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Pennine Petal

My aquilegias too Matty. Right at the top of my garden getting sun most of the day, I notice they anow going to flower soon and the ones in the sun are the furthest on.


Glad you had a good holiday GG. Lovely to see your list. That is one of the troubles with buying plants in France. They sell the varieties but not the named varieties. Sometimes plants are even sold by the French common name, not the latin one. Or something like a penstemon or a delphinium is sold just by colour, not named.

We are going to England in June, but will have to limit plant buying a bit, not much room left!


Got some vine eyes and wires up for the espalier pear at last so I can remove the canes and tie the branches in properly.  Had to get help from OH as I messed two vine-eyes up and bent them  

I've dug in a heap of FYM and the wigwam is up and the bean seeds are in - I decided on a wigwam this year as I'll grow a few less runners and put some dwarf  french beans in as well when we get back from our hols.


Hello everyone.

Enjoyed seeing your list of plants GG.

Not sure exactly when you go on holiday Dove,but have a great time,look forward to seeing your plant shopping list on your return.

Very warm here today,not bright sun,but pleasant enough to sit outside.Runner bean wigwam is up and planted beans yesterday afternoon.French beans are going in tomorrow.

Pooted up all geraniums.

Looking forward to watching Chelsea this week,am recording as well as watching in case there are any ideas I want to pinch and need to look at again.

Enjoy the rest of the day all.


Setting off on Friday morning Gilly - it must seem as if I've been on about it for ages 



Not at all,if I was off to Cornwall I would be talking about it too.Where abouts are you actually going?,sorry if said before I must have missed it/


Just back from Hardy plant Society sale in Sheffield Botanical gardens. Nice chats to lots of very knowledgeable people. very restrained only bought a couple of plants for my woodland. Decided its time I joined the society.

Now settling down to a miserable afternoon hoping my team can qualify for the Champions league,


Dove, have a fab holiday


Thanks  we're renting a cottage between Falmouth and The Lizard, in a wooded valley by a lake 

Artjak, you're the nearest - if you've nothing else to do you could pop over and water my plants    (looks around and ducks in case of flying objects tee hee)


Busy day - aching back, shoulder etc but caravan is now clean 

Have moved decorative pots into final positions ( I think) Have planted white cosmos and campion into white borders. planted peas and sowed some. Put out 2 of the hanging baskets.

Will make yet another garden plant list - thanks for suggestions - I'm getting quite excited about what the new perennial border will look like - even if there are a few annuals this year - leaves plenty of room for impulse purchases.

Verdun my eremurus seems Ok, sprouting leaves anyway 


Got caught again just bought

stocks, busy lizzie, verbena, chelosia, alyssum

anyone know the best spacing for these plants ? couldnt help it €2 a pack



Dove, I would love to but you are Norwich and I am 55 miles away at the nether end of Norfolk, on the cusp of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire - even my postal address is Cambs, which annoys me, but we are all at the mercy of the Royal Mail - they keep changing my post code too.


Good morning all   5C last night, 12C this morning   still quite cold overnight so the tomatoes are staying indoors in the studio while we're away - Italophile says they'll be ok, so Artjak, you're excused watering duty - do you really think a round trip of 100 miles a time is excessive  (only teasing ).

It's mizzly here at the moment, almost a sea fret - hopefully it'll brighten up before too long.

Morning all lucky Dove going on holiday enjoy yourself well nothing done in the garden at the weekend Sat rained the whole day and Sunday boys football beat in the semi final but great day. This weekend holiday weekend off from Thur to Tues so plenty of time in the garden loads to do feel am behind now after doing nothing at the weekend have a good day all.


Morning everyone,

Still basking in the success of a weekend where LOADs got done !  Mizzly here too, but just done the garden walkround anyway.  Lupins and peonies need a daily inspection, as they about to burst their buds any day, and don't want to miss it !

Forecast dry for tomorrow - got my afternoon at Chelsea, so fingers crossed it doesn't get spoilt by the rain.  It is one of the highlights of my year



Hi Andy - posts crossed - glad your boys did well !

Gardening Grandma

Morning, everyone. Quite nice still, weather-wise, at the moment,so I'm hoping for good progress in taking up that lawn. We're doing it in stages and planting each area before we move on to the next. I also have hanging baskets to plant and a LOT of seedlings growing on in modules which will need to be potted on agaiin over the next couple of weeks.

Chicky, that morning garden tour is very important! My paeonies are about to burst into flower, too. (it must be a sign of my age that I still spell that flower with the extra a!  )  One bit of good news yesterday ws that the clematis Jackmanii Superba planted last year to grow through a jasmine and that seemed to be dead has emerged alive and well. Maybe it just comes through later than some other clematis? Actually, I was thinking of taking out the jasmine. It is a bit tender and doesn't really seem to be thriving.

Well, those are my great garden thoughts for the day! Have a good day, everyone, especially those poor souls who have to go to work.


That'll be me GG 

Dry just now but we might be getting rain again later...typical!

Have been painting a large terracotta pot for a phormium to go in. Looking quite good and may do a few more. At least I won't need to use the pickaxe to put it in like I did the other day with the clematis- my back still hasn't recovered 

Hope you all have a good day. GG take care when you're lifting your grass...of course you're only 27 so it shouldn't be a problem 

Good morning all,

Overcast and drizzly here, but its what the gardens and allotments need, warmth and a bit of drizzle is perfect for growing stuff. 

Ive been awake since 2am this morning,  I had an awful nightmare and didn't want to go back to sleep as I was scared I would dream it again, then the dream faded from my mind as I focused thinking about our allotment and my friends wedding we went too.  Then, my mind started racing, I got so excited that I finally have a greenhouse, ive been waiting years to get it.  But alas, that kept me awake further. 

Then, around 2.30am/3am two birds started singing, of course it sounded louder than normal due to lack of traffic etc. but they kept me awake from then through to around 4.30am where I noticed it was starting to get light. The dawn chorus was in full swing by then and I gave up trying to get back to sleep choosing instead to turn on my kindle and have a little read of Gardeners World website.

By 5am I was ready to get up and, thought about getting some washing done but I didnt want to disturb hubby so I laid there until the alarm went of at 6am.  Where I feel asleep for 1/2hr before dragging my very tired bum out of bed.

Now, Im at work, eating breakfast before the troups arrive, wondering how Ill get through today - Yawn!

HAGD all and hope you got more sleep than me last night.


Right, off to work - OH at home today so in charge of mollycoddling tomatoes - only two more work days after today 

Have a good day folks - hope the mizzle dries up quickly