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In replying to a thread earlier it occurred to me to ask if any of you have  met Mr Botchit yet?  You know, the guy who's cheap,,handy and available to do all those jobs around garden and house.

I had a garage door fitted few years back....I got best materials, etc. and it was just left to this "carpenter" to make and fit.  He spent 5 days making, dismantling, re making, dismantling etc.  he could get nothing to line up and couldn't see why.  Eventually, on the last day, a bank holiday Monday, I had enough.  Told him to leave it.  Think he was relieved.  Although far from skilled, I did it myself. 

However, I have seen and heard many stories of mr botch its........your experiences?


When I moved into my house some 27 years ago it needed a complete rewire so I called on a local electrician.  He came and did the job and we called out the electricity company for them to check it and turn the electricity back on.  They came back with a list of small things that needed doing, earthing the sink and immersion heater etc which got done.  One thing he did do was cover the main fuse with an ice cream tub and just nailed it in place!  Electricity company told us that the main fuse needed moving as it was a hazard where it was and we ended up paying a fortune to Manweb to move the fuse through the wall.  How on earth he thought that an ice cream tub covering it would pass inspection was beyond me.

Did he do the job for the lolly?  

Gardening Grandma


We have a friend who is a handyman. Another friend calls him 'Bodge-it-and-run'! He laid a patio in our garden, on a Saturday, and was obviously in trouble with his wife for neglecting her on the weekend. Desite my OH's best efforts at persuasion, he refused to use a spirit level or guide cords and slapped the slabs on top of heaps of concrete, too far apart. At 6 o'clock, his wife showed up and glared at him through the glass doors until he gave up and OH had to finish off after he had left. Five years later, we are still wondering what we can do to put the whole thing right. We are considering decking or simply putting sand and cement on top of them and laying another patio on top of that.

Just to add insult to injury, we paid him!


Gosh grandma that sounds like a major bodgit! I had an aquaintance who was a carpenter. I asked him if he knew any local fencers and he reccomended his son. He was a brilliant carpenter so trusted him. Bought the furniture for a gate I wanted to put in and to replace on an existing double gate and called said son to come and do fence. He turned up over an hour later than he said he would, took 3 days to do what I thought was a pretty quick job. Luckily gave me and invoice didn't ask for payment straight away and left. Within a week 2 of the fence panels had fallen down. I could not open the newly installed gate and he had put the furniture on the existing gate upside down!!!!!! Refused to pay a penny. Went down the road where I had seen someone had a new fence up. Rang their man who came and laughed an awful lot at what had been done, ripped it all up and started again!   


I arranged for a local garden firm to replace my back fence as seen. It wasn't a case of just replacing the panels, the posts had rotted in the ground which was a job a couldn't do. It turned out I had been at school with the owner of the company, and when we discussed the work to be done,  reminised about our school days.

To cut to the chase. The job was completed whilst I was at work. When I got home, they'd done an excellent job but there was no garden gate, I couldn't believe it, a 2ft wide path ended at the fence, I had to go back indoors and go back out into the garden again to beleive what I was seeing. Then thought, this is a wind- up, so was on the phone to the owner. He couldn't believe it either and thought I was the one winding him up. It took sometime to persuade him otherwise but eventually he agreed to send the men back the following day to rectify the problem.

He was ever so embarrassed when I went to pay for the work the following weekend.           


Zoomer- nothing surprises me any more about so-called tradesman. That's why I'm doing my own fence!

Verdun wrote (see)

Did he do the job for the lolly?  

I was waiting for that Verdun! 

Fairygirl.  I've since built my own L shaped free standing trellis, with posts cemented in and a base for the GH. I do go back to the same guy for materials, as he's very reasonable but lesson learnt.

We can all go to zoomer from now on.  Sorted!

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