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Morning all,  I was hoping to start rescuing my wrongly dug vegetable patch (explained in a fruit and veg post because I did not know how to dig one properly to start with) but "rain stopped play".  So I'm just looking at it sorrowfully from a distance as I have the day off.

Good morning everyone. Lots of rain overnight by the looks of it and looking fairly drab this morning. It's a work day for me so no gardening today.

have a good day peeps!

Good morning forkers

Not so sunny but warm and dry.  Things really growing now.  

As usual, they got the weather forecast wrong again.  Often down here that happens.  It's meant warmer drier comditions ....looks promising for week ahead.  Hoping dove gets good weather for her stay in Cornwall

Been pulling off the dead daffodil foliage and the "tidyness" is returning....viz.  I can see the emerging summer plants and they have more room to grow properly

Have nice day folks


Morning all bit of a dull start but not too cold got a load of bedding to put out where exactly I don't know which they gave you spacings for bedding plants

Hiya blackest

Domt think spacings are tooooooo important.  I guess I do it by spontaneous judgement......sounds rather grand, doesn't it?......probably by hand span, finger to thumb.  They have enough room to thicken out but close enough to knit together.



Morning everyone,

Windy here again today,,hopefully it will calm down a bit later.

Off to GC for OH to get some more plants for his pond,irises I think.I may have to force myself to purchase one or two items.!....would like some more French lavender and alpines for newly replanted stone sink and.............

Have a good day all



Bank holiday today, Pentecost Monday. Looked at English calender and it's next Monday. Why? It's meant to be for Whitsun or Pentecost? Strange.

Going to lunch with son. He and his wife bought a house with a large garden that has never been a garden, Like a rough field on a slope. Landscape man coming this afternnoon so son wants me to talk to him.

That sounds exciting busy lizzie.   


Morning. Early bird today. Someone keeps waking me around about 5.30 and usually, I eventually manage to drop off again, but not today.  So am feeling very annoyed.  Why does anyone need to get up at such an unearthly hour just to sit and watch tv, 

Drizzling rain today so won't be weeding today.  Don't think the rain I am having is going to make a mark.

FG what are you painting your pot with? Have a couple of uninteresting ones so quite like the idea of doing that.


Good morning all.

Dull here, 15 degrees outside, doesn't feel like it. Off delivering tom plants to friends as I can't move in GH for them. Cumbers still indoors & will have to be potted on, I so wish it would warm up and stay that way.


Good heavens KEF, 15° in Yorkshire and only 12° in Dordogne!

Gardening Grandma

Perhaps we could plant annuals in the handbags!

Blinking raining!!! Looks like potting on under cover is the only gardening that will get done today.

Morning TT. Sorry about the early morning TV, though I am married to a man who gives concerts (hymns only) in his sleep at around 3 a.m., so am having difficulty working up sympathy for someone who gets woken at 5.30.  I used to contemplate murder, but now sigh philosophically and remember that I don't have to go to work in the morning. That's before the semi-strangulation.

BL, it is Pentecost weekend here, too, but the British Bank Holiday has been separated from the religious celebration so that it can happen at a regular time every year. Easter and Pentecost are calculated from the Jewishs calendar, which has lunar months. That's why Easter moves around each year. Sorry if you knew this!


GG, watch the news.

Kevin Adams wrote (see)

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SwissSue wrote (see)

Re Spam above, have sent this PM to this guy and reported him to Moderator:

"Get off this site and go somewhere where you have to pay for your advertising! You have been reported to the Moderator and will be chucked off! Bloody cheek!!!!"

Re Spam above, have sent this PM to this guy and reported him to Moderator:

"Get off this site and go somewhere where you have to pay for your advertising! You have been reported to the Moderator and will be chucked off! Bloody cheek!!!!"


Well done Swiss Sue,just realised I don,t know how to report to Moderator,what do you do?



Scroll right down, under number of message, left hand side.


Thanks TT,thats about the only place I did,nt look


Feeling down in dumps, even though Tree Peony opened first bloom.

Been to Mum's and due to rain her Hosta bed is overrun with buttercups & dandelion, the beds I did last week are at it again..and to cap it I've had to buy runner beans as my 2 attempts have been no show..just rotted, or didn't germinate, I didn't over water, they've had warmth and beans weren't old. Peas in garden have been nibbled and French beans toughening up on patio have been pecked.

Right moan over. At least I'm not selling handbags for a living!

Tomorrow's another day.


Talking of "Gone With The Wind",the wind here has dropped hooray.....

KEF keep your chin up but it makes you angry think that's life good days and bad days. Think i've got slugs with wings  always checking my garden & pots came in at dinner time today and their's a slug in one of my hosta pots which sits on a wall butt 4ft off the ground its now may i say 6ft under the ground after a size 11 boot stepped on it .Going to put up the brackets for my hanging baskets now as they soon will be going out for the season got 4 two at the front and two at the back.