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Just notice one side of my lawn as gone quite patchy and full of moss, how do i get rid of this moss?? Help!

It's pretty common at this time of year especially if you have some shade. My front garden is quite shady and last year when I moved in the grass needed a fair bit of attention as it was neglected and compacted. I do use a  chemical weed and feed in spring, but as Edd says, you don't have to, it just depends what route you want to go down. If it's not  a big area you can use a springbok rake to scrape the moss out. Hard work but good for the tummy muscles! This year I intend to use a seaweed feed in summer if the grass needs it.

Unless your ground is quite dry just now, I'd leave it for another month before doing anything, because you'll do more harm than good treading on it. 



Cut the grass today and it really shows the amount of moss in the lawn. I've never had this much before. A lot of hard work ahead to get it under control. One positive though is that, close up, it's a lovely bright colour.

Thanks guys, yes it is quite shaded where the moss is, but then in summer it goes patchy and dry, but only in the shaded area : )

The birds will probably come and get it for their nests 

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