar device!

Thanks, Dove. Have a lovely holiday - looks like you'll have better weather than me!  We had a good time, though. We brought the plants back in two large cardboard boxes on the floor of the caravan. I've been in the garden this morning looking at them and salivating over the gorgeous foliage colours - I'm trying to introduce lime greens and deep purples. Now longing to take up the rest of the lawn and get planting!


My new one has a huge boot (when the top's not down) and OH hasn't had a problem getting the bags out in one piece so far so is fine for bags of compost , but when the top is down it occupies most of the boot and, as you saw the other day, luggage has to fit on the back seat  and plants in the foot wells. 

I'm "not allowed" to haul bags of compost around since I slipped a disc last year 3 days before my daughter's wedding  (but what he doesn't know doesn't hurt  eh! )


Andy, I'm sure Dumpling for breakfast would stay by you all day!  You wouldn't need much of a pack up for lunch 


Morning everyone

What plants did you get gardenIng grandma?  Like the idea of foliage colours too.


What plants have you got your sights on Dove?  Another little nursery is at Gulval near Penzance.  It's called Churchtown Nurseries.  Not so much little rarities but run by an energetic and passionate grower.  It used to be owned by a guy who regularly won gold medals at Chelsea.  

Got  loads of planting done yesterday so the forecast rain for tomorrow will settle them in nicely.  Sunny and warm right now...more cloud than yesterday though.

Wont be gardenIng today but busy no doubt.  

Have good day folks


Looking for hardy perennials Verdun (little ones that will fit in the car).  I looked at the website of the one on at Lizard that you mentioned a while back, Cross Common Nursery - they have a lovely pink sysirinchum   

And, news of the day, I've just ordered myself a little pointy onion hoe - it's just what I need for reaching across the Shady Bank and grubbing out infiltrators from next door - mainly Common Soapwort, which is fine in small doses, but doesn't understand about less being more 

Hiya dove.  Got a white non seeding Sisyrinchium ..lovely but short lived so needs regular splitting.  Full of gems at lizard.  


Hiya Verdun  Thought we'd visit there one day and go on to the Pasty Shop for some of those wonderful pasties for a picnic lunch - does the Nursery have a coffee shop?


Morning all. Think I need one of those hoes Dove-in a large size for children....

I can just picture your hubby running along behind...

Glad you had a good hol GG. Send some of those limes and purples up to me- it's a great combo.

My Mum used to make clootie dumpling and yes it was a common thing for breakfast-we didn't have croissants in Scotland then! Not my thing although I love fruit cake and Christmas pud. I think that's what my (English) Dad liked about Scotland -the baking!

Dull here but supposed to brighten up. Got washing out anyway. Bought some stuff for my fence yesterdayat B&Q - and a nice little bargain of 3 tomato plants for 20p ! They are on daughter's window getting a little tlc 

Believe it or not - north west Highlands are getting the best weather in Britain today...don't blink you'll miss it..

Gardening Grandma

Thanks, Andy, for your comments. You must have been typing at the same time as me. Quite agree about the pile of post awaiting you, especially as my front dor has no clearance over a pile of post and we practically have to break in!

Have a great time finding plants, Dove - it is a major part of the holiday for me. I love finding local NGS open gardens. too, and got five nice plants for £3 this time in a small village garden. If we find an open village, my holiday is made! OH claims that if it were left to him, he would mow the borders, but I notice he has started to take an interest in buying plants and looking around gardens. He's now rather proud that I'm an 'expert' gardener - which I most definitely am not, though I'm learning. We took advantage of two-for-one entry to Abborsbury sub-tropical gardens and I got lovely plants there.

This is what I got, Verdun - and thanks for asking, I was dying to list them! They need different conditions, but my little garden has astonishing different zones, from dry, sunny (!) and quite sandy to rather boggy, with a mixture of soils because the garden has been well-cultivated in the past, then paved, then the paving taken up again. Much of the soil is really lovely stuff, fairly neutral. There's no deep shade.

Euphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow'.

Lobelia fulgens 'St. Elmo's Fire.'

Nepeta 'Blue Dreams.'

Achillea 'Moonshine.'

Salvia nemorosa 'Rubecca.'

Ligularia 'Britt Marie Crawford.' (Beautiful foliage but I'm told it spreads like a weed).

Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna.'

Melittis 'Royal velvet Distinction'.

Penstemon 'Husker Red.'

Salvia 'African Sky.'

Primula 'Garriarde Guinevere.'

Iris sibirica 'White Swirl.'

And one whose label I've lost! It came from the open garden. I bought more than one of a couple of plants, too. Plus, I've got lots of seedlings.

Epic taking up of lawn and planting session to come!







What a lovely list GG - watch that lobelia with the slugs - they polished mine off in one night   (not in this garden I might add).

Gardening Grandma

Came back expecting my hostas to have been decimated, Dove, but they are mostly OK. I'll keep fighting them - haven't used any slug pellets, either.

Hiya gardening grandma

I know what you mean about the pleasure of listing your plants

Penstemon Huskers red is a favourite of mine....the sunnier the spot the redder the leaf will be. It's a classy penstemon.  I have white swirl floweriing  right now.  Quite long floweriing too. Salvias are a favourite your African sky the same as uliginosa?  

Can just imagine the achillea, salvias and nepeta together too.

Enjoy your "epic" planting time


Welcome back GG - sounds like you had a lovely time. And what a list of treasures! I have Caradonna - flowered like mad last year, and has come up nicely this year too. Love the euphorbia as well - little bit of orange goes a long way

Andy, hope your boys score lots of goals and come home happy.

... and I have one of those handy compost bag openers in my boot too - they should market them as a feature.  They do the job for bird seed bags too (ever tried removing 10million Niger seeds from a boot with a black carpet ??)

Planting, feeding and weeding on the list for me today  - with breaks for helping with maths revision (will end in tears ) and working through the washing baskets!



Morning All

Yesterday I was wndering what plants I could get to fill the gap between spring and summer as well. Although all the new planting looks green it really needs some flower as well, full sun so not aquilegia.

Today i have to finish off cleaning caravan before we set off on Wednesday - We had work done on it over winter and it is a bit of a mess. Nothing in it though so easy to move around. We usually leave some things in it but after last years wet took everything out for the winter.

We have a compost bag opener in our car as well, so I have learnt now to play the feeble female card so that strong men come and put them in and miss the cartch. Still have to get them out when home though - feeble female doesn't work with OH 

Hiya matty

What about euphorbia Polychroma?  Mine grow in full sun and love it.  So luminous,with it's chrome,yellow mound of foliage.

I have a dicentra spec Alba growing,in full sun too....if you put plenty of goodness in the soil to hold some moisture it will do well.

Pinks?  They will love sun.  I have a few in flower but they all flower soon anyway.  And,that,foliage colour?  Lovely blue.  Stick it next to campanula dicksons,gold....a mound of yellow foliage and 

Had a lovely trip to the Donkey sanctuary at Sidmouth in the pouring rain last Tuesday. We had to go as it was a coach trip booked ages ago/ Cant remember the last time we got so wet. Still recovering as i now have earache and a sore throat. Managed to get to the allotment yesterday and picked the first asparagus, wonderful..And of coursr more rhubarb.

I dont seem to be very succesful with Dicentra but my hostas are beautiful. Guess we cant be good at everything


"they do the job for bird seed bags too (ever tried removing 10million Niger seeds from a boot with a black carpet ??)".

I would put a new bag in the hoover and hover them out, then empty the bag into a plastic bag. Don't think the birds would mind the odd dust particle.


Matty, most of my aquiligias are in full sun, even the self-seeded ones, they don't seem to mind.