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Thank you!  I might have complained too if it was something I didn't like, and I definitely wouldn't play it if I was in the garden at my favourite time - early on a summer morning with no sounds but birds and bees, and maybe me singing for joy (quietly)! 

Just listened to Herbie Hancock doing Canteloupe Island on u-tube.  It was good, but not the music I meant.  Any suggestions?

I agree. I found the music last week particularly annoying. It was too loud and intrusive. At one point, Monty was commenting on how lovely the rustle of grasses was but we couldn't hear it for the music. I like to hear the robin and the blackbird in Monty's garden - not a chance with the loud music. I don't mean to be grouchy but it's becoming too much.

i want to know what the background musiv was in this weeks show as i really liked it. Was it bix beiderbicke? please help. this weeks show was 13/09/2013


I made a point of taking note of the music last night and really enjoyed it - it wasn't really background music - it wasn't when anyone was talking - it was just used as sort of musical interludes when closeups of flowers were shown. That's how I remember it anyway.  I certainly didn't feel it was intrusive or out of place - more of a total aesthetic experience. 



I've been notcing the music on GW for a while, I really like it and would agree with Dovefromabove that it's on when no one is talking so doesn't distract me.  I feel it's worth adding my (not very exciting) opinion to balance some views - it can be one sided if only the upset comment.

Woodgreen wonderboy

GW has been going downhill for some time, now we are being shortchanged.  The intervals between items get longer and are filled with pretty pictures and music. The amount of useful information shrinks by the year. It's their way of distracting you from what is going on, or rather not going on. Programme needs to get back to it's roots.


I think there's scope for another progrmme so that there is a fluffy pretty-flowers-and-music (guest starring Nigel) and a seperate technical information programme.  I'd watch both.


Sorry but I disagree - I'd love the programme to be longer and have more information and more 'pretty pictures and music' - but the balance between the types of items suits me just fine - just not enough of any of them 


I've got the perfect answer to all problems with programmes, gardening and other. I don't watch them.

Love most of the music on gardeners world. One piece that is played a lot is quite ethereal, difficult to discribe, progression of chords, any ideas from my inadequate description?  Besmoors

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